Justin Bonomo Wins 2017 SCOOP Event #25-H $2,100 8-Game

The Spring Championship of Online Poker has built a reputation as one of the largest online poker festivals to be taking place throughout the year. And the announcement that this year the event would feature an overall guaranteed prize pool of $55 million has solidified that reputation even further.

The festival has entered its third and final week. A number of events have already been completed and there are still quite a few to go. A noteworthy highlight from last week was US poker pro Justin Bonomo scooping a SCOOP title after emerging the victor of Event #25-H, a $2,100 buy-in 8-Game tournament.

The event featured a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000. As many as 208 entries registered for it and the prize pool eventually reached $416,000. The money was split among the top 30 finishers.

Bonomo took part in one final table during this year’s SCOOP edition. However, it was his participation in Event #25-H that secured him with his second -COOP title and a first-place prize of $95,680. Over the course of play, Bonomo faced a number of former -COOP winners, some of whom had won several such events.

Bonomo player entered the event’s six-handed final table as one of the short stacks. Maxxx72alba was the first to leave. He was eliminated by EPUBLI2005 only six hands after the start of the final table, taking $17,056 for his efforts.

Over the next hour, two of the remaining five players – Iteopep88 and RaúlGonzalez – heated up play and it really looked as if they would make it to heads up. Bonomo interrupted their show at a certain point, busting EPUBLI2005 in 5th place, good for $24,960.

lulDocuments was the next to lose an all-in confrontation against Bonomo. The player received $33,280 for his efforts. It was then time for the heads-up duel to be set. And the task was accomplished by Bonomo again in the very last hand of a No-Limit Hold’em level.

A blank board secured Bonomo with a seat among the final two and deprived RaúlGonzalez from any chance of winning his second SCOOP title in that particular event. The player won his first one during last year’s edition of the SCOOP. Leaving Event #25-H, he had to content with a third-place finish and $49,920 in prize money.

Bonomo and Iteopepe88 then battled for around an hour. They entered a Razz level, during which what turned out to be the final hand in play was dealt. Iteopepe88 had only three big blinds left at the time and shoved on sixth street. Although the player had excellent odds at a certain point, Bonomo hit a [6h] in the very last moment to win the lion’s share of the prize pool and the title. Iteopepe88 collected $66,560 for his runner-up finish.

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