Michael Christopher Soyza Wins Macau Poker Cup 27 HK$80,000 High Roller

Malaysia’s Michael Christopher Soyza scooped his first major poker title on Saturday, taking down the Macau Poker Cup 27 HK$80,000 High Roller. The player locked HK$2.037 million for a terrific performance.

The tournament took place at the poker room of City of Dreams Macau, where the 27th edition of the Macau Poker Cup is being held at present. It took two days of play for Soyza to emerge victorious.

The High Roller’s format allowed unlimited re-entries and registration remained open until the first several levels of Day 2. That provided for the creation of a hefty prize pool of HK$8.86 million, which was divided into 17 portions. Once registration was closed, organizers announced that the tournament had attracted as many as 119 entries.

Day 2 of the event welcomed a number of Macau Poker Cup regulars. However, it was James Chen to headline the pack of participants. The player was vying for High Roller title number three. He had won this same event during the 23rd and 25th Macau Poker Cup editions.

The title and the lion’s share of the prize pool were not meant for Chen this time. The player hit the rail shortly before the final table was set.

Speaking of the final table, it was namely Soyza to enter it as the chip leader. What is more, the player never relinquished his advantage and swept through to eventually capture the title. Final-table action at major events is usually slower, with the chip lead switching hands on numerous occasions.

This was not the case with Soyza’s High Roller. Despite facing opposition from tough and seasoned table mates, the Malaysian player, through apparent skillfulness and resourcefulness, took down the tournament.

Soyza’s path to victory included a heads-up duel against German poker pro Martin Finger, a player with multiple high roller titles and more than $7 million in live tournament earnings.

A Quick Heads-Up Against a Seasoned Pro

Finger is a player with multiple accomplishments on Europe’s live poker stage. It seems, however, that he has been quite active in Macau, as well, over the past several months. Finger entered the HK$80,000 High Roller fresh from a fourth-place finish in the Macau Poker Cup 27 HK$100,000 Single-Day High Roller that took place several days ago.

The German poker pro entered the heads-up duel of the HK$80,000 buy-in tournament at a huge deficit. He held 3.5 million against Soyza’s 8.3 million. The two players discussed and agreed on a deal before cards were thrown in the air for the heads-up match.

Based on their chip counts, Finger locked HK$1.7 million, while Soyza secured a payout of HK$1.987 million. The trophy and the amount of HK$50,000 were set aside for the winner.

It was not a long match. It actually took several hands for Soyza to finish off his final opponent. And while the battle was short, it was not one completely void of action. Finger, a seasoned player, tried to pull a trick or two, but faced tougher resistance than he could handle.

The final hand saw Soyza limp and Finger check before the [6d][2d][10d] flop. After those first three cards were dealt, Finger bet 600,000 and Soyza called. The [7c] appeared on the turn. Finger bet 600,000 once again and Soyza called.

The river card ran out [9c] and finger three-bet for his last 1.86 million. Soyza called instantly, beaming with happiness as his [Qd][7d] for a flush remained unbeatable.

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