Bookmakers Unleash Wave of Trump Impeachment Odds

The 45th US President Donald Trump has proved to be a man of rare talent and admirable consistency. Indeed, the fact that somehow all (or almost all) of his decisions and actions usually turn out to be ones vocally opposed by the majorities should be seen as a rare talent. Not necessarily a positive talent, but a talent of some sort.

President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Two months into office and he has somehow managed to vex and irritate the whole world, and we live in a big world. Despite the overall discontent with the greater portion of his policies, America’s top official and his havoc-causing actions have become favorite material for bookmakers to offer odds on.

Here it is important to note that betting is prohibited in the US, with Nevada sports books being the only exceptions. Those, however, accept only bets on sports events. Overseas bookies, on the other hand, have been offering different odds on Mr. Trump, some of which quite extravagant, since he was announced as the President-elect in November 2016.

Many believe (and many hope) that President Trump will not complete his first term and will be impeached at some point during his tenure. And odds on his impeachment have maintained great popularity with bettors these past months.

Irish gambling operator Paddy Power should be mentioned as the bookmaker to have dedicated the most attention to President Trump, his policies, his family, and other aspects of his presidency and life in a special Donald Trump odds section.

The operator is currently offering several betting options related to the top official’s possible impeachment. Paddy Power has priced 2017 as the most likely year for President Trump’s impeachment. Odds are at 3/1 that the US House of Representatives passes an impeachment vote by the end of the year.

Ladbrokes, another gambling powerhouse with a Donald Trump Specials section, has too been offering odds on the official’s year of impeachment; 2017 is priced at 7/2 as the likely year for him leaving his post after an impeachment vote.

President Trump being impeached before the end of his first term is another popular betting specials category at operators. Odds for the former casino mogul not completing his first presidential term are at 4/10 with Paddy Power, at 10/11 with Ladbrokes, and at 1/1 with Betfair.

There were two Presidents to have been impeached by the House of Representatives in America’s relatively short history as a nation. The 17th President of the US Andrew Johnson was removed from his post in 1869 after clashing with the Congress on post-Civil War matters. In 2001, Bill Clinton, the 42th US President, was impeached for being a bit too naughty with former White House employee Monica Lewinsky.

Paddy Power is offering odds on the reason why President Trump could be forced out of the Oval Office at some point of his presidency. Odds are at 3/1 that he will be impeached for tax evasion, at 10/1 for bribery, at 12/1 for perjury, and at 16/1 for treason.

President Trump has remained particularly consistent in his efforts to impose a travel ban on people from six countries with predominant Muslim population. His latest such effort, which as announced earlier today was blocked by two federal judges, has further decreased his not very big mass popularity.

The Trump administration has also just released a somewhat controversial 2018 budget outline that, among other things, adds a substantial amount of money for exploring Jupiter’s icy moon Europe but reduces education investment by billions of dollars. President Trump’s to-the-moon-and-back budget proposal could and probably would wreak more havoc in the Legislature, a turn of events that will certainly be exploited by bookmakers. With that said, odds on his impeachment may very soon be updated.

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