Casino Deposit Methods for Swedish Players

swedish-flagWhen it comes to gambling operations, Sweden has a long and complicated history.

Up to date, the competent authorities in Sweden have declared all forms of both land-based and web-based gambling as legal, but all these activities are placed under a state-owned monopoly. The only operator that is legally permitted to run gambling operations is Svenska Spel, which is also granted with a special license.

This country’s policy, however, has faced a wave of criticism, as well as a large number of failed attempts to overturn the monopoly.

Things are changing at the moment, due to the fact that Sweden has been pressed by the European Commission to welcome competition from foreign operators in its casino and gaming industry. As a result of this long-lasting criticism, Swedish lawmakers have become more focused on getting serious and initiate some changes in the contemporary gambling legislation system in the country.

Gaming Legislation in Sweden

casino-legislationAs already mentioned, gambling in Sweden is controlled and regulated by the monopolist in the industry – Svenska Spel. The regulatory competences of the state-owned company include establishing control over both land-based and online casino and gaming operations.

The current monopolist on the Swedish Market was established in 1997 after a merger of the country’s two major lotteries – Svenska Penninglotteriet and Tipstjanst, which formed a single company that officially changed its name to AB Svenska Spell in the same year. As a result, a complete monopoly over all gambling operations, including poker games, casinos, lotteries, sports betting operations and game machines, in Sweden is run.

The state-run monopoly is spread over all forms of gambling and blocks foreign companies from penetrating the lucrative gambling market in Sweden. Offshore companies have tried to take part in the casino operations in the country, but failed so far. Sweden has been often criticized because of its gambling legislation

Up to date, all forms of both brick-and-mortar and Internet gambling operations are entirely legal. The laws implemented are very strict for the companies involved in the gambling business, but not for players. This is exactly why a large number of players choose to play in foreign casino operators’ websites.

On the other hand, Svenska Spel may be the only player at the online casino industry arena of Sweden, but it is also subject to some regulatory requirements, which make it hardly competitive to foreign casino providers. This is why a lot of online casino players in Sweden prefer to visit foreign online casinos that odder larger player pools, wider selection of high-quality casino games, as well as better sports betting odds.

Currently, there are two major pieces of legislation that regulate the contemporary legal landscape of the casino industry in Sweden.

The Lotteries Act of 1994

Lottery ballsThe Lotteries Act of 1994 is one of the main pieces of legislation used for regulating the Swedish gambling industry. It is applied not only to lotteries, but also to roulette, dice and card games, bingo and gaming machines, etc.

According to the Lotteries Act, the country’s Gaming Board is authorized to issue licenses and monitor if these games are run properly. A vast range of activities is covered by the Lotteries Act, but still, its impact is mainly concentrated on the lottery-style games in the country.

Only non-profit charity groups and operators approved by the Government, such as the National Lottery, are allowed to offer lotteries and some other games. The Act of 1994 also proclaims as illegal to promote unlawful and offshore lotteries.

There was an amendment of the Lotteries Act, which was added almost a decade after its initial implementation – in 2002, in order to make Sweden gambling legislation more current. According to the amendment, Svenska Spel got the authority to host web-based games and act as the only licensed online gambling provider on the territory of the country.

The Casinos Act of 1999

The Casinos Act of 1999 was especially enacted in order to better regulate various casino games, including roulette, dice and card ones. The piece of legislation aims primarily at land-based casinos, and sets some rules related to age limits, keeping records, prohibition of issuing credit to casino players, as well as other regulations.

Casino Deposit Methods for Swedish Players


visa-card-logoVISA Credit or Debit Cards are some of the most-used payment methods not only in brick-and-mortar stores, but when it comes to online purchases or deposits as well. Online casino players prefer conducting their banking transactions via the products of VISA, as money transfers are both quick and efficient, not to mention the fact that all approved transactions are automatically and instantly credited to their gaming account.

Being the largest credit card company worldwide has ranked VISA among the most widespread methods for various money transaction, including depositing funds into online casino accounts. More than 150 countries, including Sweden, currently accept VISA products, which makes it a leader in the online casino payment options arena and guarantee not only efficiency, but also absolute safety to its users.

Depending on the type of VISA online casino players have, they could be made to complete various steps in order to deposit some money in their web-based casino account. VISA Prepaid cards could also be used for funding online casino accounts. Unlike the regular cards provided by VISA, the prepaid ones do not come with a PIN code, so online casino players are required to select the CREDIT option. The amount of the deposit is automatically deducted from the customer’s balance.

Regular Credit or Debit VISA Cards can be used for both deposits and withdrawals to and from online casino players’ accounts.

