Casino Deposit Options for Danish Players

Flag_of_DenmarkDenmark is among the European countries which recently enforced a new set of laws, concerning online gambling activities, thus giving a green light to Danish players to enjoy a variety of casino games online. This new legislation was enforced on the 1st of January, 2012 and as a result the web-based gambling market in the country was greatly liberalised.

Now Danish players are permitted to legally participate in online casino games without fear of penalty. Apart from lottery and the standard sports betting, die-hard punters, residing in the country can enjoy a range of online poker, table and card games. In fact this is good news for both players and authorities as the gross online gaming revenue of the country has increased substantially.

The new norms imposed on online gambling in Denmark aim at reducing the risks of money laundering and betting or placing stakes at shady foreign casinos which have not obtained a license of any kind. Danish players can spin the slots or roll the dices in a number of licensed online casinos, based in their own country or opt for foreign, yet certified gambling operators as there are currently no restrictions imposed on playing games online for real money.

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What’s more important – new regulations are expected to come in force as more modifications of the online gambling legislation will be made by the end of 2015. This will further prevent any illegal gambling practices or frauds from ever happening.

Luckily for Danish players there are plenty of options to choose from as many foreign online casino operators cater to players from the country and what’s more, accept payments in the their own currency, the Danish Krone (DKK). A wide range of deposit methods are available to players from the country as the online casino market continues to grow and expand, thus reaching more and more people throughout the world.

Gambling Legislation and Regulations in Denmark

legal-gambling-and-the-lawLet’s take a moment to clarify the gambling legislation in Denmark in more detail. In 2012 the Danish authorities decided to amend the country’s legislation and partially liberalise the market so that gambling activities on the web can be closely monitored. Up to this point online gambling activities were regulated and controlled primarily by Danske Spil – a state-owned company, founded in 1948. Many of the restrictions and regulations Danske Spil imposed were not formulated very clearly and as a direct result were rather inefficient.

Some major changes had to be brought about. Finally, several decades later the Danish government decided to enforce the Danish Gambling Act or DGA in 2012 which outlined the gambling legislation in a much clearer manner. Currently online casino operators based in the country function under a license of the Danish Gambling Authorities and are closely monitored by the latter. However, Danske Spil still retains its monopoly over all lotteries, number games and horse races betting.

At the present moment the Danish Gambling Authorities have distributed licenses to over 25 online casinos in the country but licensed operators, based in other countries, are also allowed to offer their services to Danish players as long as they’ve obtained permission by Danish authorities.

Still, more significant changes are expected to take place by the end of the year. The current legislation will be amended again in order to minimise illegal online gambling practices and taxations imposed on licensed operators will also be modified. Licensed operators with revenues exceeding DKK 100 millions per year should expect a slight increase in their yearly taxation while the taxes imposed on those with more humble revenues will be lowered. This will allow for further expansion of the online gambling industry in the country as new operators are expected to enter the market once these changes take place.

Casino Deposit Options for Danish Players

casino-deposit-optionsAs previously mentioned, online casino operators, located outside Denmark’s borders are also permitted to provide a variety of gambling games to the country’s citizens as long as they’re licensed and haven’t ended up on Denmark’s blacklist of unreliable online gambling providers. Danish players should keep in mind there are 57 foreign operators on the list at the present moment, so it would be best to make a little research prior their registration with any foreign web-based casino.

Of coarse before players sign up with any online casino they should check whether or not it accepts their currency and what payment methods are available for foreign players. Many major operators work with the most popular and widely used currencies such as USD, AUD, CAD or EUR and a certain possibility (though small) exists they do not accept the Danish Krone (DKK). If this is the case, players should bear in mind a conversion fee may be imposed on their deposits and withdrawals.

Most major online casino operators accept a great range of payment methods, Danish players can pick from. It’s important to mention popular and licensed casinos are concerned about their customers’ safety and strive to prevent any frauds, misappropriations or identity thefts from happening. In order to achieve this goal they typically work with reliable, established and secure payment processors, many of which are listed on their websites and are available in Denmark.

Widespread credit and debit cards such as Visa or Mastercard are accepted at all times. Most online casinos also allow players to use the services of popular e-wallet providers Skrill and Neteller to name a few. On the other hand, players can use prepaid vouchers to deposit funds into their casino accounts, while bank wire transfers are possible as well, but in some cases require some time to complete. Below is a list of the safest deposit methods Danish players can choose from.


