Online Casinos Guide

If you are a newbie in online gambling, you are probably wondering how to get started, especially with the specific jargon that might not make sense to you or considering some of the software or gambling requirements.

What is important for you to know is that no matter there were online casinos opened some decades ago, the industry is still considered very young. Still, online gambling is already being enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, which makes its popularity constantly growing.

Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet and technologies, the segment is becoming more diversified, particularly considering the constantly growing number of online casinos that are expected to expand their reach in the upcoming years.

The basic online gambling guide Casino News Daily has to offer, aims at putting together and providing detailed information, tips and advice to users, who have recently got interested in this segment.

By offering you this guide, we are putting our efforts into educating new players and unveiling them the advantages and disadvantages of online gambling. We also aim at explaining the differences between the casino websites, helping beginners choose a suitable strategy and answering them to questions they might have when making their first steps in the vast world of online gambling.

Getting Started

How to Choose an Online Casino?

Online gambling newbies often find difficulties when choosing a gambling website, which is quite understandable considering the large number of such websites to choose from. Even experienced players are sometimes puzzled when looking for a new one to join to, which makes the decision even harder.

We from Casino News Daily realize that it is hard for beginners to overcome the temptation to just register on a randomly chosen online gambling website. However, the truth is that you should put a lot more efforts into making such a decision, because it could turn out crucial to your future development as a successful player.

Be sure you make an informed choice in order to have a great experience according to your personal needs and preferences. In addition, the properly chosen gambling website could guarantee you safety and reliability.

Online casinos are places where bets can be placed by players on a great diversity of casino games, which results are resolved by a Random Number Generator (RNG). There can be found a variety of games, which you can play as long as you are registered in the website.

Also, make sure you check that the gambling site you have chosen is provided with a proper casino license provided by a certain regulatory authority of the country under which jurisdiction you are.

Here are several other features you should watch for in case you want to have a great gambling experience:

  • Fully-functional website and user-friendly design with an easy to use interface
  • Clear and functional cashier with a variety of deposit options
  • Fully-available and easily accessible user profile
  • Safety plus a reliable prevention system
  • Software Providers

Online casinos do not usually run under the same software. This is exactly the reason why users need to check out the software providers which service the casino and then choose one that is powered by a reputable, safe and trusted casino software platform.

A credible software provider would never risk and issue a software license to untrustworthy casino company, so make sure you spend enough time on researching and evaluating the gathered information.


What you need to know before you get yourself into online gambling is that every country has its own legislation related to online gambling. There are special web pages on the Internet that point if there are any strict gambling regulations in the country under which jurisdiction you are.

Checking on such web pages for local legislation will keep you safe from breaking any laws by signing up or betting in online casinos in your country.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Once you have signed up in an online gambling website, you will still need to fund your account in order to gamble for real money. Depositing funds to your account is usually simple, because you are only required to choose the most appropriate method for you. Then, simply fill in the information and choose how much you want to deposit in your account.

The deposit methods usually depend on the country you are located in. Still, you can rest assured, because all major credit and debit cards are normally taken at the largest betting sites. There are also some third party deposit methods such as e-wallets, prepaid vouchers and virtual credit cards, checks, money transfer services, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash, etc.

The withdrawal methods also depend on your location. In addition, the way you will be allowed to withdraw your money is set by the policy of the online casino website you have chosen to register to.

Some countries, for example, allow withdrawals through a credit card. Most online casinos let their users withdraw their funds by eCheck. In addition, do have in mind that in case you have used a third party payment service to deposit funds into your account, you will probably be allowed to receive your withdrawals the same way.

Pros and Cons of Playing Online

It is absolutely clear there are a lot of differences between gambling in a physical and an online casino. Online gambling has its advantages and disadvantages, too, so you should be informed about them.

Here are the pros and cons of online gambling in comparison to the experience you get as a player in a physical casino.

The Advantages

  • Thanks to the fact that the online gambling industry has become more and more competitive over the last few years, online casinos are trying to attract a larger number of users by offering them a variety of bonuses. Many casino websites offer sign-up bonuses to new users, who may get additional 10 to 50% to their initial deposit in their accounts.
  • You can access the casino literally from everywhere in your country. In addition, you can bet in the comfort of your home, without any need of suffering physical casino annoyances.
  • Users of online casinos can benefit from better rules in comparison to the ones in physical casinos.
  • You can play through your mobile devices any time you like.

