Casino Deposit Options for UK Players

uk-gamblingUK is one of the European countries where gambling activities are widespread. The gambling sector itself has undergone a lot of changes, all of which aimed at protecting players and preventing any dishonest practises and illegal gambling activities from taking place.

In point of fact, gambling has been legal for quite some time. Back in 1930, lottery games were regulated and soon, a growing demand for high quality casino games was noticed. However, it was not until the 1960s when UK authorities took actions towards regulation and taxation of the gambling products and services.

The implementation of the Gambling Act of 2005 gave the green light to the establishment of top-notch casino venues and today, gambling activities are regarded as a huge industry. Almost all forms of gambling activities are legal although they are subject to strict regulation.

Speaking of the land-based gambling activities, these are widespread. Bingo halls as well as gambling machines in pubs are available for players’ delight.
As for the online gambling, it is legal as well and back in 2014, UK gambling authorities made significant changes related to online gambling activities on the territory of the country. The legislative changes affected predominantly casino operators but in order to compensate for the losses, some of them either increased the stakes or left the UK gambling scene.

The controversial amendment was the so-called Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act according to which foreign operators are allowed to operate in UK provided that they obtain a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Failing to do so results in penalties and their services are considered illegal. Plus, they are not allowed to advertise their operations.

In addition, the Point of Consumption tax came into force and its implementation was the main reason why some operators decided to exit the UK gambling segment. The new regulations imposed a 15% tax on the gross gaming revenue of available operators.

The implementation of the aforementioned amendments was made with the aim of generating a better revenue from online gambling activities. Before the Tax, operators could base their headquarters in countries where taxes were lower and be available on the UK market at the same time. However, that’s no longer a possible alternative.
Yet, the implementation of the new rules met fierce opposition and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association disapproved of the decision. What’s more, it even challenged it at court, which made the UK officials postpone the law enactment for a month. However, many operators had left the UK gambling market before a decision was made.

UK Gambling Regulator

ukgambling-commissionUK is an attractive gambling spot for players and operators alike. Gambling is a popular activity throughout the country and now, residents are enabled to place their wager from the comfort of their homes.

As mentioned above, all forms of gambling are strictly regulated but the UK Gambling Commission issues licenses to operators that also operate outside the UK.

All gambling-related matters on the territory of the United Kingdom are overseen by the Gambling Commission. Its members are in charge of monitoring all forms of gambling activities and preventing any illegal activities.

The Gambling Act of 2005 gave the Gambling Commission the right to set the direction into which the online gambling activities are going to develop. Before the establishment of the Gambling Commission, the Gaming Board and the National Lottery Commission were in charge of monitoring the gambling matters.

The Gambling Act of 2005 gave the Gaming Commission members the right to issue and revoke licenses, prevent crimes and gambling addiction-related issues, protect teenagers and people prone to addiction from being exploited to the impact of gambling.

The Gambling Commission can grant a license to companies that are based in the UK but some exceptions apply. In case a certain operator has another license issued by an approved jurisdiction, they will be issued a UK license as well.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport oversees the Gambling Commission, regulates the gambling industry in the country and makes sure casino games are proceeded in a lawful manner. The Gambling Commission is responsible for making players well-aware of their duties and rights and operators provide them with the the necessary transparency and protection. What is more, the latest changes in the legislative matters also help advertisers easily figure out if a certain operator is allowed to provide their services on the UK gambling market.

Casino Deposit Methods for UK Players

casino-deposit-optionsUK-based players are lucky to have a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options to choose from. In addition, some of the best online casinos such as Royal Panda, Betway, 888casino, William Hill welcome UK players and every one of them can rely on solid bonuses, impressive jackpots, friendly customer support and gaming sessions of unparalleled quality.