MasterCard_LogoMastercard is a widespread method of payment, primarily because it is accepted in many web-based casinos. One of the most popular credit cards in the world, Mastercard is the preferred method of payment among many players and Danish punters are not an exception. Founded nearly 50 years ago in the United States, it remains a secure and convenient method of payment to this very day.

In Denmark Mastercard Direct is available to all citizens of age and is issued mainly by the Danske Bank. What makes it so convenient for depositing money into one’s casino account? First and foremost there is a balance control which enables players to spend only the amount available in their account, preventing them from excess spending. In addition there is no annual fee and customers are allowed to make purchases of up to DKK 30,000 per day!

>Make sure you visit the Danske Bank or any other banking institution that issues the card to inquire whether or not they allow transactions to and from online casinos as there is a slight chance you might be able to deposit money with the card while withdrawals from web-based casinos can be restricted by the bank that issued your Mastercard.


visa-card-logoVisa is yet another credit/debit card which has plenty of benefits to offer to players. As one of the most established names in the industry it provides customers with efficiency, quick and convenient transactions and above all security. Many online casinos use it as a deposit and withdrawal method which is yet another advantage of choosing it as a banking option.

Another benefit results from the fact, Danish players can fund their accounts for free as no charges are imposed on online casino deposits. The transaction is processed instantly so that players can join in any game they like right away.

Visa also provides a prepaid card option which comes with a number of advantages. Customers for instance can make purchases or deposit money in a matter of minutes, using the Visa prepaid card.

The prepaid cards are reloadable and more importantly safer to use as no disclosure of personal and financial information is necessary to complete a transaction.


dankortThe Dankort card is perhaps the most suitable payment method for Danish players as it is the national credit card in Denmark. It was first issued in 1983 and since then has gained popularity even among people outside the country as it gives them the opportunity to make online purchases and pay later. As it was later integrated within the Visa brand it can be used throughout the world as well.

There are only few web-based casinos that accept this card as a method of payment, however Danish players who use it, need not worry as it is accepted by any casino operator which has listed the Visa card among their payment methods.

As the Dankort card was upgraded in 2004, it now has both magnetic strip and an embedded chip which allows for higher security and makes it nearly impossible for any fraudulent activities to take place.

As of 2005 there are no fees per transaction when one uses the Dankort credit card for online purchases or deposits. There’s a fixed annual fee instead, and the best part of all is the amount is based on the number of transactions one has made using the card.


Skrill-moneybookers-logoSkrill is a brand name especially popular among online players as it’s accepted as a payment method by a staggering number of casino operators. Skrill is basically an e-wallet which customers can load using their credit or debit cards or via regular bank transfer. What this payment processor has to offer is above all transparency, not to mention how easy to use it is.

All it takes to transfer money to and from online casino operators is creating an account and associating it with the email address you intend to use. Another advantage of Skrill is the quick verification process. Once you sign in with your email and Skrill password you’re good to go. What’s more, transaction fees with Skrill are rather low while registration is completely free of any charges. Fees for deposits vary from country to country, however they never exceed $10 (or the equivalent in DKK) and usually amount to 1% of the sum you’ve loaded into your Skrill account.

As Skrill allows transactions in 41 different currencies, Danish players can select and use the DKK.


neteller_logoSkrill’s main rival, payment processor Neteller, presents itself as a secure and convenient alternative to deposit funds into one’s online casino account. Available in over 200 countries, Neteller, too, functions as a standard e-wallet and requires a registration, linked to one’s credit/debit card but many other options for funding your Neteller account are available. These are listed in detail on the company’s official website

Registration with Neteller requires an email address, the customer’s names, birth date and a password. Rest assured the information you provide upon signing up will not be disclosed to third parties. As soon as they register, users are sent a verification email on the address they’ve specified. Once verification is complete, they can conveniently transact money to and from their casino accounts.

Some customers, however, are not particularly pleased with the fees, Neteller charges for transactions. The currency exchange fee amounts to 2,95% of the converted sum. But Danish players should not be concerned as the DKK is listed as a currency accepted by Neteller. While online purchases and deposits with this e-wallet come for free, withdrawal fees reach up to DKK 30,00.