VISA Electron

Visa_Electron.svgVISA Electron is currently among the most-preferred debit cards used for making online casino deposits. The card can be used for making withdrawals as well.

VISA Electron is a popular alternative of the regular brands’ credit cards when it comes to depositing funds and making online purchases. It is among the most popular debit cards and is used by thousands of people all over the world not only in brick-and-mortar stores, but in online casinos, too.

The depositing procedure is a lot like the one carried out with the standard VISA credit cards. The deposited amount is deducted from the available balance on the customer’s card, which allows online casino players to control their expenditures in the best way possible.

There is also a withdrawal option for those who choose to connect their casino account to their VISA debit card. In such cases, the withdrawals are made directly to the player’s bank account, which is extremely easy and convenient.

Credit Cards

credit-cardCredit cards as a whole are another one of the most-preferred online casino deposit methods of Swedish citizens. Most trustworthy and reliable casinos accept all major credit cards, including VISA and Mastercard products. Withdrawals, however, can be made with VISA cards only, as the money transfer is made directly to VISA card that the player has already used in order to make a deposit into their online casino account.

Credit card payments are not only a fantastic e-commerce solution for al customers who prefer making payments on the Internet, but also for those, who would like to make online casino deposits.

Most online casinos that accept Swedish players provide the latter with the chance to choose the type of credit card they would like to use. Then, players should enter the amount they would like to deposit and after a verification and confirmation of the transaction, the deposit amount is automatically deducted from the customer’s balance.

The procedure is fast, easy and secure, which is exactly why thousands of players use it when it comes to funding their accounts.

Maestro Card

maestro-credit-card-logoMaestro is a multi-national debit card service. The brand is property of MasterCard and was officially established in 1992. Maestro cards are issued by financial institutions (banks) and can be linked to the current bank account to the card holder. There are also prepaid Maestro cards, which have certain denominations.

The Maestro debit card can be used as a regular prepaid card, or it could be linked to the online casino players’ bank account in order to make deposits directly. Unfortunately, most reliable Internet casinos currently allow only deposits with Maestro Card, while withdrawals are unavailable.

Making a deposit in an Internet casino by using the Maestro debit card is quite easy. After making an online casino account in a website that accepts Maestro cards, players should choose the card from the Banking options page. Then, players will be directed to a page to enter their card number, fill in their personal details, security code, PIN, as well as the amount of money they would wish to deposit in the account. They will be permitted to carry out a transaction afterwards.

When it comes to fees, players should be aware of the fact that their bank may charge them a certain fee when receiving money from online casino account through checks or wire transfers. The amount of the fee depends on the bank’s policy, so players are recommended to always check the bank’s Terms and Conditions regarding such charges before making a deposit or a withdrawal.

As mentioned above, withdrawals are not possible when using Maestro card, unless the online casino player has chosen the prepaid variation of the card. If the card is linked to the customer’s bank account, the Internet casino will wire the money into their checking account.


clickandbuy-logoClickandBuy is an online payment system that provides web-based casino players to make fast, reliable and secure online deposits and withdrawals to and from their accounts. The method has become one of the users’ favorite ones, as it does not require from the customers to per-fund their account.

In addition, a registration is needed only once, which basically means that online casino players will be able to fund their account in a casino of their choice quickly and safe by using ClickandBuy without making a registration to the payment method’s first.

ClickandBuy account is actually very much alike a virtual wallet. It offers online casino players the chance to carry out both deposits and withdrawals and transfer funds to their casino accounts. When used, it pulls the money directly from the preferred banking method of the customer, which allows users to decide what banking account to link to their ClickandBuy payment method.

The transfer of sensitive personal information, including financial details of the customer, is eliminated by using ClickandBuy.

The best part is that the online player’s personal and financial details remain intact, safe and private. The “one-step” procedure is preferred by thousands of customers worldwide, as it cuts down the financial transaction purchasing time. In addition, hundreds of thousands of top-rated Internet casinos currently accept ClickandBuy.

Once an account in an online casino is established, players can choose ClickandBuy payment method and start using it immediately. The payment system keeps track on the customer’s spending, which allows players to check all transactions made.

Funding a ClickandBuy account is a quick and easy process, which takes only a few minutes. This is exactly one of the reasons why customers from all over the world prefer it as a payment option. After selecting it from the Deposit Options menu of the Internet casino, the customer should proceed in order to authorize the money transaction.

No personal or financial details are to be shared with the online casino, as the transaction is being processed directly through ClickandBuy.