However, if you want to qualify for these jackpots, you have to top up your casino account. Below, you will find the most popular casino deposit and withdrawal methods for UK residents.


visa-card-logoVISA is probably the most widespread payment method worldwide and the features of the VISA-branded banking products made it a leader on the market. Today, it can take pride in being accepted in a great number of countries. Customers are enabled to make online and offline purchases in a matter of minutes. Each and every VISA product is associated with sensible fees, simplicity, efficiency and transparency when it comes to keeping track of one’s spendings and savings. Every self-respected online casino accepts VISA credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Each of the payment solutions has its advantages and if you are looking for a VISA debit card to be issued to you, you are advised to go to one of the following banks: Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Bank of Baroda, Abbey. In case you are willing to get a credit card and prolong your gambling sessions, you will have to meet certain requirements. Depending on your banking history, you will be given a certain monthly limit. The only disadvantage of the VISA credit cards is the risk of overuse.

Prepaid cards are easy to obtain and use. They eliminate the risk of overspending and most of them are reloadable, so you can use them multiple times.


mastercard1MasterCard is the other prominent payment processor that provides customers with a wide range of banking products with international acceptance. Customers make transactions in a fast, reliable and convenient manner. Maestro is the debit card that is accepted wherever MasterCard can be used. MasterCard also offers credit, debit and prepaid banking solutions that are suitable for online and offline purchases. When it comes to funding your casino account, MasterCard is a really sensible solution.

However, withdrawing your casino winnings to a MasterCard might be a challenging task. Your bank might refuse completing the transaction. Some casinos do not process withdrawals to a MasterCard as well. In some other cases, withdrawals will be processed only if you have deposited funds via MasterCard.

If you are willing to obtain a debit or credit MasterCard, you have to visit one of the following UK banks: Halifax, Capital One, Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury’s Bank, Lloyds TSB, NatWest.

Diners Club International

Diners Club International is available for UK-based customers who are reluctant to pay high fees or solid interests. Diners Club is suitable for people who travel a lot or business owners who want to keep in track with company’s spendings. Diners Club International are also known as the best cards for travel and entertainment.

Diners Club has joined forces with MasterCard with the aim of ensuring the satisfaction of North America customers.

Citadel Direct

logo_citadel_instbnkgCitadel Direct is yet another widely popular payment processor mainly used by people who do not want to enter their bank details when it comes to purchasing products over the Internet or depositing funds to an online casino. All the information you are required to enter in order to complete an online transaction is heavily encrypted and processed through Citadel’s servers.

Speaking of deposits to a preferred online casino, you have to select Citadel Direct from the list of available deposit methods and you will be redirected to your online banking page where you will be prompted to enter your username and password and confirm the transaction. Most casinos realize that players are impatient to start playing and in most cases, deposits are instant.

UK-based players are welcome to check out the myCitadel Wallet service and take advantage of the functionalities it offers.


clickandbuy-logoAs its name implies, ClickandBuy is a convenient online payment solution that enables you to make a payment in just a few clicks. ClickandBuy is an e-wallet that ensures worry-free deposits to an online casino. Withdrawals are also possible but you will not be allowed to request a withdrawal unless you maintain your balance higher than €10 for 10 days in a row.

And the best of all is that you have access to your account from any location provided that you download the mobile app.

More and more online casinos support ClickandBuy and some of them even grant special bonuses for using it as a deposit method.

Direct Bank Transfer

Internet-BankingDirect bank transfers are really convenient but you have to carefully read the terms and conditions of your bank for a complete piece of mind. If your bank offers online money transfers or transactions over the phone, things are even easier for you. Bank transfers are really fast, transactions usually arrive on the same business day and in most cases, customers are not charged a fee.

You just need to know the credentials of the recipient in order to complete the transaction. It is important to double-check and provide the bank clerk with the correct information, otherwise your transaction will not be successful.

Many customers prefer an alternative payment method where the risk of making a mistake is smaller but yet, direct banking options are considered among the most secure ones. Your information shall not be revealed to third parties.


ecocard_newEcoCard is a product developed by EcoPayZ, which is widely popular among casino players and customers willing to process online transactions in a risk-free manner. EcoCard is a special plastic card you can purchase and use as a standard debit card. However, its advantage over the standard banking products is that it helps you avoid overspending.

