Classic Slots

videoslots-logoIn comparison to some casino games that have been known and played for centuries, classic slots are not so old. They are considered to originate from the first poker machine, which was designed by Sitt and Pittman at the end of the 19th century.

History of Classic Slot Machines

The first poker machine that became the prototype of the contemporary slot machines consisted of a total of 5 reels. Each of the latter had five poker cards as symbols that appeared in only one bet line. The rules were also very much alike the ones of the current slot machines – the player who got a winning poker combination on the bet line, won the game.

The first classic slot machine was made by Charles Fey. It was an one-armed-bandit slot called Liberty Bell. The slot consisted of three reels. This look was later kept over the years, which is why it is now considered as the traditional look of the slot machine. Later, in 1907 Herbert Mills started making a slot machine, which looked very much alike Liberty Bell, but featured the well-known fruit symbols – cherries, lemons and plums, which are now recognizable as part of the classic fruit machines.


Classic 3-reel slots have managed to become very popular because of the fact they are simple and easy to operate with. In addition, they have gained popularity thanks to the possibilities of winning large jackpots.

As already mentioned, 3-reel slots have become part of the industry since its very beginning. Original Red, White and Blue slots are among the most famous classics. Then, other games have also become popular, along with tons of similar follow-up games.

Apart from the traditional 3-reel look, there are a large number of slot machines that exist in both 3-reel and 5-reel format. The traditional format is still preferred by many players, especially by the ones that value beautiful simplicity and interface that is easy to operate with.

This made classic slots one of he most-loved ones, thus they cannot be missed neither in a land-based, nor in an online casino. There is a great variety of classic slot games that can meet each and every player’s personal needs and requirements.

Most classic slots look very much alike, but there are also differences between them. Players need to remember that every machine features its own symbol and extra features, which make it unique. Not to mention the fact that the more additional features there are, the more winning combinations vary.

The winnings are usually generated on three reels and between one and five paylines. Most classic slots feature a basic game only, there are some that also offer a bonus game. Normally, a bonus slots game could have one or more paylines. There may also be some extra features or symbols, which trigger certain additions to the gameplay.

Fruit Slots

Some casino and gaming software providers use the term “Fruit Slots” instead of using the common phrase classic slot. As the name suggests, the symbols used in these kinds of slots are primarily fruits, which add to the overall atmosphere of the game and make them one of the players’ favourites.

Still, no matter that these slots are very similar to the standard classic slots, there are some differences, too. This is mainly due to the fact that there are some additional features that make them recognizable.

Screenshot of Monte Carlo slot machines in casino

Classic 3-Reel Slot with Fixed Jackpot

This type of classic slot machine has three reels and features a fixed jackpot. The machine is usually made to be played with one to three coins per spin, and all wins are proportionately increased accordingly to the number of coins played. Still, there is a possibility for the jackpot to increase disproportionately for the third coin played.

There are some type of machines that provide players with the opportunity to play between one and nine coins. The wins also increase proportionately, depending on the number of coins played. The only exception is the jackpot, which is reliant on the maximum coins.

Most specialists do not recommend for the maximum coins to be played, as the odds of hitting the jackpot are actually pretty small.

Classic 3-Reel Slot with Bonus Awards for Maximum Coins

The slot machines of this type are considered out of date. They offer payouts that are set for playing one or two coins, but there are also extra possible winning combinations for betting the maximum of three coins.

Players get the chance of winning extra prizes. This is exactly the reason why most experts recommend for the player to always play maximum coins, otherwise all the extra features and bonuses will be missed.

Classic 3-Reel with Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpots have become one of the most popular and preferred types of jackpots among players all over the world. Classic 3-reel and 5-reel slots feature progressive jackpot, which is paid only in case that the player qualifies for winning it. In order to qualify, players are required to play the slot with the maximum coins.

Slot machines that feature progressive jackpots are usually considered tighter in comparison to other machines that are characterized with smaller wins.

Screenshot of progressive jackpot slots

WAPS (usually 4-Reel Classic Slots)

The slot machine maker IGT invented the first one of entire series of slot machines in the middle of 80 years of the 20th century. This new “breed” of slot machines was called WAPS, which stands for Wide Area Progressive Slots. The name indicates that the progressive jackpot is not gathered from one machine only, or a bank of machines either. Such jackpots are accumulated from carousels of slot machines located in casinos in the entire State, or in some cases, in the entire country.

The truth is that the odds of winning the progressive jackpot is really minor. The thing that is considered the slot’s biggest problem is the fact that a proportion of every dollar inserted in the machine goes into the jackpot.

Classic Slots with Accumulator Bonuses

These slot machines are sometimes described as “Variable State Slots” thanks to the fact that such machines are said that can be less favourable to players depending on the moment they choose to play them.

The bonus of these machines is paid to the player only in case they have managed to land a certain number symbols or combinations in a “bank” in order to activate the bonus.

3-Reel and 4-Reel Classic Slots with Bonus Games

This type of slots have managed to get the major type of slots played in a large number of casinos. The slot machines offered have a classic look with three or four reels, but the game also features a bonus game, which is unlocked in case that the player manages to land a certain combination or symbol on the reels.

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