Instead of Opting for Liberalization, Norway Sticks to the Monopolistic Gambling Policy

norwayAccording to people, familiar with the Norwegian gambling affairs, authorities’ intention to make the existing rules and regulations, concerning live poker, less strict, are not going to lead to the desired results.

Gambling regulators aimed at liberalizing the online gambling sector but the latest report submitted to the Ministry of Culture indicates that the initial priorities have changed and things are not going as smooth as planned.

Last year, the Ministry of Culture started a project, intended to reveal details about the development of technology, related to gambling facilities and to the industry in general. However, the results of the study turned out to be pretty surprising.

Instead of encouraging Norwegian authorities to lift the ban on poker and make the rules more bearable, the study concluded that the country should concentrate predominantly on strengthening the monopoly and establishing new rules that would make the further development of grey markets and the foreign gambling providers impossible.

According to the information the report contains, the contemporary gambling segment in Norway is experiencing serious setbacks due to the availability of foreign betting operators that provide their products and services online.

It was also said in the report that authorities are currently putting up with the so called “gambling leakage” as Norwegians spend approximately NOK 1 billion on gambling activities in foreign websites.

It seems like local authorities have taken the recommendations wholeheartedly as they announced that they will establish new policies, work towards making citizens familiar with the negative consequences of illegal gambling and last but not least sign agreements with various companies that work in the field of finance.

Implementation of new rules, concerning gambling advertisements, was also mentioned in the report. Plus, actions towards the transaction processing need to be taken as the majority of players are not well aware of the fact that Norwegian bank institutions are prohibited from processing bank transfers made to foreign gambling providers that offer online gambling activities on the territory of Norway.

The report put an emphasis on the fact that now, transactions to foreign gambling providers are made despite the prohibition. In other words, Norwegian gambling regulators have to work in collaboration with the local banks.

Apart from limiting the transactions, the TV commercials have to be carefully monitored as well and those that promote a foreign operator should be banned.

Actually, authors of the report consider the last recommendation to be the most essential one. They even urged Norwegian authorities use their influence and prohibit the broadcasting of commercials that encourage people use the services of a foreign gambling operator.

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