The Disadvantages

  • When signing up to an online casino, you should be aware of the fact that customer service could sometimes be dependent on your location. Sometimes great customer service is received in a matter of minutes, and sometimes it could take a few days to receive an answer.
  • There are no authorities to turn to in case of a disagreement or a dispute in a certain event. Usually, the players agree that the rules could be changed any time by the casino and the casino has the final word in case of a dispute.
  • In case you use one credit or debit card for deposits, it may be hard for you to track the transactions, because they usually do not indicate the casino’s name, but only specify the bank of the operator.
  • Getting your credit back on your credit card could take a while. Usually, it takes from two to four weeks from cashing out and getting your credit. Debit cards, however, are faster, with only about three to five business days from cashing out to your credit appearing back on the card.

Software Providers

There is a great variety of software providers, which can enable you with an excellent gambling experience.

In most cases, users are required to download a specific casino software and install it onto their PCs. Both downloads and installations are usually very quick. However, there are also online casinos, which do not provide a “download” option. In other words, users are given the opportunity to play via a web browser using a flash casino.

Here are some of the largest software providers in the business:


Playtech was established in 2000 and has been ever since one of the major software providers of gaming systems. The company carried out an Initial Public Offering in 2005 and became public with a listing on the London Stock Exchange. Since then the company not only expanded its reach on the market, but it also managed to increase its credibility among players and in the gaming industry as a whole.

Currently, Playtech is not only engaged in developing casino software, but is also focused on the production and development of bingo, poker, skill based and kiosk type gaming systems.


Microgaming has been one of the biggest providers of online casino software. Since its establishment in 1994 it has been flourishing, but the real success for the company came after the official release of its Viper software in 2002.

The name of Microgaming has become an epitome of excellence when it comes to software development for the online gaming industry. The company offers a vast range of high impact games, which feature some of the best graphics and sounds.


NetEnt is also one of the premium suppliers of digitally distributed systems and games for online casinos. The software offered by the company is currently used by a large number of the industry’s most prominent operators.

The company is trying to combine traditions and innovative approach in order to deliver first-class gaming products and services. It has won the trust of both players and some of the largest online casino gambling operators all over the world.

RealTime Gaming (RTG)

RealTime Gaming was established in the U.S. In 1998, but ten years ago moved all development operations in Costa Rica. The company is focused on developing casino software, which is available for download. The software provided by RealTime Gaming is licensed and used by different operators, which run their own online casinos that are run under RTG’s software.

Mobile Gaming

The online casino market has become increasingly competitive over the last few years. This is exactly the reason why the market leaders have been striving to attract more customers using innovations that could make their gambling experience better. Over a hundred internet casinos were operating in December 2013, which pushed the largest providers to launch special mobile platforms for their players.

The providers have become more and more concentrated on the new sector mobile gaming, which gives their users the opportunity to access the websites via their mobile devices through a wireless Internet connection. With the push of new mobile devices players are now able to enter and play at online casinos at any location of their own choice.

Mobile gaming is also more convenient for users who don’t like to comply with certain rules or bans in physical casinos.

The pace at which the mobile gaming market is growing is truly outstanding over the last few years. Players were reported to have made a total of 100 million casino plays through mobile phones back in 2007. The revenue generated in 2007 in the mobile gaming market totalled $3 billion and has been constantly growing ever since.

Types of Games Available


Online slots are currently considered one of the most popular games provided by online casinos and are accessible through a PCs, tablets, mobile phones and other portable devices. Slots are much preferred by players, and especially by beginners, because playing them is as easy as child’s play.

Still, slot machines are the only casino game where the odds are not measurable, which means players do not have an idea of the way the game was designed, which makes it difficult for taking an example of an actual game when preparing their game strategy.

The outcome of every bet depends on random numbers when playing at the game’s reels. A number for each reel is randomly chosen by the game. Then the machine maps the number on a certain position on the reel and the reel is stopped in a certain place.

