Isaac Haxton Fires at PokerStars for Defrauding Players

Isaac Haxton, one of the finest high roller players of our time, has once again stricken against PokerStars. The player used his Twitter profile to comment on a recent USPoker article titled Is PokerStars Extending An Olive Branch To The Poker Community?

In general, the article covers PokerStars’ efforts from the past year to convince many of its players the changes that had been implemented in its rewards program and other aspects of its poker businesses had been intended to improve overall player experience. The story also dwells on the gaming operator’s work on extending its operations into the online casino and sports betting segments, on expanding its footprint, and yet again on improving communication with players.

Responding to the article, Haxton said that the poker room’s “apparent generosity” from the past year should be seen as its attempt to lay “the groundwork for [its] next con.” The player also pointed out that PokerStars has “defrauded” him and fellow players out of millions of dollars.

Haxton is a former member of PokerStars’ team of sponsored online professionals. The player parted ways with the online poker room early in 2016, when its new rewards program kicked in. He was among the vocal critics of PokerStars’ decision to significantly change the way it awarded what had formerly been known as Supernova and Supernova Elite bonuses. Here it is important to note that such rewards went to players who had spent years playing real-money online poker at the operator’s online tables.

Formerly a brand ambassador for that same operator, Haxton decided that he did not want for his name to be associated with player policies he himself was vocally discontent with. The player once again used his Twitter page to confirm his decision on January 1, 2016. He said that the end of his contract as a PokerStars Team Pro Online member was his form of protest against the altered VIP program.

As already mentioned, Isaac Haxton is one of the most popular and prolific players of our time, both online and live. Over the course of is live tournament career, he has managed to accumulate earnings of more than $13.8 million. Haxton has been a frequent participant in some of the world’s highest buy-in and most prestigious high roller tournaments and has also been a frequent winner and final tablist in many of those. His best live cash ever came from his second-place finish in the 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship A$250,000 Challenge, for which he scooped A$2.82 million ($2,525,841).

Haxton has been equally successful on the online poker scene, which won him a spot among PokerStars’ elite group of sponsored online poker players. The player has long been considered one of the best cash game players in the world.

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