Direct Bank Transfer

online-banking-procedureBank Transfer, which is also known as a Wire Transfer, is undoubtedly one of the oldest, most-trust and probably most-used payment method for making deposits in online casinos worldwide. This payment method allows customers to transfer money from one bank account to a gaming account.

Direct Bank Transfer offers customers the opportunity to deposit money over the Internet, although it is still available over the counter on the players’ local banks. Although that it is one of the most-preferred payment options, bank transfer is a time consuming method, as well. Its payment processing time is estimated to between 3 and 5 business days, but it fully depends on the bank/s involved in the process, so longer processing periods are not uncommon, too.

Currently, there are some more innovative bank transfer services, which are called “instant bank transfers”, which are more flexible, and more importantly, faster. Such services process money transactions instantly and the online casino deposit is competed fully in a few seconds only.

Deposits made through a bank transfers are normally processed within 3 to 5 business days. When it comes to withdrawals, bank transfer is accepted in almost all casinos as a legitimate and reliable cash-out method.


ecocard_newEcoPayz was established in 2000 under the brand EcoCard. Several years ago, in 2013, EcoCard was re-branded under the name EcoPayz. It is a payment method that offers both physical and virtual prepaid cards that are currently accepted in hundreds of countries all over the world. The cards are available in about 50 currencies, too.

EcoPayz works like a prepaid card that provides online casino players with the opportunity to make online payments at websites of merchants and online casinos that accept this method. By registering to the service’s website, customers get the chance of using all services provided by the company. Their primary account is called EcoAccount in gives them access to all services provided by the brand.

What is interesting for online casino players to know is the fact that there are several version of the account, which offer flexible services and great variety of options to the brand’s customers.

The payment method offered by EcoPayz is widely accepted at web-based casinos all around the world. The brand has also joined forces with MasterCard in order to provide physical prepaid cards to customers.

The account registration process is very easy to deal with and takes only a few minutes. The players are required to provide simply some personal information, such as name, address, e-mail address, plus some financial information for the funding option that is to be used in order to deposit in the EcoPayz account.

EcoPayz has become quite popular over the past few years. Thousands of online casino players prefer it as it is fast, convenient and secure for making deposits in their casino accounts over the Internet. Making a deposit in a web-based casino with EcoPayz is simple. All players need to do is choose the payment method from the casino’s Banking Options page, log in their EcoPayz account and fill in the details required, including the amount they would like to deposit.

When it comes to withdrawals from online casinos, EcoPayz is also among the highly-preferred options.

However, players are provided with a total of two options for cashing out their winnings – they can either request a withdrawal through their EcoPayz prepaid debit MasterCard, or by using a direct bank transfer to an already registered bank account.


ezipaylogoFormerly known under the name PaySpark, EziPay has managed to become one of the payment methods that are most widely-used in online casinos. It has been ranked as a safe, secure and trustworthy payment system for all online casino players, who are looking for an inexpensive and reliable alternative of credit cards and other payment methods.

The fact that the option is easy and versatile to use has made it one of the online casino players’ favorite ones for depositing money in their accounts. Two types of payment services are offered by EziPay – a standard e-wallet function, and an EziPay ATM card that can be used to withdraw funds and make purchases.

Deposits in online casinos are really simple. Using EziPay will save players’ time, which is why it is regarded as one of the most convenient payment options compatible with online casinos on the Internet. The player needs to go to the Cashier page of the casino’s website and click on the EziPay deposit option. Then, they will be automatically redirected to start the registration process in the payment method’s website.

After filling in their basic personal and banking details, picking a password and verifying their account, the player will be provided with the opportunity to make a deposit. Registering an account with EziPay is absolutely free of charge. Funding the EziPay account could be done by using a regular bank wire transfer or a Western Union transfer, and of course, a credit card.

Online casino players are also provided with the opportunity to withdraw their winnings from their casino account by using the EziPay ATM Card.

The card is recommended to be applied for directly after the player has registered on the website and managed to successfully activate their EziPay account.


neteller_logoOfficially launched in 1999, Neteller is one of the oldest and most reliable payment options used in online casinos all over the world. It is available for making both deposits and withdrawals in a safe, risk-free way and guarantees that no personal or financial information of the customers will be revealed. The fact that Neteller is fast, convenient and easy to use has helped get established as one of the most popular options used by gamblers to funds their online casino accounts.

The Neteller account works pretty much as a standard e-wallet. Opening an account takes only a few minutes and does not require any specific information. After filling in their personal data and verifying the information, users are provided with a special identification number that consists of 12 digits, which is related with another security 6-digit ID.