When it comes to a game of slots, the outcome is considered predetermined the moment the button is pressed by the player. The odds are all the same for every spin of a machine.


Blackjack is considered the most popular table game, which makes it understandable why it is one of the most preferred games provided by online casinos as well.

Blackjack may be played wit one to eight 52-card decks. The object of the game is to get more points than the dealer without surpassing 21. So, you need to meet two conditions in order to win the game. First, you need to beat the dealer’s score, and second, you should not bust (go over 21).

The point values of the individual cards make the value of the hand when gathered. The highest hand, which consists of an ace and any other 10-point card (tens and face cards), is called a “blackjack” and beats all other point-hands.

After the cards are given to players and the dealer themselves, the play starts with the player to the dealer’s left. There are several choices available to the player.
Stand is the first option available, when the player stands pat with his cards.

Hit is when the player draws one or more other cards. If the value of this card raises the total points of the player to more than 21, they lose.
Double is an option when the player doubles his bet and receives only one more card.

Split is another choice the player has before them. In case of a pair, or any two 10-point card, the player may decide to double their bet and divide their cards into two separate hands. If so, a second card is given by the dealer to every one of the hands. Then, the player has the options of betting, standing or doubling normally.
The player also has the choice to surrender. This is an option when the player loses half his bet, but keeps the other half. This option, however, is not available on the initial two cards a player is dealt. Depending on the rules of the casino, the Surrender option is sometimes not allowed at all.


Roulette is one of the easiest table games in both a physical or an online casino to play. However, roulette has one major difference in comparison to the rest of table games offered in a casino – the roulette chips have no value denomination printed on them.

There are six to eight sets of chips in various colours. Each set consists of a total of 300 chips. When buying chips, every player gets their own colours. In addition, the each chips’ value represents the buy-in divided by the number of chips received.

What is important for you to know, is that there are different rules depending on the player’s region.


Craps is usually found rather hard to understand from beginner players, mainly because of the fast pace of the game and the specific jargon, which may seem strange to the newbies.

Another difficulty comes from the fact that craps has a lot of various kinds of beds, which could resolve in one or many rolls. The house edge is considered the ration of the expected player loss to the initial bed. In addition, it often takes a large number of rolls to resolve a bet, and players are usually allowed to take down their bet whenever they want until it wins or loses.

There is also the Pass bet in carps, and in fact that is one of the most commonly used bets. This bet is also very convenient for beginners, because it gives them the opportunity to use it in case they don’t understand the bet.

There is also Don’t Pass bet, which is almost the opposite of the pass line wager. The player, who chooses this bet, is called a “wrong” bettor and usually wins when the other players lose, and the other way round.

There is also The Odds, which is considered a side bet in the game of craps made after a point is thrown. The opposite of this kind of wager is Laying the Odds bet.


Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular casino games mostly thanks to the fact it is quite easy even for beginners. The game is also known under the name “punto banco” and is especially preferred among high-rollers and Asian players.

The game of baccarat combines both skills and luck. However, it could be tricky because strategies are no working here because no one is able to influence on the cards’ order and the wins’ direction respectively.

Baccarat is played at three types of tables. The Big Table Baccarat in physical casinos is played in a roped off area, which is separated from the other games. The regular table for baccarat is about the size of the craps table, but there are three casino dealers and up to twelve or fourteen players. Usually, eight decks of cards are used in the game.

The deal is rotated around the table, and a player is given the opportunity to pass.

The Midi Baccarat is just about the same as mini baccarat, but the table is larger. The last kind of baccarat table is the Mini Baccarat. The rules that apply for the big table baccarat apply to the mini one as well. However, as opposed to the big table game, all the cards are turned by the dealer, which actually makes the game much faster. Sometimes the mini baccarat is dealt from a six-deck shoe, and the odds are being slightly changed.

Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Games are actually pretty much the same as the games in physical casinos. They have evolved in order to bring players more real and improved gabling experience when it comes to gambling in online casinos. This is the closest to a live-time experience you can get in an online casino.

The live dealer games are streamed with the participation of real dealers, who deal real cards. In addition, real balls are launched by the dealer. Both beginners and professionals can play a variety of games, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, sicbo, poker, etc.