It’s important to note Danish players are entitled to a maximum of 2 withdrawals per day and these should not exceed DKK 5,400.


clickandbuy-logoIn case, Danish players are tired of depositing money in their online casino accounts via credit or debit cards, they can always opt for ClickandBuy, an online banking service allowing players to make real-time deposits and withdrawals through their online bank accounts.

Clickandbuy was founded in 1999 in Germany but since then has moved its headquarters to London. Over 14 million people throughout the world use it as it’s available in over 30 countries and supports 120 different currencies. Denmark and DKK are also on this extensive list.

This standard e-wallet allows players to fund their casino accounts in the easiest and quickest manner possible. First of all, it is extremely easy to use. All that’s required to do is to register with an account on the service’s official website using an email address and then load a certain amount of money into your ClickandBuy e-wallet. What’s more, registration is totally free of charge. There are several options to fund one’s ClickandBuy account – through regular bank transfer, from one’s credit/debit card, by a prepaid voucher and even from another e-wallet.

Another advantage of using this payment method is security. ClickandBuy uses advanced technologies and the latest firewalls as well as a 128-bit SSL encryption code to protect each transaction that is made to and from players’ accounts. Since you log into your account, using only a username and a password, no information regarding bank account numbers is displayed upon transactions.

Paying with ClickandBuy in online casinos is quite simple. Once they’ve registered, players should visit the Banking/Deposit Options section of the casino’s website and go to the e-wallets section where they can pick from a number of options, ClickandBuy included.

No fees are charged upon depositing funds into your casino account. Some of the web-based casinos using ClickandBuy as a payment method are, William Hill, Betway and

Besides the transaction is carried out instantly and the money are ready to use immediately after you’ve deposited them. This explains why ClickandBuy is so popular among online casino players.


Nordea-logoNordea is yet another method of payment, suitable for players from Denmark but it’s quite popular throughout Europe in general. Basically, Nordea is an online banking service, based and operating in northern Europe. It was established as a result of the merge of several banks in Finland, Denmark and Sweden and now is available in 19 European countries.

Nordea allows players to carry out transactions online or over the telephone, a service known as Netbank. This makes it convenient and easy to use. Once you’ve created an account, you can access it through the so called “Access Codes”, consisting of your user ID and password, one-time access code and a confirmation code which allows the service to identify you as the legitimate account holder.

When you open a Netbank account, you’re provided with 80 different access codes. As soon as you’ve used 60 of them, Nordea will send you another set of 80 codes via email. As you can probably see, this is a rather reliable banking service which greatly minimises thefts and misappropriation.

What are the advantages of opting for Netbank? First of all, it’s beyond secure as each access code can be used only once in combination with your unique user ID and password. The deposits on the other hand are carried out instantly and are free of charge.

Casino Cruise and William Hill are among the most popular web-based gambling operators that accept deposits with Nordea/Netbank.

Besides, Nordia offers a mobile application which allows for funding your casino account from your mobile phone on the go.


ecocard_newDanish players can also use EcoCard to deposit funds into their accounts to play with. In fact, EcoCard is often favoured by players throughout Europe as it offers confidential payments and is exceptionally easy to apply for. It functions as an alternative for standard e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

So what is EcoCard and how to use it? EcoCard can be used independently of one’s bank account, all you need to do is register with your own EcoAccount – a fast and simple procedure. Once you’ve created your account, you can apply for the card by selecting it in the respective tab. Within three weeks you will receive your EcoCard at the address, specified during registration. Then you’ll have to log into your account and enter the last four digits, displayed on the card, as well as your birth date. Fund your card, so that you can deposit money into numerous online casinos.

What makes EcoCard the preferred payment method of many players is that they can use it to withdraw money as well as to deposit them. Just select the card as your withdrawal method in the Withdrawal options section of the web-based casino and enter the sum you wish to cash out.

Deposits and withdrawals are completely anonymous as there’s no need to disclose any personal or financial information in the process.


paypal_logoPayPal is a brand name many customers and online casino players are familiar with. And that’s understandable as in fact PayPal is accepted in about 190 different countries throughout the globe. So it makes sense many Danish players also resort to it when they want to fund their casino accounts.

All that’s required is creating a PayPal account and selecting it as your deposit and withdrawal option in the respective casino’s Cashier section. For the purpose, you will need a Paypal account – you can easily create one on their official website and link it to your bank account or to your credit/debit card to load it. You’re also required to enter your email address to associate it with your PayPal account.

