ClickandBuy Casinos for Canadian Players

clickandbuy-logoIn today’s world where products, merchandise and various means of entertainment are daily exchanged on a global scale, paying online has become one of the easiest and least time-consuming methods for money transaction. The same, of coarse, applies for casino operators as they offer an impressive variety of gambling games online, allowing players to put down their stakes without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. In fact rolling the dice online is rapidly becoming a very popular means of entertainment throughout the world and is especially prominent among risk lovers, seeking the thrill. Canadian players are not an exception in this case.

It goes without saying one should register at the respective online casino’s website and fund their account first in order to play any games of their choice. Thankfully there are a number of ways to do so, ranging from e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller and online banking processors like PayPal to prepaid cards such as Ukash and PaySafeCard and even some good old-fashioned options like regular bank transfers.

But today, we’ve decided to take a closer look on ClickandBuy – one of the easiest methods of loading money into online casino accounts, very popular with Canadian players as well. ClickandBuy is an online paying service provider which is rapidly gaining more and more customers on a global scale and is widely used, especially in Europe.

It’s popularity continues to increase as today it has over 14 million users in 193 countries and only comes second behind its greatest rival – Paypal. Founded on the 1st of March, 2000, ClickandBuy is based in Germany and has plenty of advantages up its sleeve. It allows customers to take total control over their spendings not to mention it provides exceptional buyers protection and is accepted as a payment method in thousands of online stores.

ClickandBuy comes in the form of a standard digital wallet, enabling players or shoppers to manage their money in the quickest and safest manner there is. In order to use it, one is required to first register an account on the company’s official website – a process which requires a minimal amount of time and is free and quite easy to complete.

Basically, all Canadian players have to do is fill in the form on the official ClickandBuy website. Once done with that, they will be able to play at any online casino operator that accepts this e-wallet as a method of payment and there are quite a few. What makes it even more convenient to use is the fact transactions are extremely quick and completely safe, as no information regarding players’ names or bank accounts is disclosed to third parties in the process.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

Canada-to-Allow-Betting-On-Individual-Sports-EventsCanadian players can breathe out a sigh of relief as the answer to this question is yes – online gambling is legal in Canada but there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration first. Canadian citizens are not at any legal risk when gambling on the web, however, they’re allowed to do so only in online casinos that are licensed and have the Canadian authorities’ permission to operate.

Casinos which have not obtained a license are persecuted by the law in the country, so you should be especially careful when picking the online casino you wish to place your stakes at. The casino of your choice should be properly regulated. Also when you enter a web-based casino, the first thing you should look for is the source it has obtained its license from.

Another thing to take into account – in Canada gambling is under provincial jurisdiction which practically means certain provinces in the country manage online casinos but overall most web-based gambling operators located within the country’s borders can suffer severe repercussions.

It would be best if Canadian players opt for a licensed online casino, located outside the country’s borders, then check whether or not it’s reliable and finally create an account on its website to deposit money in it using ClickandBuy or any other method of payment they choose.

Creating a ClickandBuy Account

online-banking-procedureAs previously stated Canadian players can choose ClickandBuy as their payment method when playing in a number of online casinos. But first, registering with the digital wallet provider is necessary. Once you open the registration form, you will be asked to enter some personal information – your first and last name, phone number, country of origin, address and most importantly the email you wish to be associated with your ClickandBuy digital wallet.

Of coarse you’ll be obliged to choose a method to load or withdraw money to and from your ClickandBuy account so that you can use it to deposit sums to play with in online casinos. This depends on the country you reside in but ClickandBuy accepts a number of credit/debit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express as well as more conventional payment methods such as local bank transfers or invoices.

What follows next is verification of your account. The email address you’ve specified in the form will serve as your ClickandBuy ID. You will also receive a message on your mobile phone containing a PIN code to activate your account with.

There are step-by-step instructions which are easy to follow. There’s no need to specify which currency you wish to use as once you’ve entered your place of residence, your ClickandBuy account is automatically associated with your own country’s currency. Because of this there are no additional charges imposed for currency conversions.