Depositing money to the customer’s Neteller account could be bade through a regular bank transfer, a cheque or a prepaid card. Each of these methods are charged a different fee, so customers should make sure they have thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions of both the financial institution of their choice and the ones of Neteller.

As mentioned above, Neteller is one of the most-preferred methods when it comes to making deposits in online casino accounts. The payment method, however, can be also used for cashing players’ winnings out in a safe, risk-free way.


paysafe-card-logoPaySafeCard is one of the most popular prepaid banking options currently used by a large number of online casino players worldwide. The payment method originates from Europe, but it has managed to expand its influence on a global scale and up to date it is among the prepaid banking solutions found by customers as most attractive.

Online casino players all over the world find PaySafeCard not only convenient and easy to use, but also safe and secure. What is great about this payment option is the fact that the prepaid cards offered by PaySafeCard come in various range of denominations, including €5, €10, €25, €50 and €100. After choosing a denomination that is most appropriate for them and purchasing the prepaid card, online casino players are given a 16-digit PIN code that is required to be entered when making a money transaction over the Internet.

When paying in web-based shops or making an online casino deposit, players need to enter their 16-difit PIN code in order for the transaction to be approved. All transactions can be tracked by the customers, which provides the latter with a clear overview of their deposits in order to better control their expenditures.

PaySafeCard is one of the most-preferred payment options when it comes to making deposits in online casinos, due to the fact it is very easy to operate with and it is quite secure. No personal or financial information of the players is ever revealed to any third parties, which makes the transactions carried out via the prepaid cards some of the safest processed over the Internet.

Unfortunately, currently PaySafeCard cannot be used for withdrawals of the players’ winnings, which is considered one of the method’s greatest disadvantages.


ukash-logoUkash is a reliable electronic money system that is currently based in the UK. It offers its users the chance of carrying out money transactions over the Internet in order to pay for purchases made online or to deposit some money in web-based casinos worldwide.

After being officially established about a decade ago, the payment method has managed to rank among the most popular ones in the industry. Up to date, Ukash is available in more than 55 countries all over the world. A great number of brick-and-mortar stores, kiosks, gas stations and even ATM devices offer the Ukash-branded cards providing online casino users with the opportunity of using them for making deposits in their casino accounts.

What is really great about this payment method is the fact that Ukash does not really require a registration, because it is described as a “one-step” payment system. What players need to do is purchase a prepaid card of the brand and use it when making deposits in online casinos.

The payment system offers its customers a prepaid card containing a secure code of 19 digits that can be used for making money transactions over the Internet, loading other cards or e-wallets, and transferring funds from one account to another. When making a deposit in a web-base casino, players are required to provide the 19-digit secure cote that actually allows them to use their money online.

Ukash is a great payment option when it comes to making a deposit, but it is not available for making any withdrawals of the players’ winnings from their online casino accounts.


Skrill-moneybookers-logoSkrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, was established in 2001 and has been operating as one of the leading payment options providers on the Internet ever since. The payment system is preferred by thousands of online casino players all over the world, although it is based in the UK.

Skrill is a fast, convenient and reliable payment option that allows its customers to make money transactions in order to pay for certain purchases made on the Internet, or make a deposit in online casinos. Players’ safety is guaranteed, and so is the maximum satisfaction. No sensitive information of the customers is revealed by Skrill to any third parties.

In order to make a deposit in a web-based casino, players are required to first register a Skrill account first. After the account is created and verified, the payment option Skrill must be chosen as a deposit method in the Cashier page of the casino website. All money deposits with Skrill are processed instantly, which basically means that players are given the chance to start using the online casino services right away.

Withdrawals with Skrill are also possible. Once again, online casino players need to choose the payment method from the Banking page of the casino, enter the amount of money they would like to withdraw, and complete the transactions.

However, they should bear in mind that winnings withdrawals normally take several business days in order to be completed.


pugglepayPugglePay is a Sweden-based payment system that provides customers with the opportunity to carry out quick, reliable and most of all, safe financial transactions over the Internet. Probably one of the main reasons why PugglePay has gained popularity among a large number of people is the fact that the registration process is not complicated at all.

The payment method allows customers to make secure money transfers wherever they are, whenever it is convenient for them. The flexibility and simplicity of PugglePay have been found attractive by thousands of people in Sweden, who currently prefer using the payment system for making various financial transfers.

What is great about PugglePay is the fact that it allows user to make money transactions by using their smartphones. The system does not require neither a registration, nor a download. All online casino players need in order to make a deposit in their casino account, is a mobile phone. Unlike most phone bill payment methods, PugglePay offers a true innovation on the market, as it does not affect the player’s phone bill, but uses their phone to send them an invoice.