What are the advantages this payment method has to offer to online punters? The number one reason so many people choose it, is safety. As PayPal is licensed in Europe it has to meet the highest security standards and requirements to ensure safe and confidential transactions to all customers.

But the biggest benefit PayPal offers is that it’s available in a great number of countries. This popular online banking option is accepted by many online casinos too, the most prominent of which are Bet365, Betway, Eurogrand and the longest-running online casino – 32Red.

Your payments are not only anonymous but surprisingly swift and free of charge as well.


online-banking-advantageseCheck is an interesting and reliable option to deposit real money into web-based casinos, available to players from Denmark as well. It functions as an electronic check and is quite safe to use. Interestingly, an indicator of the security it offers is its recognition by the US Treasury Department as a confidential online payment option.

eCheck comes with a number of advantages. As the equivalent of a standard paper check, it’s an especially suitable option if you plan to deposit or withdraw large amounts of money to and from your online casino account. Players can use eChecks on the go on their tablets and mobile phones which makes them an even more convenient payment method. The 128-bit SSL encryptions the checks are encoded with, protects you from frauds to the maximum.

To make a deposit or any type of payment using eCheck you need to associate it with your bank account. What to do next? You go to your favourite online casino website and select the eCheck from the Deposit Options menu; then fill the required information – your bank’s name and account number, as well as the sum you wish to deposit.

However, bear in mind many players find the amount of time required to make a deposit with eCheck quite inconvenient as it takes from 3 to 5 days to complete the transaction so that you can finally play for real money.


entropay-logoPlayers from different countries, including Denmark, can use EntroPay to load their web-based casino accounts. Launched in 2003, EntroPay is a prepaid and reusable Visa debit card and as such is accepted in all web casinos that work with Visa.

Many punters use it as a payment method as EntroPay comes with a number of advantages. For instance, this option offers security, while registration is quick and simple to complete. You can create an account on the EntroPay website, filling your personal and financial information. Then pick this method from your favoured casino’s Cashier list and enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Once you’ve done that, you’d be transferred to your EntroPay account, where you’ll be asked to fill in some additional details in order to authenticate your identity. EntroPay is a suitable option for cashing out your winnings as well.

There are multiple ways to fund your EntroPay account – you can do so using credit or debit cards or through direct bank transfer. However, some players consider the verification process a major disadvantage as providing a scanned copy of one’s debit/credit card, as well a document, proving their identity are required. Only then you can fund the EntroPay account.

As this payment method is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority, it is a rather reliable and secure option.

Major web-based casinos that accept EntroPay as a payment method include Casino Cruise, Bet365 and

An additional advantage results from the fact, you can control your spendings as the card is prepaid and it’s impossible to surpass the amount you’ve funded it with. Besides you will find it as a payment option in over 100 online casinos.


envoy-logoDenmark is on the list of countries, supported by Envoy – very popular online payment platform, especially among gambling enthusiasts. There are plenty of reasons why. To begin with, the company (founded in 2005) operates under the regulation of the UK Financial Services Authority since 2009 which serves as a sure indicator of its reliability and security. Your transactions are protected by a good many firewalls and 128-bit encryption codes.

Another advantage of using it is that its platform grants you access to over 200 local and 40 international payment methods, quite an impressive number in fact.

To use it, you need to register on their website first and then select the payment methods you wish to link to your Envoy account with. From this point on, it only gets easier – all you have to do is pick Envoy from the list of options on your online casino’s Banking menu and enter the sum you want to deposit, as well as the payment option, linked to your Envoy account.

The most popular web-based casino that accepts Envoy is

Envoy accounts can be loaded from debit, credit cards, through direct banking but there are many other options to choose from. Unfortunately, in most cases Envoy is a more costly alternative, compared to standard e-wallets.


ukash-logoMany players opt for prepaid vouchers like those offered by Ukash to load their deposits into casino accounts. And indeed this payment method is probably the safest one as hardly any personal or financial information is required to use it. Ukash prepaid cards are sold in many outlets throughout the world but players can purchase them online as well.

Once you’ve exchanged your money for a Ukash voucher, you will see there is code at the back. The 19-digit code can be used in most casinos that accept Danish players to make deposits. The greatest advantage stems from the fact only the code is required to make a transaction into your casino account. The transaction is instant and more importantly completely secure as there’s no need to enter any information regarding bank account or debit/credit card numbers which prevents mishaps and frauds from happening.