Whatever you choose, know that ClickandBuy offers security and safe transactions to everyone using its services as you enter your personal and financial information only once while registering. As soon as registration is complete, only usernames are displayed when money are deposited. And more importantly – your personal data is heavily encrypted.

Then all you have to do is find a reliable and licensed online casino you want to play at, create an account there and choose ClickandBuy as your preferred method of depositing money into your players account.

Depositing with ClickandBuy

online-banking-depositCanadian residents can partake in a variety of online gambling games as many casinos on the web accept players from the country. In case you’ve decided to use ClickandBuy as a payment method to load your online casino account, you’re probably interested to know how deposits are made with this digital wallet.

To make a deposit you need to select ClickandBuy as the payment method of choice, then enter your account number, e-mail and the amount of money you wish to deposit. What you’re required to do next is sign in in your ClickandBuy account with your password and username or in this case e-mail. In case there aren’t enough money in your e-wallet, the sum you’ve entered will be transferred from the credit or debit card, associated with your ClickandBuy account.

What makes ClickandBuy so popular among players, is the fact, in most web-based casinos, there are no additional service fees imposed on deposits, made with this digital wallet.

Withdrawals with ClickandBuy

Online_BankingWithdrawing funds from your ClickandBuy account is just as convenient and quick as depositing them. When you go to the Cashier’s menu or visit the Withdrawal section of the casino, you should simply select ClickandBuy as your preferred method of withdrawal.

The next step is specifying the amount of money you wish to withdraw from your casino account by entering the sum in the field, as well as your username and password. Once you confirm the withdrawal, the procedure in complete.

With most online casino operators, there is a certain limit to the money you’re allowed to withdraw per day. This of coarse depends on the respective casino’s policies, so you should make sure you thoroughly read its Terms and Conditions before you proceed to register with an account to play. Both the withdrawal fees and the amount of time it takes to process the withdrawal may vary from country to country but in most cases your winnings are transferred within the next 24 hours. Once the transfer is complete you can withdraw the money from your bank account or the credit/debit card associated with your ClickandBuy account.

ClickandBuy Fees

online-banking-advantagesWhile creating an account with ClickandBuy is free of charge, there are certain fees imposed on withdrawals especially. It all depends on the method you use to deposit or cash out your money from your ClickandBuy account.

For instance, deposits with credit cards are considered to be more risky for ClickandBuy and this explains why a charge of 3,9% of the overall transaction is imposed. On the other hand, if players opt for depositing money into their online casino account, using online banking transfers or direct debits, no fees will be charged for the transfer. As for withdrawals, a regular bank transfer is charged with $2.75.

Bear in mind there are a number of additional fees and charges may build up over time. That’s why it’s important and advisable to monitor your ClickandBuy account once in a while to avoid and prevent this from happening. In case players wish to withdraw or deposit money in a currency that differs from the one they originally use, they’re up for a currency conversion fee, equal to 5,9% of the transferred sum. Do your best to avoid allowing your account to remain inactive for over 12 months. Otherwise you will be charged with $1,50 per month for maintenance.


online-safetyWhat makes ClickandBuy one of the safest payment methods in online casinos? The fact players are using a “pseudonym” to begin with. Users enter their names, address and bank account numbers only once, upon registering, which as you can imagine allows for anonymity as only one’s username/e-mail is displayed when money are deposited.

In addition, ClickandBuy follows strict policies regarding safety and these comply with the highest security standards. All payments from users’ accounts are carefully examined by the company’s management team. In case an unauthorised transaction has been made to or from a ClickandBuy account or they haven’t received the item they’ve purchased, customers are offered the so called “Buyers Protection” which entitles them to a refund.

ClickandBuy also offers another type of protection – it allows you to set a limit on the amount you’re spending monthly and thus avoid undesirable or unexpected expenses – a great plus, especially when online gambling is concerned.

Advantages of ClickandBuy

online-payment-methodYou’re probably left with the impression using ClickandBuy as your preferred method of payment in online casinos is quite advantageous. And indeed it is. First of all, this online payment system allows users to monitor and manage their accounts at all times. By using the ClickandBuy mobile application you can do so even from your iOS or smartphone.

