Casinos by Countries

Casinos by Countries

The following approaches will be presented

  • Gambling legislation
  • Gambling laws
  • Online casino & gambling guide
  • Gambling jurisdiction and regulations
  • and more

Gaming law encompasses the set of rules and regulations that are applied to a country’s gambling industry. In this section we will overview the gambling legislation in a number of countries where gaming accounts for a significant part of the entire entertainment industry.

Gaming law is not a separate branch of law, as one would assume in the traditional sense, rather a grouping of several branches of law that together define the gaming sector. These include regulatory law, administrative law, criminal law, constitutional law, company law, contract law and competition law.

The complexity of gaming law becomes even greater for countries which have legislation on different levels, like for example in the US where the industry abides by state law in addition to federal law.

And so, our aim will be to review the gaming legislation in a select number of countries and outline the most significant peculiarities. We will be briefly going through the history of gaming legislation in the respective country, while focusing on the current state and expected future changes (trends) in the laws.

Table of Contents

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