Martin Jacobson Donates $250,000 to Initiatives of REG

Martin-JacobsonThe champion in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event – Martin Jacobson – was reported to have donated a sum of $250,000 to Raising for Effective Giving (REG), which is a non-profit organization.

Mr. Jacobson won the $10-million prize of WSOP Main Event in November. Then, he was also named Swedish poker player of the year after receiving about 80% of reader votes on and Jacobson won the award after having the same nomination four times before.

Martin Jacobson also got two other awards – Poker Ambassador and Breakthrough of the Year. He got the title of “Poker Ambassador” of 2014 with 50% of the vote, which was almost twice as much as the votes for Simon “Dybban” Lindell, who occupied the second place.

The decision to donate a total of $250,000 to Raising for Effective Giving came as the honor and moral values of the player are of great importance.

The non-profit organization Raising for Effective Giving was founded as an attempt for creating a philanthropic campaign of poker players focused on trying to find the most efficient interventions by making informed choices and rational decisions.

The initiative, which was started by Igor Kurganov, Liv Boeree and Philipp Gruissem, was supported by Martin Jacobson over the final table 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event. The world champion was wearing a REG patch placed on his T-shirt while winning his greatest victory.

As announced on the official Facebook page of Raising for Effective Giving, Mr. Jacobson has a commitment estimated to 5% to the organization. This means that a total of 5% of his all entire winnings are to be donated for effective charities. Martin Jacobson himself commented on his participation in the initiative, saying that the sum he is donating is not of great significance to his life, but the truly important fact is it can save the lives of others.

Another player – Jorryt van Hoof – also supported the organization by wearing the same REG patch, but still, no details about his donations have been made known to the public.

The sum that Jacobson participates with in the initiative of Raising for Effective Giving will be divided in two arms to help different charities.

A total of $125,000 of the player’s donation will be channeled to animal charities as animal health and welfare is important to him. More than 300,000 animals could be saved from a dreadful life spent in factory farms thanks to Mr. Jacobson’s donation. The other half, will be channeled through the so-called “meta” charities.

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