UK’s Ben Jones Wins Event #14-L $215 High Roller for Second SCOOP Title

As another day of the ongoing SCOOP went by, UK’s Ben “jenbizzle” Jones won his second title from the popular online poker series after emerging victorious from Event #14-L $215 High Roller last night.

Aside from a new title to his resume, the player also collected $162,039.38 in prize money from the tournament. Jenbizzle was the last man standing from a field of 5,700 entrants, including 4,057 unique ones and 1,643 re-entries.

The event featured a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million, but due to the massive interest among players, the guarantee was crashed to reach over $1.1 million. The top 943 places got paid.

The first day of the tournament ended Wednesday night with 160 remaining players. They resumed action on Thursday to play down to a champ. The field was, somewhat quickly, reduced to just the final three eight-handed tables. It is interesting to note that these featured eight Brazilians. However, just two of them made it into the final table. And one of them faced jenbizzle heads-up to eventually finish second.

Four-handed play was an affair worth mentioning. The final four included the eventual winner, the two above-mentioned Brazilians, and Norway’s Dagdar. It can be said that jenbizzle dominated that stage of play as he looked to emerge as the chip leader. That happened when he eliminated Brazil’s Machadada RS in fourth place, entering three-handed action with the largest stack at the table, one worth 119 million of chips.

No Deal and Two-Handed Play

At some point during three-handed play, the remaining hopefuls stopped the clock to discuss a deal. Jenbizzle was the big stack at the time with 124 million to ivan limeira’s 88 million and Dagdar’s 72 million. They had to split what had left of the prize pool based on their ICM numbers and to leave $22,800 for the first place. However, jenbizzle said he was not particularly in love with what he would receive in case of a deal and one was not struck.

The player may have regretted that decision afterwards as he spiraled down to the short stack. However, it was Dagdar who busted in third place to set heads-up between jenbizzle and Brazil’s ivan limeira.

The duel began with the Brazilian player holding two times chips than his opponent from the UK. The match lasted a total of 37 hands. And ivan limeira maintained his chip lead until the 26th hand of play, when jenbizzle won a 61 million pot to emerge as the chip leader and never look back.

Eleven hands later ivan limeira found himself all-in pre-flop for 99.3 million. Jenbizzle had 185.6 million in chips at that point. The eventual winner’s pocket deuces clashed against his opponent’s [As][Jh]. A blank board of [Qs][9s][3s][7h][8d] landed and jenbizzle held up to claim the title and the first-place prize. Ivan limeira went out in second place to scoop $115,504.57 for his efforts.

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