Thijs Menco Wins WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam €1,500 Main Event

The first WPTDeepStacks on Dutch soil kicked off with flying colors and was completed with a €1,500 Main Event that drew 243 entries. It saw local recreational player Thijs Menco win it for the lion’s share of the prize pool.

The tournament’s final table was played on Monday at the emblematic Holland Casino Amsterdam. Nine players were seated around the table, with Menco holding the smallest chip stack of them all. However, the player felt no fear, despite his uncomfortable position, and improved very quickly. Shortly before the first break for the day, the Amsterdam resident rocketed to a second place in the chip counts chart.

After the break, the player eliminated several fellow competitors to eventually become the chip leader. From that point on, Menco only worked to extend his lead and to maintain his momentum. And he managed to do that in an exquisite manner. Eventually, the Dutch player faced fellow countryman Pim Van Wassenberg heads-up.

The two-handed match kicked off with Menco holding two times more chips than his final opponent. A quick look at the two players’ tournament history shows that Van Wassenberg had more in-the-money finishes in live events. He had previously cashed in 8 tournaments to collect around $60,000 in earnings.

As for Menco, he had scored only one in-the-money finish prior to his WPTDeepStacks triumph that had secured him with a payout of $17,855. Shortly after the outcome of the WPTDeepStacks live tournament became known, Menco said in a WPT interview that he played poker only recreationally. And it can be said that a first-place prize of €73,239 and a trophy from a major poker tournament as WPTDeepStacks is certainly a big treat for a recreational player.

The moment of victory came for Menco with a final hand that unfolded in the following way. The eventual champion raised to 250,000 pre-flop and his opponent called. They checked the [As][2c][3d] flop. Menco then bet 725,000 after the [7s] appeared on the turn. Van Wassenberg called in anticipation for the [10s] river. Once that final card was dealt, Menco shoved to see his opponent call instantly.

Van Wassenberg tabled [10d][7d] for two pair. Menco, from the other end of the table, turned over [6s][4s] for what turned out to be the winning flush. Finishing as the runner-up, Van Wassenberg took home €51,485.

As for Menco, aside from the largest share of the €328,050 prize pool, the player also received the WPTDeepStacks trophy and a €2,000 entry into the European event to mark the end of the current season.

The next WPTDeepStacks festival is scheduled to kick off on May 12 at Turlock Poker Room in Turlock, California.

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