As it was previously mentioned, the company charges minimal fees (at least in most cases), while registration is free-of-charge, easy and quick to complete. As only usernames are displayed, players’ anonymity is guaranteed when they use ClickandBuy to deposit money in their web-based casino accounts. The recipient or in this case, the online casino operator, has no access to any personal data of yours.

Time-efficiency is another advantage of using ClickandBuy in casinos on the web. This payment system allows you to play online within seconds as deposits are transferred instantly. Besides the company works with over 120 different currencies, so you have a rather long list to choose from. Canadian players, too, can select their currency from the list upon registration – all transactions to and from their accounts will be automatically carried out in the selected currency free of charge.

The option of setting a limit to one’s ClickandBuy account is one of the greatest advantages though, as it functions as a “shopping air-bag”, preventing players from spending excessive amounts while gambling online.

Disadvantages of ClickandBuy

canadian-online-casinosLike most online payment systems, ClickandBuy has both pros and cons but unfortunately, this is the way things work in life. For instance, while ClickandBuy fees are relatively reasonable, if one wishes to link their account with their credit card, they might end up paying 3,9% of the sum they deposit or cash out. A serious and rather costly inconvenience according to many players. Fortunately, it’s completely avoidable as there are 42 more methods to fund your ClickandBuy digital wallet.

However, the biggest setback stems from the fact some online casinos do not accept ClickandBuy as a withdrawal method, even though players can use the system to make deposits and fund their casino accounts. Our advice is to carefully read the section with the Terms and Conditions prior to opening an account with any online casino. Or if you’re determined to play at a particular casino, you can opt for another cash-out method as a last resort to avoid additional inconvenience.

And finally, some players point out yet another hindrance they encounter with ClickandBuy. While the registration form is fairly easy and quick to fill in, one cannot use their ClickandBuy account right away. They should receive a PIN code on their mobile phone or email and use it to verify their account – sadly in many cases the process requires some time to complete, while the ClickandBuy management team goes through the applicant’s data to verify it.

ClickandBuy Casinos for Canadian Players


BetwayBetway comes last on this list, but this in no way means it’s less appealing compared to the other suggestions. It operates under the permission of the government of Malta and provides a staggering number of versatile slots, many different variations of more traditional games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. In fact there are over 400 different 5 and 3 reel slot options to choose from. Very impressive indeed! Players can also spin the classic Fruit Machine for the nostalgia if nothing else.

The Betway online casino is quite popular with players, largely due to the fact it provides bonuses not only upon initial deposits but also at your second and third deposits – a policy which sets it apart from other online gambling operators. Once you load a minimum of $20 into your Betway account, you will receive a 100% match bonus. A second deposit earns players a 25% bonus while a third one is equal to 50% of the deposited sum.

The following options can be used as both withdrawal and deposit methods – ClickandBuy, Paypal, Visa Debit, Neteller, Skrill and bank wire transfer.

Mr. Green

Mr GreenMr Green, registered under the legislation of Malta, is one of the most popular casinos that accepts ClickandBuy as a method of payment. It has plenty of advantages to offer to Canadian players as well. Even though, it has its roots in the Swedish market, Mr. Green has impressively grown over the years and now offers excitement and a wide range of online gambling games to players from many different countries.

If you’re looking for some gambling staples like classic blackjack, roulette and poker, there’s a good chance you’ll find them and many other less traditional games at this web-based casino. What makes it so convenient, however, is the website’s interface as all games are listed in collections, designed for beginners and high rollers, so you won’t experience much trouble in finding your way around.

Interestingly, Mr. Green offers a variety of real-time live games as well. The exclusive Mr. Green Roulette and Blackjack for instance are reserved primarily for registered players. There is an option for playing Baccarat and Three Card Poker in real time as well.

In case you’re a slot maniac, chances are you’ll never grow tired of spinning the virtual slots at this online casino as there is an amazing diversity of those. Besides, players can always join a tournament and win big time.

The minimum amount you’re required to deposit in order to enjoy Mr. Green’s bonuses is $10 while a first deposit of $100 earns you a 100% bonus which means you have a total of $200 to play with. Free spins are also available – upon depositing a minimum of $20, you receive 100 free spins on any slot you choose. Keep in mind, though, these are available only in the first week within depositing the money.

