Progressive Slots

videoslots-logoThe most typical feature of the progressive slots is the fact that they offer a constantly increasing jackpot, which is accumulated by taking parts of every bet made by the players. There are both standalone machines, as well as entire networks of machines, where the jackpot is accumulated over the entire network.

As already mentioned, a tiny percentage of each bet made is “fuelled” in the jackpot. This is also one of the reasons why the jackpots featured by the progressive slot machines are normally larger than usual. Of course, the chances of hitting the jackpot are usually quite small, but is not a reason good enough to avoid all progressive slot machines. Realistic expectations are always the best advisor when it comes to progressive machines.


Progressive slot machines have become increasingly popular over the years and are among the games that offer exceptionally large jackpots, especially when the machines across a casino, city or even an entire state are linked.

One of the most important things players need to have in mind about progressive slot machines is the fact that the payouts other than the jackpot are not so great. Part of every bet, however, is added to the jackpot.

In order to qualify for the jackpot provided, the player is required to bet the maximum number of credits. Placing a smaller bet than the maximum one is not profitable due to the fact that the payout is not as good as the one provided by other types of slot machines. Single multipliers are also not recommendable when trying to qualify for the jackpot.

Players need to closely monitor they own gameplay and remember to stay safe when it comes to bankroll management. Some experts recommend that they should not play with their own money, but with the casinos winnings. Too long game sessions are also not recommendable when playing progressive machines.

Screenshot of Monte Carlo slot machines in casino

The Stand-alone Progressive Slot Machines

The Stand-alone progressive slot machines are not linked in a network to other machines. A percentage of the coins wagered by the players is always added to the fixed award granted for the highest winning combination.

This type of slot machine’s payback is the same granted by other machines for the same denomination, but it is distributed differently in order to provide players with the opportunity to win various amounts of the top prize.

In-House and Proprietary Progressive Slot Machines

This type of progressive slot machines are normally linked together in a certain network, and owned and operated by a specific casino, respectively. Such machines may be situated in a single casino, or in several properties in case that the gaming company is owner of more than one casino.

Wide Area Progressive Slot Machines

These are the machines that usually offer the most massive jackpots. They are linked together through a special network connecting many unrelated casinos, which may even be not a property of one gaming company. However, usually the payback ratio of these machines is much smaller than the payback percentage of other slot machines.

”Crossover” Slot Machines

A large number of casinos are offering maxi-line video and reel slot machines that feature the so-called random progressive jackpots. These machines are a mixture between a regular progressive machine and a maxi-line video or reel slot machine. What is important is that all bets play the maximum playines or reels, and that the winnings generated are much smaller in comparison to the original multi-line or reels equivalent slot machine.

Players need to always check the payout table of these machines in order to carefully check the eventual winnings. There is usually a difference between the prizes provided by the crossover machines and the more traditional slots.

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Playing Progressive Slot Machines

Before choosing a progressive slot machine, players need to be aware of the fact that playing such a machine is not the same as playing other slots. As already explained above, a certain portion of every bet is accumulated to form the progressive jackpot. The latter, however, is reset by the casino at a certain amount once the jackpot is hit.

Another important detail related to playing at progressive jackpot is the fact that players need to play the maximum bet in case that they want to qualify for winning the progressive jackpot. Of course, the player is permitted to make any other bet than the maximum one, but this will bring them only a small part of the progressive jackpot.

The rest of the prizes, apart from the jackpot, are usually relatively small. This is deliberate, of course, because most players who go and try their luck on a progressive slot machine are not usually interested in the rest of the winnings possible.

Screenshot of people playing on Super Respin Slot Machines

A wise thing to do is not to use your own money when playing a progressive jackpot, but use the eventual winnings you have generated. This is exactly why most experts recommend that these machines should be played at the end of the player’s session. A good idea is also to primarily set a certain amount of money and put an end to the session once you have spent this amount.

Over the last few years, a large number of casinos are starting to add a new kind of a progressive slot machine – one that features both a minor and a major jackpot. Of course, these jackpots are much smaller in comparison to the mega jackpot progressives, and are also randomly won.

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