There’s one serious disadvantage of using prepaid cards like Ukash to gamble online, though. Players are basically using a voucher which means they can only deposit funds. Withdrawals with Ukash are unfortunately, not possible.


paysafe-card-logoMuch like Ukash, PaySafeCard is a prepaid voucher which can be purchased at an impressive number of kiosks and outlets throughout the globe. Accepted by most online casino operators as a deposit method, it allows players to fund their accounts quickly, easily and most of all safely.

First, customers should register at the PaySafeCard’s official website. As soon as they’ve created an account, they can sign in with their username and password and top the account using the PIN code, displayed at the back of their voucher. In case you want to deposit a bigger sum, you can do so by combining several PIN codes.

Some of the most popular online casino operators in the world accept PaySafeCard as a payment method, including those on our list. The players are required to enter the banking section of the respective casino and select the voucher as their preferred method of payment.

Similarly to Ukash, PaySafeCards cannot be used to withdraw winnings, so keep that in mind.

Bank Wire Transfer

online-banking-procedureIf it’s convenient for them, Danish players can opt for bank wire transfer to make a deposit as this method is accepted in all online casinos. Bank wire transfers are reliable and in most cases immediate. Many people consider them to be one of the safest ways to transfer larger amounts of money to foreign countries.

However, you’re required to have a bank account for the purpose and an online banking profile. Keep in mind international wire transfers may have a certain limit which differs from country to country and in case you want to deposit a bigger sum, you’ll have to contact your bank and notify them to authorise a larger transfer.

In some cases an identity identification is necessary. For the purpose an access code will be sent to your mobile phone. Players can use the code to set a greater wire transfer limit. Logically, it follows the recipient’s bank account number is also a requirement.

Are the payment methods listed above secure?

Internet securityThis is probably the most frequently asked question by players and it’s fully understandable – no one wants to become a victim of identity theft, frauds and misappropriation. The short answer is yes, the proposed payment methods are reliable as each one of them is protected by 128- or 256-bit encryption codes, as well as by a number of secure firewalls. In addition some of them, require detailed identity verifications or as is the case with Netbank – a combination of access codes, passwords and unique user Ids, which renders it impossible for any ill-intentioned persons to gain access to your account and the funds in it.

What you need to remember, though, is that depositing money safely depends on the casino you play in as well. If it’s reliable enough, there are no causes for concern. To figure out whether a web-based gambling operator is secure enough to place your stakes in, it’s advisable to always search for its licenses and certifications. These, are usually listed at the bottom of the casino’s home page.

Transparency is yet another factor to be considered. Read the About us or the Terms and Conditions section of the online casino – if they’re stated clearly and comprehensibly, the casino is most likely safe to play at.

Online Casinos Accepting Danish Players and DKK

Danish players can register and make deposits via some of the aforementioned methods in any of the following online casino operators.

Casino Cruise

Casino CruiseOnce you join this online casino you’re in for a ride. Players from around the globe choose Casino Cruise to place their wagers in as it stands for premium quality, diversity, security and transparency. This gambling operator is completely reliable as it functions under a license, obtained from the Maltese Gaming Authority.

Versatility is key for this online casino as it offers players a jaw-dropping number of 1000 games, all of which are powered by prestigious and respected software developers such as Microgaming, NetEntertainment and Play’n’Go – names often associated with outstanding design, graphics and sounds.

The first four deposits players make into their account can earn them a welcome bonus of DKK1000, plus 100 free spins on any slot machine they choose but keep in consideration the latter are valid for 24 hours upon depositing the money.

Players from Denmark are more than welcome to join and register at Casino Cruise as this operator accepts the DKK currency. There are several options for payment you can choose from. Apart from the methods listed above, players can use Ecocard and Trustly to fund their accounts in Casino Cruise. The minimal amount Danish players are required to deposit amounts to DKK 80. Withdrawals on the other hand range from DKK 37,300 (with Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Skrill) to DKK 74, 600 with Ecocard.

Choose any method that suits you but rest assured security regarding transactions is the last thing you should worry about as Casino Cruise is committed to providing the safest gaming environment to each single customer. It uses the same SSL encryption banks do to perform their transfers – a sure guarantee for secure transactions of your deposits and withdrawals.


bet365Bet365 is notorious in the online gambling community as it accepts players from a variety of countries, Denmark included. It entered the online gambling market in 2001 after the Gibraltar authorities provided it with a license. Players can partake in all sorts of skill, poker, bingo and casino games powered by leading software developers Playtech and Microgaming.