Apart from ClickandBuy, deposit and withdrawal options include Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and InstaBank.

William Hill Casino

William HillWilliam Hill is without question one of the most established brands on this list as it has a rather long history of being the greatest sports bookmaker in the world. The company has expanded greatly and is now no longer restricted to sports betting only as it offers a variety of online casino games and the best part is this applies to players from Canada as well.

Licensed under the UK and Gibraltar legislations, William Hill uses software from the gaming software giant Playtech which by itself is a guarantee for some high-quality gaming experience. Each of the 100 different casino games, from blackjack to Red Dog Poker and roulette variations, attracts players’ attention with its innovative graphic design.

What to expect if you register with this online casino? Each new player is rewarded with a tempting 100% Deposit Bonus up to $300

Opt in required. Available 1x per customer. First deposit only. Minimum $10 deposit. Maximum $300 bonus. 40x wagering. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. New customers to casino page only. Player, currency, country, game restrictions & terms apply.

What’s more, loading your casino account with ClickandBuy earns you an additional 15% bonus! The same applies if you opt for other methods of payment like Skrill, Paypal, InstaDebit, Neteller and Ukash.


EuroGrandEuroGrand is the online casino of choice of players from around the world as it offers a wide variety of gaming options, very appealing promotions and bonuses and top-notch games, powered by the best of the best in this industry – Playtech. Again Canadian players are more than welcome to join in the online gambling activities – all that’s required to do is make an account, fund it and you’re ready to play.

You can expect nothing but diversity and premium online gambling options as in fact, Eurogrand is one of the daughter companies of another online casino on our list – William Hill. This also explains why Eurogrand operates under the license of Gibraltar’s government.

Eurogrand stands out among the rest with a list of unique and versatile games. Scratchcard, arcade, table and card games – you name it, they’ve got it. Their selection of games is truly impressive as there are even some movie-themed options on the list like Gladiator, Rocky, X-Men and Blade. If motivated enough, you can manage to join the Eurogrand VIP Club but keep in mind you should participate in the games on regular basis to receive an invitation for the Club. Some of the benefits of joining are quicker withdrawals and higher betting privileges.

As soon as you register and load your first deposit into your account, you’re entitled to a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $1000 + 25 Spins on the virtual slots.

Opt in required. Min deposit $10. Max bonus $1000. 40x wagering requirements on bonus amount and free spins bonus funds. Bonus and free spins expire 7 days after opt-in. New Customers only. Player currency, country, game restrictions & terms apply.

The variety of payment methods the casino accepts is astonishing but ClickandBuy, Click2Pay, Neteller, Skrill, NeoSurf and PaySafeCard are the most frequently used by players.

Royal Panda

Royal PandaRoyal Panda has more to offer than a cute panda bear mascot and it too, accepts gambling enthusiasts from Canada. Its website is powered by major software platforms Microgaming, NetEnt and Rabcat which applies to the live dealer games as well. This online casino operates under license of the Maltese government which makes it safe to play at.

Apart from the traditional games and its real-time play option, players can enjoy a variety of movie-based suggestions. The latest additions to Royal Panda’s already extensive list include Bridesmaids and Game of Thrones – the latter is especially popular among gaming enthusiasts as it’s based on the best-selling series of R.R. Martin. If your intent is to go for more classic options, though, you can always choose between a variety of slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker.

It goes without saying Royal Panda has some irresistible bonuses and promotions. As soon as you sign up with their online casino, you receive a 100% bonus which means your first deposit is doubled. If you’ve loaded $100, you’ll be able to play with a total of $200. Keep in mind the minimal amount you’re allowed to deposit is $10.

Of coarse, you can choose between a variety of other payment methods besides ClickandBuy which by the way can be used as a deposit method only. Other deposit options are PaySafeCard, Boleto, Neteller, Ukash, Skrill, Visa, just to name the most popular.

There’s no limit to withdrawals in this online casino. Players can cash out their money using Visa/Visa Electron/Visa Delta, Neteller, Skrill or bank wire transfer.

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