How It Works?

One of the largest advantages of online gambling experience is the fact that most casino providers offer their users a variety of extra bonuses and rewards for signing up in their websites and using their services. In other words, a great number of casinos are offering monetary rewards under some conditions in order to attract more new players.

Bonuses are usually given to all players, no matter of the amount of their stake. Still, as a general rule, high-rollers are to get larger bonuses in comparison to the small stakes gamblers.

Usually, most online casino gabling website give away a welcome bonus to all new players who sign up with them. In many cases, the welcome bonus represents a certain percentage of the initial deposit you have made in your account. So, it is a great strategy for newbies to look for casinos, which offer high rate of welcome bonuses, some of which can be as much as 400% depending on the sum you have deposited first.

Most casinos require their users to meet a certain level of betting action in order to cash out their bonus. If you are considering whether to sign up in a certain online casino website, make sure you read the Terms & Conditions section thoroughly, as well as the rules that apply applicable to bonuses.

No Deposit

Still, there are online casino providers that do not offer any deposits bonuses, as some of them are considered easily susceptible to abuse by users, which makes them a more serious risk for the casino to take. The no deposit bonus is one that does not require any deposit to be made by the player at the online casino before starting to play for real money.

Usually, the no deposit bonuses are associated with downloading the casino software and then installing it, signing up with a real money account and making a claim for the bonus. Such bonuses are normally smaller.

No deposit bonuses are also quite convenient for players, who are a bit skeptical about depositing real money in a casino, because getting one does not require such a step. However, you need to have in mind that typically the requirements for getting such a bonus are very strict due to the fact that the casino makes everything possible to minimize the risk by giving such bonuses to players.


As the name of the deposit bonuses suggests, they come with a requirement for the player to make an initial deposit in their account and then the online casino offers a bonus in return. The bonuses given to the players are usually proportionate to the initial deposit made, with some maximum limit imposed.

One of the most popular deposit bonuses is the welcome bonus, which is offered to new players as soon as they made their first one in a newly-registered account and is also considered one of the biggest ones offered to players. This policy makes the welcome bonus available for players before they start betting.

Terms and Conditions Examples

When making a research about the bonuses offered by a certain provider, always make sure you check the website’s policy thoroughly before signing up.

It is important for you to know that bonuses are offered under certain conditions. This means that players must usually meet a bunch of conditions first before they get the bonuses offered by the casino. In addition, most casinos do not allow their players to withdraw their bonuses freely. Most often, the amount of the bonuses must be played at least several times before the player gets the opportunity to withdraw them.

Safety and Security

If you are new to the world of online gambling and you are considering to make a deposit, then you should be really careful. One of the main reasons why most people are usually reluctant to gamble over the Internet and prefer physical casinos, is the matter of safety and security.

It is absolutely normal to consider the issues related to safety and fairness before signing up in a certain online casino or making a deposit. There are some risks involved, but it is important for you to make an informed decision and be absolutely sure your money and personal information are safe.

You should always check if the gambling website has a Privacy Policy, which is one of the main mechanisms used to provide sensitive information security. The Privacy Policy should unambiguously explain what information is collected from players, how it is used and what are the ways of making it secure.

Online casino websites should also offer the highest level of encryption services in order to properly protect your personal and financial details.

So, in order to guarantee your own safety, always make sure you use the services of reputable gambling websites. Always make sure you carefully read their Terms and Conditions before signing up in order to save yourself unpleasant experiences, which may not only cost you large money losses, but also could endanger your personal information.

Responsible Gaming

If you have any suspicion that you might have a gambling problem, then we suggest you read carefully the following section.

Gambling is normally supposed to be fun, but there are times when some individuals who lose their self-control and get too carried away. So, what you definitely need to have in mind is the fact that no matter if you bet on roulette, poker, slots, sports, etc., problem gambling (gambling addictions) can interfere with your work, relationships and financial state, causing you a lot of trouble.

That is why everyone, who is involved with gambling, and suspects they might have a problem with such an addiction should realize the importance of finding the right help. It could assist them in overcoming their gambling problem and get back full control of their life.

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