Justin Boggs Wins WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Southern Indiana $1,675 Main Event

Justin Boggs became the brand new WSOP Circuit Main Event champion after taking down the Horseshoe Southern Indiana $1,675 buy-in event last night. The player received a nice payday of $139,920 and a gold ring for his efforts and deep run into the tournament. This was Boggs’ first major live poker accomplishment, although he has been playing the game for quite a while.

Boggs dedicated his triumph last night to his late father whom he was thankful to about teaching him everything he knew about poker.

Boggs calls himself a recreational players. He has previously considered switching to poker as a professional endeavor but eventually chose a different path and became a Health and Fitness Teacher.

The Main Event champion had quite a ride over the course of the tournament, which was played over the past four days. He entered it on Day 1B. His excellent performance throughout the day and one particular massive pot rocketed Boggs to the chip lead by the time Day 1B action concluded. Just as every other participant, the player was given 20,000 upon entering the event. Boggs managed to transform that starting stack into a 500,000 one within hours.

Day 2 of the Main Event at Horseshoe Southern Indiana was more challenging for Boggs as he lost some of his momentum at some point. However, the player eventually emerged as the chip leader, heading the final nine players into final table play on Day 3.

Final Table Action and Boggs’ Performance

Boggs began final table play with 1.78 million. However, the player was well-aware that it would be a long and hard way to the title. There was a gold bracelet winner and a former WSOP Main Event final table participant as well as five former gold ring winners among the players whom Boggs had to compete against for the gold ring and the prize money.

Canadian poker pro Scott Montgomery, who finished fifth in the 2008 edition of the WSOP Main Event, was trailing closely behind Boggs at the beginning of the final table with 1.73 million. Ironically, Montgomery finished fifth in that tournament as well.

Eventually, the fighters for the Horseshoe Southern Indiana title were reduced to just Boggs and Wendy Freedman. Boggs said in his post-victory interview that he actually had a feeling that it would be between him and Freedman in the end. It was not a long heads-up match. Boggs entered the duel with a massive chip lead and left his opponent with little chance to put up a better fight.

The final hand saw Boggs shove and Freedman call, putting herself in great danger. The eventual winner turned over [Ac][9c] against his opponent’s [As][2s]. The board landed [Kd][Qh][4h][3h][10s]. Boggs’ nine kicker locked the final pot and the title for him. Freedman was therefore eliminated in second place for not a bad payday of $86,464. The player is the proud holder of one gold ring. She won her gold piece back in 2013 at The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

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