After a payment is initiated, customers receive a special code to their mobile phone. It is exactly this code that need to be used in order for the deposit to be completed.

The invoice received must be paid within 14 days. Normally, no additional fees are charged by online casinos when a deposit is initiated.


Nordea-logoNordea is one of the leading payment systems known in the European banking sphere, especially when it comes to Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Currently, Nordea has the biggest distribution network in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, with more than 10 million customers and about 1,000 bank branches. Over 6 million customers are hosted by the company in the online banking industry, which makes the system an important player at the Internet banking arena.

Nordea is also one of the main payment methods used by Swedish players when making deposits in online casinos. The large interest towards the deposit option comes from the fact that no registration is needed, and online casino players are provided with the opportunity to make instant deposits over the Internet directly from their bank.

Funding a customer’s account in an online casino is fast and simple. In order to fund their account, players are required to complete an online form and fill in some information about their bank account. Of course, customers should first choose Nordea payment system from the casino’s Cashier page. After completing these steps, they need to enter the amount of money they would like to deposit and a bonus code, if any. After verifying the information entered, players must complete the transaction.

No additional fees are charged by Nordea, which also guarantees maximum satisfaction with the services provides, as well as absolute safety and anonymity of the money transactions.


webmoney-logoWebMoney is an electronic payment system, which was officially established in 1998, which makes it one of the oldest ones available on the market. With more than 25 million registered users and over 20,000 merchants and online casinos accepting WebMoney as a payment option, it is also among the largest payment systems in the Internet banking industry.

WebMoney provides Internet users with the chance of making safe money transactions in real time by using the so-called WebMoney units. The best part is that payment system does not require no bank account or credit cards for opening or operating an account. The system offers a multi-currency e-wallets, but also a large number of options for p2p payments, used in Internet merchants’ websites, billing systems, online casinos, etc.

The payment system guarantees that the sensitive information provided by customers will not be revealed to any third parties, which makes it a safe and secure option when making deposits in online casinos.

Of course, the WebMoney account must be funded before using it for making any money transactions.


eWire-logoeWire is a typical eWallet that enables its users with the chance of making easy, fast and secure payments on the Internet. The method is totally risk-free, and the money transactions carried out through it are processed instantly. eWire is currently available for customers residing in Sweden and Denmark, but its influence is constantly growing.

Funding the e-wallet provided by eWire is easy and can be carried out by using Dankort debit cards, Visa cards, MasterCard or regular online banking. The payment method is a really great option when it comes to making deposits in online casinos, as it is fast, reliable and totally risk-free. No personal or financial details of eWire are provided to any third parties, which makes it a trustworthy option for players who do not wish to share sensitive information over the Internet. Unfortunately, the method is not available for withdrawing money of the online casino players’ accounts.

Opening a basic account with eWire is totally free and the system offers its customers a chance to use a fast, easy and safe way of making online payments and money deposits in online casinos.

Winnings withdrawals are currently not allowed via eWire, but online casino users who have chosen eWire as a default deposit method can cash out their winnins by using a regular bank account.


Trustly-logoTrustly, which was formerly known under the name Instantbank, has recently managed to become one of the most reliable and preferred payment methods. The financial company is currently based in Sweden. It was established almost a decade ago with an aim of creating a stable, trustworthy and secure online payment system that is also easy to work with.

Up to date, Trustly provides its users with the opportunity to transfer funds from their bank account to a web-based casino account in a simple and risk-free manner. No time-taking registration process is needed in order to open an account with Trustly. On the contrary, its main goal is providing both high-quality services and simplicity in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction to online casino players.

To make money deposits to online casino accounts by using Trustly, players are not required to open accounts bound to any third parties. Players need to enter the casino’s Banking options page and click on the Trustly logo. Then, they will be redirected to the payment method’s official page where they are required to choose their bank. After filling in some details, online casino players will have to confirm the initiated money deposit.

Online casino deposits with Trustly are processed instantly. However, no withdrawals are allowed when using the payment method.


entropay-logoEntroPay is a prepaid debit account that is offered to customers all over the world. Currently, it is one of the most-preferred payment methods used by online casino players for making money deposits in their accounts.

The EntroPay account offer two different options – a standard account, which is actually a prepaid online Visa account, and an upgraded EntroPay Plastic Card, which is a real prepaid MasterCard available at both land-based and online merchants. The payment method is not only fast and convenient, but also secure.

All transactions carried out via the system are processed shortly afterwards, without revealing any personal or banking details of the online casino users to third parties. EntroPay is available for both deposits and withdrawals.

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