Nevada Governor Appoints Michonne Ascuaga to State Gaming Commission

Michonne Ascuaga, former Chief Executive Officer of John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada, was appointed to the state Gaming Commission by Gov. Brian Sandoval. Ms. Ascuaga is replacing Joe Brown, who resigned from the regulatory body last week. She is to complete his four-year term ending in April 2017. Her first official meeting as a member of the Commission will be on May 28 in Las Vegas.

Mr. Brown was appointed to the commission in 2009. Last week, he announced that he would leave it so as to be able to devote more time to his family as well as to his law practice.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, who personally appointed Ms. Ascuaga, noted that he was pleased she has decided to accept her new role. Gov. Sandoval also pointed out that the new member of the Nevada Gaming Commission will “bring a depth of experience and understanding” of the state gambling industry. According to him, Ms. Ascuaga’s appointment comes at a critical time for the Nevada gaming community and he expressed confidence that she would be an effective regulator.

Ms. Ascuaga served as CEO of John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino from 1997 to 2013. Currently, she is taking the position of Chairwoman of the Washoe K-12 Education Foundation.

She said in a statement released immediately after her appointment that she has been working in the gambling industry for quite some time now and she is honored to be assigned a role at the state Gaming Commission. Ms. Ascuaga also pointed out that as a former licensee, she has a deep respect for the gambling regulator.

Apart from Ms. Ascuaga, Gov. Sandoval also reappointed Pat Mulroy to a full term. Ms. Mulroy joined the board back in 2014 to replace its former member Peter Bernhard.

Gov. Sandoval commented that Ms. Mulroy has demonstrated excellent skills and brought a new “perspective and appreciation” for the gambling industry in Nevada.

This is the second time in the history of the Gaming Commission when two women are serving on it at the same time. Back in 1997, former Lt. Gov. Sue Wagner joined Deborah Griffin at the board. Ms. Griffin resigned a year later and Ms. Wagner left in 2009.

Currently, positions at the commission are considered part-time ones and its members are annually paid the amount of $40,000, except for the Chairman who receives $55,000.

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