Is It Possible to Profit from Casino Games in a Long Run?

casino-gamesToday, the gambling sector plays a key role in the economy of every country and it is essential for the development of the entertainment sector as a whole. Contemporary players are provided with a wide range of amenities that make the gameplay more exciting, profitable and convenient. Apart from land-based casinos, the online and mobile gambling are also a huge step towards the revitalization of the gambling industry.

It does not matter if you prefer to engage in casino games in the nearest venue or you are more likely to opt for the remote gambling alternatives, there is one question that interests every player. Since time immemorial, players have been trying to think of various strategies for beating the dealers and defeating their opponents but these attempts had sporadic success.

That is why the question about the successful betting strategy has been on the agenda for quite some time. Although there is not a definite answer, below you will find thorough information why some betting systems are better than others and is there an unwritten rule stating that when it comes to long term play, the casino is the constant winner? Examples as well as useful tips for a profitable gaming session are also outlined.

Basic Betting Rules

As stated above, casinos inevitably win when it comes to long-run play. This statement leads to the question why so many people gamble when they realize they have no chance against the house edge? The answer is simple. Because in short term, casinos are prone to losing against the player. Here are the basic rules you should consider before your next game sesison:

  • Even if you feel this is your lucky day, you are advised to stop playing when you accumulate decent winnings.
  • Another foolproof method for keeping your winnings is to change the game as often as possible.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of setting a limit and stick to it. If you experience a number of losing sessions, you’d better discontinue playing for the day.

Probability of Winning

Have you ever asked yourself why casinos remain a profitable niche, while so many industries experience ups and downs? Because in long term, the events follow the same scenario. In case you spend some more time in playing roulette, you will see that if you make a higher number of spins, all the numbers will come out. In comparison, if you play a fixed number of spins, you will see it is impossible the ball to land on different numbers every time. Some numbers may come five times, some may not come at all.

In order to prove that, you can set, for example, 20 spins and see how many consecutive black and red streaks will come out. Pay attention to how often the ball lands on the same number.

Winning and Losing Streaks

Attractive people having fun at the Blackjacks table.By definition, two or more spins with the same result are called a streak. If you have a winning streak, you have two alternatives to choose from. You can bet on the streak or against it. However, which is the better one?

Actually, you cannot make a 100% sure prediction that the lucky streak will continue or the losing streak will stop. Of course, there is a reason behind this uncertainty. Over the game session, the nature of the results will change a few times and will vary between consecutive and alternating. That is why it is essential to know the state of the game you are going to engage in and place a bet according to it. In case the session is alternating, you are advised to bet against the winning streak. However, consecutive sessions require you to bet with the streak.

Here comes yet another important question. How to recognise the winning streaks? Or to be more precise, the question is how long you need to play in order to determine if a streak is winning one. The number of spins is variable but needless to say, few spins will not be too helpful. Although you can hardly predict what the outcome of the next spin would be, after a bigger number of spins, you will have the basis on which you can build your strategy. Once you become more experienced, you will get a strong intuition for winning and losing streaks.

Don’t get disappointed if you experience several losses. In order to establish an effective strategy, you will inevitably have a couple of losing streaks followed by winning ones or vice versa. However, don’t forget about the betting limit you have set before you start playing and quit the game once you reach it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the most common betting systems

roulette-wheel-dlIn general, betting systems are divided into two large categories. The negative progressions require you to double your bet when you lose. At first glance, it seems a bit illogical but if you give it a second thought, you might change your mind. If you lose and you double your bet, you have the chance to compensate for the losses and even turn a small profit.

The other category is the one of the positive progressions that require the player to wager the same amount when losing and double the bet when winning. Supporters of the positive progressions claim that they help the players maintain a sustainable bankroll. When you win and you double your bet, you basically wager money that belong to the casino anyway.

Opponents of the negative progressions claim that the chance to turn a profit and make up for your losses by using a negative progression is too slim. To a certain extent, that’s true. Negative progressions require the player to be disciplined and keep a close eye on how the events unfold. One mistake in the sequence ruins the whole progression, which therefore results in financial losses. In addition, you are likely to reach your betting limit really soon if you apply a negative progression and hit a really bad losing streak.

Remember that there is no system that guarantees you will win every time you apply it but it increases your chances of turning a profit. Plus, it enhances your gambling experience provided that you stick to your betting limit and make sure your stakes are in the reasonable range.


roulette-live-dealer-tableThe Martingale is a negative progression system considered to be among the riskiest ones. As a negative progression, the Martingale requires you to increase your bet when you lose, which can dramatically damage your bankroll.

The Martingale has several variations used predominantly during the roulette game. What all Martingale variations have in common is that they require the player to double the bet when they experience a losing streak and opt for flat betting when they win. Like the rest of negative progressions, Martingale aims at compensating for the previous losses and even turning a profit but the method itself is quite risky. At the end of the day, the player cannot say for certain how long the winning / losing streak can be.

