Craps Guide

Craps Guide

The following approaches will be presented

  • Rules and Odds
  • Dice Combinations
  • Bet Types
  • Game variations
  • and more

Craps is a game that originates from the Old English dice game known as Hazard. It was not until the 19th century when its popularity increased and it became known as crapaud. Its popularity grew further and the rapid development of the casino industry in the 21st century made the game one of the classic table games in both land- based and online casinos.

Craps is also considered an intimidating game, especially for a beginner. The rules seem a bit complicated indeed. There are hundreds of bet variations and the fast-paced game action is not appealing to everyone. You should be able to figure out whether craps is the right game for you a few minutes after you start playing.

Craps is a game, based on Mathematics and if you want to ensure solid, consistent winnings, you should definitely adopt an effective strategy that can reduce the house edge in your favour. In order to master the game, you need to add more wagers to your repertoire.

Below, you will find a thorough explanation of the basic rules as well as the gambling etiquette and the main components of the craps table.

Table of Contents

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