Turkish Gaming Sector Breaks Export Volume Record in 2017 on Its Way to Further Growth

The gaming sector in Turkey remains focused on boosting its export volume to $1 billion in 2018, having won a number of prestigious awards recently. The export of Turkish game developers rose by 40% in 2017 in comparison to the 2016 result, reaching $700 million.

Now, the sector aims to expand its export volume to at least $1 billion in 2018, with the local Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci highlighting the fact that Turkey-based game developers have managed to attract international attention thanks to some high-end games. Mr. Zeybekci also emphasized that the country’s game development sector has been very successful lately, with some of the newly-released making a difference on overseas markets.

The Economy Minister also said that the Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) had provided estimates according to which the sector’s exports marked a 25% increase in 2016 in comparison to its 2015 result and reached a total of $500 million, with the export rates breaking a record at the time. According to most recent estimates, the game export record was once again broken in 2017, following a 40% increase to $700 million.

Minister Zeybekci confirmed that Turkish game developers have kept their target to reach gaming sector export in the range from $2.5 billion to $10 billion by 2023 and reminded that local gaming products won a number of prestigious international awards in 2017.

TOGED Chairman Praises Gaming Development Sector Progress

Ali Erkin, Chairman of the Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) explained that the international attention and global interest towards Turkish gaming products is most likely to continue. According to Mr. Erkin, both individual developers and Turkish gaming companies have attracted the interest of foreign customers, with a large number of followers originating from all over the world. The TOGED Chairman further explained that the individuals and companies operating in the local gaming sector were happy to get so much international interest in offering that brings increased foreign exchange to the country.

Apart from saying that the sector is keeping a steady pace towards its targets completion, Mr. Erkin also emphasized that the gaming development industry in Turkey has been supported by various institutions, especially by the Ministry of Economy.

According to data provided by the Chairman of TOGED, over 90% of the gaming sales are made abroad, with the Turkish gaming sector marking a steady progress. He confirmed that the sector’s growth remains as one of the paramount priorities, but further explained that the sector’s development is also among the most important targets set. In Mr. Erkin’s opinion, the public needs to change its opinion of the sector and companies which operated there, especially considering the fact that the need for human resources increases proportionally with the industry’s growth.

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