Jon “luckyfish89” Clark Wins SCOOP-18-H $1,050 NLHE Progressive KO

UK player Jon “luckyfish89” Clark emerged as the winner of the SCOOP-18-H $1,050 NLHE Progressive KO last night after outlasting 1,344 runners, including runner-up finisher owilson25 from Honduras who dominated action for a big portion of the tournament.

Luckyfish89 collected $104,935.81 from the prize pool and $64,915.93 worth of KO bounties to monetize his latest triumph. The tournament dubbed as a Thursday Thrill Special Edition one, and it is interesting to note that its eventual winner has previously taken down at least two such events.

The latest 2018 SCOOP event to be completed was played over two days. Day 1 ended with owilson25 bagging the overnight chip lead, which he retained for the greater part of Day 2, and 73 other players still in contention.

Owilson25 went into the nine-handed final table still as the chip leader with 29,638,732 in chips and pretty much steered action at that final stage of the event. The final table was quickly whittled down to five players and owilson25 was responsible for three of the four eliminations that took place within a matter of several hands.

Losing the Lead for the First Time

Four-handed play saw owilson25 lose his chip lead for the first time since late on Day 1. POKERPRO2.0 emerged as the chip leader at some point during that stage of action. And it should also be noted that the top three stacks were almost even. Luckyfish89 was the next take the lead, but his reign did not last long before owilson25 regained momentum and control over action at the table.

The player eliminated two of the remaining three players to eventually set the heads-up between him and luckyfish89. Owilson25 entered two-handed action with a massive chip lead. However, luckyfish89 did not waste time and reduced the gap on the very first hand by winning a 58 million pot. By that point, owislon25 was leading by no more than 19 million chips.

Luckyfish89 on several more hands, challenging his opponent and giving him quite some hard time. The two players battled it out for over an hour before the name of the champion became known. On what turned out to be the most important hand of the heads-up finale, luckyfish89 snatched a 120 million pot to finish off his opponent three hands later.

Owilson25 scooped a $76,179.53 portion of the prize pool for running that deep into the tournament and another $42,345.69 worth of PKO bounties. The player actually scored the second-best bounties result in the whole tournament.

Luckyfish89’s bounty for knocking out his heads-up opponent totaled $21,422.82. Overall, the eventual winner collected $64,915.93 in bounties.

As mentioned above, the tournament saw 1,344 entrants who brought the prize pool to $1,344,000. The regular pool amounted to $672,000, while the remaining portion of the prize money represented the tournament’s bounty pool. The top 161 places got paid.

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