Jerry Wong Earns Third PokerStars COOP Champion Title with $1,050 Stud Hi-Lo Win

Poker pro Jerry Wong secured his third PokerStars Championship of Online Poker (COOP) by winning the $1,050 Stud Hi-Lo tournament from this year’s World Championship of Online Poker or WCOOP. The Canadian player who has registered at PokerStars under the alias “hummylun” prevailed on the final table to collect the first-place prize of $32,625. The $1,050 Stud Hi-Lo tournament was listed as Event #10-H at the WCOOP series which kicked off September 3 and will continue until September 25.

The online tournament attracted a total of 118 entries and 19 re-entries, who contributed to a pool of $150,000, with 125 of the participants receiving guaranteed cash prizes. After Day 1 of the tournament was completed, the field was reduced to 11 participants. Wong was competing against some of the most notable names in online poker, including poker pro Bryn Kenney, triple COOP champion Mike Leah and Calvin Anderson, who collected his seventh online champ title in last year’s SCOOP.

The eight-handed final table saw some fast-paced action with Russian “Gregory_2804”, Mile Leah, Bryn Kenney, and “paaskebaesen” from Norway getting eliminated within the first 15 minutes of play. Kenney settled for the seventh-place finish and $5,250 in prize money while Leah came in sixth. Shortly after, Jerry Wong claimed his next victim by pairing kings and fours on sixth street. This hand prevailed over the low pair of opponent “paaskebaesen”, who ended up in fifth place after surrendering a huge pot of 309,042 in chips.

The table was reduced to the last four survivors, with Wong leading in chips with 50 big bets while his opponents’ stacks were roughly twice as small. Wong’s opponents succeeded in surviving several of his blows for some time. However, the elimination of “aDrENalin710” in fourth place was inevitable after his pair of threes failed him against another low pair, that of “gunnersfun”, who held two fours.

The Final Table Reduced to Its Last Three Survivors

After “ aDrENalin710” departed from the final table, the three remaining players took a short, 10-minute break. The chip lead was constantly changing for the hour and a half following the return of the players on the virtual felt. Adam Owen from Mexico parted with a huge portion of his stack after losing a 1.6-million pot to Wong. Several hands later, Owen said goodbye to his remaining stack after he went all in on “gunnersfun” who defeated him with a flush of diamonds. Thus, Owen finished third for $18,000 and the heads-up clash between Wong and Ukrainian “gunnersfun” commenced.

The two opponents were almost even in stacks and remained so for a while, with the difference in chip counts being less than one small bet. Wong prevailed over his opponent and collected a 1.84 pot which gained him a significant lead over “gunnersfun, who had 2.5 million in chips against Wong’s stack of 4.3 million.

Wong proceeded to relentlessly crush his opponent. The Canadian collected two other huge pots and left “gunnersfun” with a meager stack of two big bets only. The Ukrainian then made the mistake to commit with his entire remaining stack two hands later holding [7h][Kh][4s][3s] which, at least in the beginning, appeared to have an edge over the Canadian’s [4c][Qc][7d][6d]. However, Wong succeeded in pairing his queen on the fifth street and then caught yet another queen for a set to win the $1,050 Stud Hi-Lo tournament and pocket a prize of $32,625. His opponent “gunnersfun” came second and collected $23,250 for his performance on the virtual felt. This last victory secured Jerry “hummylun” Wong his second COOP for this year.

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