This web-based casino operator offers an impressive range of online games you can pick from – it features variations of games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette; poker variations including the popular Deuces Wild and Jack or Better as well as a collection of virtual slots.

In case Danish players are looking for some live action thrills they can always join the Live Dealer games featured on the website and participate in them in real time. The live dealers are very professional and obliging and there’s also the option of choosing between Asian or European dealers.

Bet365 games are compatible with tablets, Android and iPhone which allows punters to play in Instant mode without having to download and install any software. Very convenient if you wish to roll the dice or spin slots on the go.

As the online casino employs the latest SSL encryptions, deposits and sensitive bank or personal information are heavily encrypted and protected from ill-intentioned persons. To make a deposit and receive their 100% welcome bonus, Danish players can choose between Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard and prepaid vouchers like PaySafe and Ukash. Entropay is also accepted by this web-based casino.


BetwayIntegrated within the Betway gaming platform, this web-based gambling operator features a staggering variety of games ranging from more traditional options like poker to many virtual table and card games. The majority of the options provided by their website are powered by the Microgaming platform. Licensed by the Maltese authorities, Betway offers over 400 five and three-reel virtual slot machines including classics like the Fruit Machine. Real-time casino games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette are also an option.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is there are limits gamers can impose on their spendings, very convenient when one doesn’t know where to draw the line. This allows players to stay in control of their finances by limiting the amount of money they deposit on the website. You can choose between daily, weekly or monthly limits but these options can be changed – deposit limits are increased within the next 24 hours while limit decrease is instantaneous.

In addition there is round-the-clock customers support as friendly and obliging operators are always online to answer players’ inquiries and provide advice. In case you have any questions you need answered urgently, you can pose them via the website’s live chat.

Another thing that attracts players to Betway are the compelling promotions and bonus points. The casino offers 100% bonus on your first deposit, 25% for second deposits and 50% upon third deposits. As DKK is an accepted currency, no conversion fee will be deducted from your balance. The payment methods, mentioned above in the list are available in Betway but you can use ClickandBuy or Entropay if you choose to do so.

Casino.comPlayers from Denmark are more than welcome to join the gambling community of – the online gambling operator of choice of many demanding players. There’s a good reason why so many punters play there. First of all is regulated by Gibraltar authorities from which it has obtained its license to operate. Second, there are over 300 of the best online casino games you could possibly hope for. And last but not least, the software of each one of them is supplied by Playtech which by itself attracts many of the website’s visitors.

What makes it so convenient for Danish players? To begin with one of the languages the website supports is Danish, so you’ll experience nil troubles in reading and understanding its policies in the Terms and Conditions section. Besides DKK is on its list of accepted currencies which again means you can deposit or withdraw funds to and from your account without conversion charges.

Players can try their hand in online craps, roulette and blackjack games or spin a variety of virtual slot machines as soon as they create an account with Currently the most popular games among players are French Roulette, Blackjack and the movie-based X-men. There’s also a progressive jackpot that amounts to over thirteen millions at the present moment.

Upon registration you will be greeted with a handsome welcome bonus of 100% of your first deposit. Use Visa, Mastercard, Skrill or Neteller to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your casino account but bear in mind Entropay and ClickandBuy are also available as payment methods.


888casino888casino us the last addition to this list is especially popular among Danish players and similarly to other casinos we’ve suggested so far, it also operates under a license of Gibraltar’s government. So far there are over 20 million players registered at 888Casino’s website and this doesn’t come off as a big surprise as it features a massive collection of high-quality games.

Interestingly, it was established back in 1997 – this makes it the longest-running online gambling operator in the world. There are over 270 different gaming options allowing for optimal diversity. Rest assured you will hardly grow tired of playing the vast array of slots, card and table games. Each one of the games is available in download or instant play mode.

Ever wondered where the name of the casino is derived from? It’s by no means the result of a coincidence as all newcomers receive $88 (or the equivalent in DKK) for free as soon as they create their accounts. The DKK is listed as an accepted currency so make sure you select it as your currency of choice when you register.

To deposit money into their 888Casino accounts, players from Denmark can choose between several methods of payment – Bank wire transfer, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill and prepaid vouchers PaySafeCard and Ukash.

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