You are free to choose how to top it up and how much money you would like to load. The majority of prestigious online casinos accept EcoCard but you can also use a ecoVirtual card that can be used for one purchase (deposit) only. You can use your eco account to pay in GBP currency, which saves you money for currency conversion fees.

Depending on your account status, you will be required to pay different fees. Some of the best UK casinos that accept EcoCard as a deposit and withdrawal method are Casino Cruise, Betway, EuroGrand, Casino Tropez,


paysafe-card-logoIf you are looking for a completely secure method for depositing funds to your online casino account or you are reluctant to make online purchases and disclose your personal and banking information, PaySafeCard is probably one of the best solutions. In a nutshell, PaySafeCard is a prepaid card you get in exchange of your cash. You can purchase it from a kiosk, gas station or big chain stores.

You get a PIN code you are supposed to enter whenever you want to complete a transaction over the Internet and the money will be automatically deducted from your balance. Since the risk of losing your PaySafeCard PIN, you can take advantage of the myPaySafeCard option that enables you to input all PINs you have and use it as a standard e-wallet.

It is important to note that PaySafeCard cannot be used for withdrawals. Royal Panda, bet365, EuroGrand, Casino Cruise and 888casino are among the reputable UK casinos that process transactions via PaySafeCard.


ukash-logoUkash is the other prepaid payment solution that ensures security and simplicity. Ukash is a voucher you get in exchange of a certain amount of money. Ukash vouchers are available in a great number of supermarkets and kiosks and you decide how much money you would like to load into your Ukash voucher. Whenever you want to top up your casino account or you want to make a purchase from an online store, you will be prompted to select Ukash from the list of available payment processors and enter the PIN you have been given in exchange of your cash.

The procedure is fast and easy but many players consider the lack of a withdrawal option a serious disadvantage. It is important to mention that PaySafeCard and Ukash joined forces for a massive project and most casinos urge their players to use the remaining balance of their Ukash or PaySafeCard vouchers no later than October 2015.

Some of the best online casinos that accept UK players are Royal Panda, bet365, 888casino, Casino Cruise, EuroGrand.


neteller_logoNeteller is a popular and widely preferred payment processor for a reason. It is available in a number of countries and accepts the most common currencies including GBP. Neteller is among the most preferred deposit and withdrawal options as it is associated with simplicity, security and last but not least, sensible fees. Neteller is available in more than 180 countries and it is known as the payment processor that does not require you to wait a couple of days until the verification procedure is complete.

Upon registration you will be asked if you would like a credit/ debit card to be linked to your Neteller account or you would like to opt for another method for topping up your account. You will be given an ID, which is necessary for completing transactions via Neteller.

The so-called Net+ Cards make your casino deposit and withdrawal experience even more pleasant.


Skrill-moneybookers-logoSkrill is known as the biggest gambling affiliate and during the years it has undergone considerable changes, including re-branding. It was previously known as Moneybookers and today, Skrill is famous for the great number of functionalities it provides its customers with. Skrill is an e-wallet that enables you to link your credit or debit card and make online transactions. You can hardly find a UK casino that does not accept Skrill as a reliable payment processor but some of the most reputable ones are Royal Panda, 888casino, Europa, Betrally.

In order to send money via Skrill, you need to know the Skrill ID or the email the recipient registered with Skrill. It is essential to know that your funds will be instantly deposited into your account but the withdrawal takes a few business days before your winnings are transferred into your bank account. As for the fees, Skrill has an enormous advantage over the other payment processors. It has a fixed fee for withdrawal, while some other payment methods determine the fee according to the amount you would like to withdraw.

