MassGaming Collaborates with Casino Operators to Develop Responsible Gambling Tools

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has agreed to collaborate with Las Vegas casino giants MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts on devising responsible gambling systems for patrons at the two companies’ casinos in the state.

Said systems will allow casino players to set their own spending budgets and to be automatically alerted when they are nearing their preset limits.

Late last week, Massachusetts gaming commissioners approved unanimously the collaborative approach in developing what are hoped to be effective responsible gambling systems at the two casinos over the establishment of such systems through regulatory procedures, which can oftentimes be quite lengthy.

MGM Resorts is entering the final stages of construction of its $950-plus-million casino resort in the Massachusetts city of Springfield. The hotel and casino complex is slated to open doors in September 2018. MGM Resorts has even begun looking for staff for the property.

Wynn Resorts is developing a $2-billion resort along the Mystic River in Everett, Greater Boston. The property will be launched in the summer of 2019. The two resorts will feature Massachusetts’ first full-scale commercial casinos.

The state Legislature approved the proposed casino expansion back in 2013. Four casino licenses were originally supposed to be issued under the new regulations – one for a slots-only parlor and three for full-fledged casinos.

Three licenses were eventually granted to interested operators. The state’s first commercial slots parlor opened doors in 2015.

Responsible Gambling Systems

As mentioned above, Massachusetts’ gambling regulator together with the operators of the state’s commercial casinos will develop systems that will make it possible for casino frequenters to determine how much they want to spend at the venues.

Once they approach their limits, they will be instantly notified and will be able to decide whether they want to continue playing and exceed their preset spending budgets, or they will keep their gambling spending within the limits. Here it is important to note that the responsible gambling systems will be of a voluntary nature, which means that it will be up to players to determine how to manage their casino-intended funds.

In an interview with local news outlet MassLive, Stephen Crosby, Chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, said that they will pursue “innovative and aggressive” promotion of responsible gambling and will pay special attention to problem gambling.

Of their non-regulatory approach towards implementing responsible gambling tools across the state’s casino floors, Mr. Crosby said that they considered it quite innovative and that operators were the main force behind it.

The gaming official further noted they believe their collaboration with the two casino companies will make for better evaluation of the two responsible gambling systems for each of the two casinos, for the implementation of adjustments where and when these are needed, and for additional innovative efforts.

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