More Individuals Face Prosecution for Vietnamese Online Gambling Case Involvement

The Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security (MoPS) revealed that the Police’s Investigation Security Agency in the Phú Tho province has ordered legal proceedings to be initiated against several individuals who were allegedly involved in an illegal online gambling case. The actions come as part of the MoPS crackdown on online gambling and illegal money laundering procedures in a number of cities and provinces in Vietnam.

The MoPS clampdown has been aimed to tackle illegal gambling and money-laundering activities in a number of cities and provinces, including the northern Phú Tho province.

Under the Investigation Security Agency, Chau Nguyen Anh and Pham Quang Minh are to face legal actions in court, following allegations that they have organized gambling activities and they have illegally traded invoices. The prosecution against the two individuals is to be based on Article 249 of Vietnam’s 1999 Penal Code and on Article 203 of the 2015 Penal Code, respectively. The same legal proceedings were also started against Le Anh Tuan.

Chau Nguyen Anh is acting as Chief Executive Officer of VNPT ePAY which specializes in providing electronic payment services. Under the criminal proceedings, Anh Tuan, who has been acting as director of TNC Technology JSC, has been banned from leaving his residential area.

Yesterday, the workplaces of all the accused were searched by Investigation Security Agency that was looking for physical evidence, including objects, documents, electronic data and equipment, related to the case.

83 People Face Legal Action in the Largest Gambling Ring

Previously, in March 2018, the Ministry issued an announcement regarding the largest online gambling ring in the country, following some inaccurate reports on the case published in the local media. At the time, the local Police’s Investigation Security Agency detained and started legal proceedings against 83 persons, including Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the former director of the MoSP’s police department for high-tech crimes. Hoa was taken into custody after facing allegations of organizing illegal gambling activities.

As mentioned above, a total of 83 persons faced legal proceedings as of March 14th, with 41 of them being accused in organizing illegal gambling in the region. As explained by the Ministry, another 38 people were charged of gambling, and another four faced allegations for illegal invoice trading. Two more were prosecuted for being involved in money-laundering activities, while one was allegedly using the Internet to take advantage of other persons’ assets without the original owner’s permission and knowledge.

This has been pointed as one of the largest illegal gambling rings in Vietnam over the last few years, with a number of organizations and people being involved in offering illegal online gambling activities, including betting and card games. Players were required to create accounts and make money transactions by purchasing special virtual scores called RIK in order to be provided with access to the games.

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