BetEasy was Launched Yesterday; Matthew Tripp is Inspired about its Future Development

6d8c33fa-414c-11e4-aaa0-2a963c8e9cca_839049497--646x363Yesterday, the launch of BetEasy became fact. According to the owner of the platform, Matthew Tripp, BetEasy is the “last Australian operator on the shelf.”

Matthew Tripp is an old hand in the gaming industry though. He is the founder of Sportsbet but it is a well known fact that the platform is currently owned by Paddy Power. Six months ago, Tripp became the owner of BetEasy (formerly recognised as Betezy). Earlier this year William Hill acquired Tom Waterhouse’s shares, which made Matthew Tripp’s project the only remaining alternative for Australia – located players.

Tripp commented that he cannot complain from the Sportsbet’s sales equal to $115m. However, he made it clear that he is not going to develop BetEasy in a way that makes it appealing to corporate bookmakers whose only intention is to devastate it and make Tripp’s attempts and commitment look like a complete waste of time. He also says that in the foreseeable future he is not planning to take up another venture. All his efforts will be concentrated on developing the online platform.

In order to make BetEasy recognisable and desired by the players, he said that the site will be “very accommodating” as far as the acceptance of new players is concerned. However, bookmakers won’t be allowed to mess up with it. As a matter of fact, Tripp is convinced that players who has been denied access to another gaming websites or their actions were limited by a bookmaker, should be prepared for amazing surprises as soon as they get to know BetEasy, which is, according to Tripp, the perfect gaming solution for both – professional players and amateurs.

Tripp is absolutely sure that he is going to offer the players something so exciting and gripping that the local gaming industry will be changed and his platform will become even more popular and different from what the players are used to. Generous free bets, benefits for old and new customers are currently available.

Tripp is well aware of the fact that his generosity may result in losses but he truly believes that even if a setback occurs, things will change soon and the turnover will be impressive.

His plans also include turning BetEasy into a stable platform that offers plenty of job opportunities. As the workload is expected to increase within the next year or so, Tripp intends to hire more associates in 2015. He expressed his hopes for becoming partner with AFL. That’s the perfect time for making such an important contract because the one, signed between the league and Tabcorp is about to expire soon.

Due to Tripp’s innovative approach, the passionate players are enabled to download a mobile app from the website. A new marketing campaign, aimed at popularising BetEasy and making players understand that there is no other Australian gaming provider who offers such a rare combination of high quality gaming experience and numerous benefits, is also supposed to take place in the next few weeks.

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