Two Plus Two Poker Forum Confirms Personal Information Leak

Owners of the Two Plus Two poker discussion forum confirmed that it had been hacked and personal information about its members had been accessed and made available for sale anywhere on the Internet.

Word about the data breach leaked out on January 8. UK poker pro Max Silver was among the first to publicize the matter via his Twitter page, on which he said it had come to his knowledge that the forum had been hacked. Silver also posted a list of recommendations for all members, encouraging them to first change their Two Plus Two passwords as well as all other passwords that were the same or fairly similar.

As mentioned above, the leak was confirmed by Two Plus Two on Monday. Forum administrators explained that the personal information stolen included log-in details, IP and email addresses, birthdays, etc. The database can now be sold to anyone interested in acquiring such information.

Two Plus Two admins said that the individuals selling the valuable information had pointed to December 7 as the date on which the data had leaked. However, it is believed that the leak actually dated back to late November.

In that relation, the forum noted it could not provide evidence that accounts created after around November 20 were affected by the data leak. Yet, it recommended that all members change their passwords, particularly ones that have not been changed over the past 45 days. Admins also said that due measures were being taken for the forum to be re-secured.

Two Plus Two has not become hackers’ object for the first time. In 2012, the forum was closed after a hacker had informed that they had been able to access members’ e-mail addresses and to decrypt passwords.

The Two Plus Two is one of the largest, if not the largest, discussion forum dedicated to poker. It has hundreds of thousands of members from around the world, including popular poker professionals such as the above-mentioned Max Silver.

The Two Plus Two forum is operated by Two Plus Two Publishing, a privately-held company that, among other activities, publishes books about poker and other games of skill and chance.

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