Jean-Pascal Savard Wins partypoker Million North America C$5,300 Main Event

Canadian Jean-Pascal Savard won the recently completed partypoker Million North America C$5,300 Main Event for his career’s largest cash of C$956,050 and the partypoker trophy. The player bested a 1,168-person field to lock the prestigious title.

Main Event play took place in several stages. Phase 1 and Day 1 events were held both online and live at Playground Poker Club at an earlier stage. From Day 2 onwards, players were summoned at the Montreal-based host venue to contend fiercely for the title.

The event’s final table was played on Day 5. Eight finalists were seated around a table, with Ari Engel leading them into the final battle. Last month, Engel won the MSPT Milwaukee $1,100 Main Event for $114,876. The player strove for another poker title to add to his portfolio, which includes an Aussie Millions championship trophy among others. However, the partypoker Million North America Main Event trophy was not meant for him.

As many as 52 hands were dealt and played on Day 5 of the event before a player was eliminated. Rayan Chamas left after an unsuccessful clash against Savard. His share of the prize pool totaled C$80,000.

After ten more hands, Matthew Waxman busted at the hands of Niall Farrell, the former taking home C$110,000 for his efforts. Action then slowed down a bit and players saw 30 more hands be dealt before another finalist left the tournament with a payout but without the title. The third elimination for the day was settled when Savard challenged Farrell by moving all in from the big blind and won the important hand. Farrell’s sixth place secured him with a payout of C$160,000.

Engel left in fifth place after an all-in confrontation with Philippe D’Auteuil. The Canadian poker pro’s share of the prize pool totaled C$238,350. Louis Boutin fell in fourth place at the hands of Jonathan Bussieres. The latter was also responsible for the next elimination. He moved all-in against D’Auteuil to win the pot and secure a spot among the final two. As for Boutin and D’Auteuil, the players collected C$335,000 and C$450,000, respectively.

The beginning of heads-up was marked by a deal between the last two men standing. Savard held 747 million in chips at the time against Bussieres’ 395 million. The two players agreed to split what had remained from the prize pool in the following way: the amount of C$693,950 was arranged for Bussieres, Savard locked C$791,000, and C$165,000 and the trophy were set aside for the champion.

The moment of triumph came for Savard after 21 hands of heads-up battling. Savard raised to 33 million pre-flop and Bussieres moved all in for 444 million. Savard called, tabling [Ac][Jh] against his opponent’s [Qc][Jc]. A blank [7c][3s][3d][9d][Ks] table decided in Savard’s favor.

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