Beware that you might be supposed to pay a fee for uploading funds to your Skrill account. Prepaid cards are yet another convenient option that prevents overspending.


paypal_logoWhenever you think of a reliable payment processor, PayPal inevitably comes up to your mind as it is considered one of the safest, widely accepted and efficient payment processors. PayPal is an e-wallet that makes it possible to make money transfers in a matter of minutes. Since PayPal team does not compromise with security, each and every customer undergoes a verification procedure upon registration.

Once you establish your PayPal account and attempt at linking your credit or debit card, you will have to wait a few days until a 4-digit verification code is generated for you.

You can obtain that code from your bank branch or you can access it from your online banking page. As soon as you link your debit card, you will be able to make online transactions and top up your casino account.

As usual, withdrawals take a couple of days before you can cash out your winnings. Upon every completed transaction you and the recipient receive notifications.


webmoney-logoEstablished back in 1998, WebMoney has quickly gained popularity as a reliable payment processor that is accepted in a number of prestigious UK online casinos including but not limited to William Hill, 888casino, EuroGrand. Customers make real-time online transactions and instantly deposit money to an online casino.

Webmoney is also famous for having relatively affordable fees and it is suitable for both deposits and withdrawals, so you do not have to search for another withdrawal option.

William Hill Cash Direct

william-hill-logoWilliam Hill is a reputable online gambling brand and as such, it provides customers with functionalities that cannot be found in any other online casino. As far as payment methods are concerned, William Hill offers a convenient option known as William Hill Cash Direct, which is equally popular among online players and those who prefer the traditional bet machines. William Hill enables players to wide a great variety of deposit and withdrawal options but it seems like Cash Direct system remains a widely preferred option as well.

Players can deposit and withdraw funds without even leaving the website. The player has to determine the desired amount they would like to withdraw and enter their credentials. Then, the voucher that is generated has to be printed and you can exchange it for cash in any authorised William Hill store. It is important to note that the maximum amount you can withdraw is £5000.

As far as deposits are concerned, you can purchase a voucher at an William Hill store where you will receive a 19-digit. You will be prompted to enter it and funds will be instantly available in your William Hill account.


entropay-logoEntropay is known as a prepaid virtual card that enables you to use all functionalities you have access to when using a VISA card. As soon as you go through the verification procedures, you can make online transactions and top up your casino account in a few minutes. In order to obtain an Entropay card, you have to input your details and then, you have the freedom to determine the amount you would like to load to your Entropay account as well as the frequency of depositing funds.

Betway, EuroGrand, 888casino and Mr Green are among the reputable UK online casinos that accept Entropay. Speaking of withdrawals, you have to follow the standard withdrawal procedure but beware of the fees that apply for certain operations.


usemyfunds-logoPreviously known as Usemybank, UseMyFunds has quickly became one of the popular payment processors featuring sensible fees and convenient deposit and withdrawal options. UseMyFunds is really popular among the casino players who would never compromise with their security and quality of the gaming session. UseMyFunds does not charge you a monthly fee, there are not any hidden fees or misleading terms and conditions. The number of customers is constantly growing due to the transparency and efficiency it features.

In order to use all available functionalities, you have to create an account in UseMyFunds and then, you will be able to make payments without revealing your sensitive personal or bank details to anybody. Unfortunately, UK-based customers are currently not allowed to take advantage of an withdrawal option.

You are advised to talk to a customer support agent at the preferred casino and ask for the best and least expensive alternative withdrawal method.


fundsend-logoFundSend is an extremely convenient payment option that enables each and every customer to process payments in a swift, secure and efficient manner. Upon registration, you receive your unique FundSend ID, which is necessary whenever somebody wants to send some funds to you. You can link your FundSend account to your VISA or MasterCard-branded credit or debit card and freely make online and offline purchases and casino deposits.

Before opting for FundSend, you have to be aware of two main disadvantages. First of all, it is available in a limited number of countries (UK, Denmark, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Norway, France). Second, FundSend does not offer a withdrawal option.

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