You are advised to apply the Martingale only if you have a considerable bankroll and you can afford it to lose. You have to keep betting and eventually, you will have a successful streak.

Let’s presume your first bet is 4 units. If you lose, the second bet should be 8 units. If it is a losing one as well, the third jumps to 16 units. If you lose, the fourth one should be 32 units. In case the fourth bet is a winning one, you will be compensated for the units you have lost and if you do the math, you will see that you even have a net gain of 4 units. After a winning bet, the system starts over.

As mentioned above, if you have a big bankroll, you can keep increasing your bet until you enter a winning streak. Admittedly, the Martingale is quite a risky system but seen from a different prospective, it is among the few systems that can bring you significant profits in a long term. If your bankroll allows so, you can basically make an infinite number of spins and eventually you will make up for the losses. That is why casinos set limits to the betting tables.
Let’s illustrate the above explanation with an example.

The table limit is 800 units and the first bet you make is 10 units. If you lose, the second bet is supposed to be 20. If you have a losing streak the next five bets you place should amount to 40, 60, 120, 240, 480 units, respectively. If the fifth bet is a winning one, the sixth should be 960 units but the table limit does not allow you do do that.

The Martingale does not have a significant impact on the house edge but if you are lucky enough to enter a winning streak, you will have quite a profitable game session.


roulette-casino-dealerD’Alembert is yet another negative progression betting system that has been widely applied in table games and mainly in blackjack. As a negative progression, D’Alembert calls for raising the bet when you lose and lowering it when you win.

Despite being popular among new and regular players, all of them claim that D’Alembert is not suitable for a long run due to the following reason. According to the estimates, no matter how many hands you play, at the end, the winning and the losing hands will be approximately the same number. As compared to Martingale or Labouchere, D’Alembert is not so risky because you are not supposed to double your bet. If you have a losing hand, you have to increase the bet with one unit and when you have a winning hand, you are required to decrease it by 1 unit.

In other words, your losses will not be significant but you will definitely not accumulate decent winnings too fast.


live-roulette-dealer-casinoOpposite to Martingale, Paroli is a positive progression betting system. As such, it requires the player to double the bet after a win and keep the bet flat after every loss. Although Paroli is relatively easy to use and basically every new player can apply it, paying attention to some details before you start playing is recommended.

First of all, you are advised to set a betting limit and quit playing once you reach it. It definitely makes sense as you might have a winning streak but you will eventually enter a losing one and all your profits will be gone. In order to keep the probability of losing a big sum of moneyto the minimum, you can play three or four hands and increase your bets if you win and then start the progression over. However, the latter method is not preferred by those who want to accumulate significant winnings over a relatively short period of time.

As far as the long term use of Paroli is concerned, it has it advantages and disadvantages. Paroli fans claim that once you start applying Paroli your chances of winning big money dramatically increase. Others are convinced that the system can bring you a number of short term profits without sacrificing the fun factor.

Probably the most realistic explanation ever given is that Paroli can bring you small losses, followed by a couple of big wins. In a long term, you can notice the balance between winnings and losses, which therefore means that Paroli is not the most suitable system to use in a long run.


casino-roulette-dealerParlay is a positive progression system that is pretty similar to Paroli but yet, it is considered easier to apply. Since the progression is positive, the player has to increase the bet after a win and decrease it after a loss.

Using the Parlay system helps you maintain a decent bankroll as basically, you wager the money you have just won from the casino. It is important to note that setting a max win amount will help you leave the casino premises with decent winnings without even risking your won betting funds.

However, when it comes to long run profits, you might be disappointed to know that Parlay would not help you achieve that goal.

What makes long run casino profits less likely than short run ones?

TableGames-crapsLet’s presume that you engage in a certain game and your bets amount to $20.

If your first bet is a winning one and you win $1000, your overall profit is $1000.

However, if you make ten bets before you win $1000, you will spend $200, which means your overall profit is $800.

If the 50th bet you place is your lucky one, your overall profit is 0. You have spent $1000 and won $1000.

What makes the casino industry flourish is players’ expectations that the winning streak will continue or the losing one will stop. Admittedly, it is hard to refrain yourself from betting when you win but an effective strategy does not include placing random bets. On the contrary – it requires the player to be well organized, disciplined and familiar with the risks involved.

It would not be premature to say that in a short term, you are more likely to beat the house edge but when it comes to long run profits, things are quite the opposite. No matter how long you have been working on your strategy or which betting system you apply, at the best case scenario, your winnings and losses will be balanced.

If you really want to avoid leaving the casino empty pocketed, keep your game sessions short. The latter applies to both winning and losing ones. This is a proven way for going ahead in short term.

Although you are more likely to win in a short run, no one can guarantee that you will actually register winnings. Using a system does not give you an advantage over the house but it still enhances your chances of winning. It is always better to have a plan instead of randomly betting on different numbers and hoping for your number to come out.

The best approach for increasing your winnings without taking unnecessary risks is wagering no more than ¼ of the total chips you have.

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