Penny Slots

videoslots-logoToday, slot players can enjoy a variety of slots and in this article, we are going to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of playing a penny slot machine.

In brief, penny slot machines allow the player to place a fixed amount of one penny per line. Actually, if we talk about old-fashioned machines that used to have one payline only, it would be more precise to say that players were allowed to place a wager amounting to one penny per spin.

Penny slot machines have been regarded as a source of entertainment for players who cannot afford it to place bets higher than a penny. However, placing a small bet and having smaller chances of hitting a big jackpot did not mean you are not likely to gradually accumulate a significant sum of money.

Penny slot machines were desirable by players who wanted to engage in their favourite slot game without having issues with their budget. After all, the small, infrequent wins were regarded as fair given the modest amount of the required bet.

Although casino trends have changed during the years, penny slot machines resisted the competition of the other types of slots and underwent considerable development.

Despite the insignificant payouts, penny slots are still attractive to players who are eager to know how to get these winnings and have a memorable game session. Contemporary slots, however, offer many more features than they used to a few decades ago.

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Today, they have multiple paylines, which means players are allowed to place a bet that can reach up to €10 depending on the paylines they include in their game session. The other advantage of the modern penny slots is that they grant more frequent winnings.

It is not surprising why players are so eager to play at penny slot machines. Casinos provided them with a seemingly affordable and fun way to engage in gaming activities that keep them interested for quite come time.

The name itself make players associate penny slot machines with affordability. You can hardly buy anything for one penny but admit it, it sounds exciting when you can go to a casino even if you have a few coins in your wallet.

Place a Bet and Use a Proper Strategy

Due to the fact that penny slot machines were a great success, gaming developers made them compatible with mobile devices, so players are free to play from every location.

When it comes to the amount of the bet, penny slot machines are not different from the standard slots where the maximum bet ensures higher winnings and triggering of a bonus round.

According to the tactic applied by experienced players, you can increase your bet if you are winning and decrease it when you are losing. Many players apply the opposite strategy to increase their bets when they are losing and hope the next spin to be more profitable.

In general, the larger coin denomination you choose, the higher the hit rate will be. Your odds of winning are also increased when you play the maximum number of lines.

At first glance penny slot machines may seem too complicated because of the different number of paylines and the betting limits you have to adhere to, not to mention the wild, scatter and bonus symbols they feature. However, they are quite similar when it comes to operation and once again, taking a look at the paytable and the clicking on the “Info” button can save you many troubles.

Game Symbols and Hit Rate

Most contemporary penny slot machines feature between 5 and 25 paylines and playing on all lines increases your chances of winning.

Today’s slots provide players with a variety of winning combinations and special symbols such as wilds, scatters and bonus contribute to your excellent payout.

In most cases, wilds help you create a winning combination by replacing one or more standard symbols. Three or more scatters landed anywhere on the reels activate bonus rounds and award you with free spins. If the game features bonus symbols, three or more of them trigger bonus features and your chances of winning are enhanced.

As for the jackpots, every game requires different combinations to be formed in order to qualify for a jackpot. In most cases 5 identical symbols are required.

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Payback and Hit Rate. What is the Difference?

Many players are not aware of the difference between payback and frequency or hit rate. Let’s make it clear that the payback is the percentage the player is likely to get back after playing for a long time. However, casinos are reluctant to reveal the payback percentage, which makes it almost impossible for a player to determine it. As for the frequency or the so-called hit rate, it is the approximate number of spins players are supposed to make in order to get an award.

After you have acquainted yourself with the basics of penny slots, it is logical to ask which are the best paying slots of this kind. Well, people say “Many men, many minds” for a reason. The wide variety of penny slot machines in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos makes it really difficult to make a selection of the best ones. Yet, getting started with Cleopatra, Penny Megabucks, Wheel of Fortune, Reel Series is an excellent idea.

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