Manitoba Asks for Permission to Provide Single-game Sports Betting Services

CanadaManitoba‘s current issues and setbacks are likely to come to an end provided that the website is given a permission to provide the players with single game sports betting opportunities. Formerly known as Manitoba Lotteries, the struggling Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries website was launched almost an year ago. It was supposed to improve the players’ gaming experience and to serve as an extension of another popular in British Columbia platform – is owned by ML&L, the first gaming provider who created an online betting platform in Canada four years ago.

However, Manitoba faced up some really tough issues such as profit weakness caused by the fact that the website was relatively new and all the assumptions for significant profits turned out to be unrealistic.

A few days ago, Andrea Kowal predicted that the income for the fiscal 2013 -2014 will reach $1 million and yet, it is not a satisfactory result, bearing the projected profit in mind. Despite all the difficulties, Kowal doesn’t lose hope that the website will quickly become widely recognised and the number of players who create accounts will reach 16, 000 in six months.

Although Kowal has an optimistic attitude, she said that the number of tickets sold have an important role in forming the revenue. Up to now, the income from all the gambling services offered is equal to $604 million.

“Lotteries is a little softer than expected,” – added Kowal but the main reason is that the website started offering e-lottery and bingo services not long ago. Now players can enjoy their favourite games at any place, at any time because they are free to download the mobile apps compatible with all brands of tablets and smartphones.

Andrea Kowal also stated that it will take a while before they see how are the things going, spot the mistakes they are making and change the approach if necessary so the revenue lives up to their expectations.

Sports betting activities are believed to have a great contribution to the total revenue but Kowal said that it is irrelevant to forecast the extra turnover.

For the time being Canadian gaming operators are not allowed to provide sporting bets only. The only remaining hope is the legalization of C-290 but the procedure has been brought to a standstill.

“Most Manitobans who want to make those kind of single-event bets already do,” Kowal said. “They just go on the Internet and bet on some of the other sites that are available offshore.”

In the meantime, Crown representatives have requested the Court to sentence Benedetto Manasseri, who was accused of managing a credit betting activity that was in violation of law. Two years ago 21 people were arrested, including Manasseri who pleaded guilty. The sentence is expected to be pronounced in the middle of October.

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