Autoplay Slots

videoslots-logoSlots have become some of the most preferred and played casino games over the last century, both in land-based and online casinos. The variety of features, the literally endless range of themes and great prizes are only some of the reasons why slots have managed to become so loved by players.

Apart from being fun to play, slots are also able to save the player’s time thanks to the Autoplay feature implemented, not to mention the fact that they can play a larger number of spins within a certain period of time.

What Is Autoplay Slot Option?

The Autoplay option provided by most slot machines is exactly what is suggested by its name. The feature provides players with the opportunity to repeatedly play the slot game by spinning the reels consecutively without being required to manually to activate any button. This considerably speeds the game up, which is exactly why the Autoplay slots are very much preferred when it comes to web-based slot machines.

There are some situations when the autoplay feature should not be used. Using this option required that the player places the same bet from the first to the last bet. If we have to put that in other words, the auto-spins option is not appropriate in case that the player wants to change any of the betting parameters of the game, as well as the coin size or number of coins played per payline, the number of paylines activated, etc.

For example, some players have a strategy of boosting the number of coins wagered in case that they are winning, and reducing the bet in case that they are losing. This makes the autoplay slots not suitable for such players.

Apart from the great prizes offered, slots are usually played for mere fun and enjoyment. Both graphics and sound effects have been greatly improved over the last few years, and the animation used keeps getting better and better. However, the auto-spin slot does not provide players with the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest.

Screenshot of a single payline slot game

How Does Autoplay Feature Works?

The autoplay option is mostly preferred by players who are playing online. The feature provides them with the opportunity to fix a certain number of spins for the autoplay option, and the machine does the rest. The number of spins chosen will be run by the slot machine automatically, and the reels will stop spinning once all the spins are completed.

The results of the spins will be shown as after the regular spins. In case of a winning combination, the amount of money won will be also shown on the screen, and the amount will be added to they player’s credits.

Autoplay feature makes slots easier. The option can be found in the settings of the slot game. Some machines also offer the player to choose a time frame for the spin that can vary depending on the machine. There may also be an option to see the result of the spin. Usually, there are two options – the player can either see the result of every spin, or after the entire series comes to an end.

The number of auto-spins is one of the most important parameters of the feature as a whole. Before pushing the button and activating the auto-spins option, the player is required to first set the number of spins. It is extremely important for them to know that the auto-spins are not free of charge and that each and every one of them is charged accordingly to the bet picked by the player before pressing the auto-spin button. This means that every spin’s amount is to be substracted from the player’s balance, and this will be reflected by their bankroll.

Activating the auto-spins feature will still permit the player to make their choices related to the game. If any bonus round is hit over the auto spins, the additional game will be activated, and the player will be provided with the opportunity to play it the way they like. When the bonus game is ended, the auto spins will be automatically continued until completed.

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