MGM Resorts International Stands Behind Let NY Play Campaign for Legalizing Online Poker in NY

download (3)Even though MGM Resorts International does not have a gambling facility in New York, when it comes to online poker services, it has shown great interest in promoting a legal poker scheme for online platforms. The company has not even bought or shown interest in buying one of the four available licenses to operate in New York. The licenses cost around $70 million.

Patrick McGeehan, writer at the New York Times, has reported that the company stands behind the recently launched advertising campaign called Let NY Play. The social media campaign spread around social networks Facebook and Twitter in the beginning of last month. The main notion of the Let NY Play campaign is that if New Jersey citizens can play poker online and offline with no significant restrictions and limits, why do New Yorkers cannot?

“You can get almost anything online, expect a spot at a poker table.” This and similar slogans were posted on Facebook and Twitter last month and have ever since gathered a number of followers and likes. The Facebook page has gathered over five thousand likes and rising. “You can play online poker at any exit in New Jersey, but not in New York,” states another one.

Last year, MGM Resorts International reported close to $10 billion in revenue, and this year’s second quarter has already reached $2.6 billion. The company is trying to make an impact in New York’s poker legislation. It has no other participation in establishing an online poker scheme in other cities in the States or other international markets. That does not mean it will stop trying, though.

MGM has been successful in reclaiming a gambling license it had back in 2010. The cancellation of its license back then was due to the conflict, which sprung from its business relationship with Macau gambling magnate Pansy Ho. The New Jersey Casino Control Commission has accepted MGM’s request for new license and soon after that, EVP of MGM Resorts, Mr. Feldman, expressed interest in contracting the Garden State and introducing their brand the N.J. casino. “There could be a separate site related to MGM in New Jersey.”

Another contribution of MGM towards establishing a legal poker framework for New York was a recent study on gambling which provided proof that over $110 million circulated via illegal online poker websites. MGM made sure to stress on another part of the study, which states that more than half of the amount could be injected in New York’s government budget through taxes, as well as additional $80 million from issuing licenses. These notions of MGM’s study remain of the opinion of N.J. Governor Chris Christie, who as well points out the untapped possibilities that a legal online poker scheme in New York can provide.

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