UK Casinos Accepting Skrill

Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill has quickly gained considerable popularity and became famous for being a reliable, secure and time-efficient form of online payment. It is widely used not only for purchases at Internet stores but also for depositing funds to a preferred online casino. In point of fact, Skrill is now one of the most popular payment methods in the casino industry.

In general, Skrill is a system that enables players to make online money transfers in a fast, secure and affordable manner. Choosing Skrill for your primary deposit method at your favourite online casino means that you ensure your trouble-free deposit and withdrawal experience. You will be able to deposit funds and withdraw winnings in a matter of minutes.

Skrill team has always regarded customers’ security as something of paramount priority, so you can rest assured that neither personal nor banking information will be shared with third parties. Skrill is available in more than 200 countries and over 40 currencies.

Creating an Account

online-banking-procedureIn order to be able to use all functionalities Skrill offers, customers are required to create an account at Skrill’s website and then, they will be able to select Skrill as a preferred payment method. During the registration process, you will have to enter valid banking and personal information.

The customer is enabled to open customer or business account depending on their needs.

Once you complete the registration, you will be required to verify your identity and link your credit or debit card to your Skrill account. A small amount of money will be deducted from your bank balance for verification purposes. You will be supposed to check your online banking and determine what is the exact amount of the deducted amount. Next, you have to input it in the required field in your Skrill account. It is important to note that the amount that has been taken from your balance for the purposes of the verification is not a subject to any fees but this rule is not applicable to any following money transfers.

As soon as you complete the verification, you will be enabled to deposit funds. Below, you will find information related to how to deposit funds to your Skrill account and how to top up your casino account. When you start using Skrill, you will see that the transfers are as simplified as possible. When you want to send money to a friend or to an online casino, the only thing you will be supposed to do is to input the desired amount as well as the Skrill ID/ email of the receiver.

For your convenience, Skrill has developed a Skrill Card and Skrill Prepaid MasterCard, which provides you with the same functionalities as a standard debit card. You have control over your spendings and savings, pay securely and discreetly for goods and services. The MasterCard logo means that you can use your Skrill card even abroad wherever MasterCard is accepted. You can request your Skrill card from your account.


Online_Banking (1)In order to deposit money to your Skrill account or to your casino account, you need to link a credit or a debit card to your Skrill account and to have sufficient balance in order to complete the transaction.

The transfer from a credit/ debit card to a Skrill account takes no more than a few minutes. The same applies to deposits you make at an online casino. You have to go to the cashier and select Skrill from the list of available options. You will be prompted to log into your Skrill account and confirm the transaction. Once you see your funds available in your casino account, you will be able to start playing.


skrill withdrawAs mentioned above, working with Skrill is really easy. In order to withdraw money from a casino account, you have to go to the cashier and select Skrill as your withdrawal method. Your winnings should be instantly transferred. However, if you want to transfer that amount to the credit / debit card you have linked to Skrill, you will have to pay a fee and wait a couple of business days for the transaction to be finalized.

Before you make a withdrawal, you will be prompted to choose between withdrawal via bank transfer or withdrawal to a credit / debit card. However, this functionality is not available for all countries where Skrill is accepted.

It is important to note that before you make your first withdrawal, you might be required to go through some further verification procedures. As mentioned in the “Disadvantages” section, many customers consider that irritating but it is performed with the aim of preventing their details from unauthorised access or sending funds to the wrong recipient. No transaction is processed without being checked by the Skrill team.


online-banking-depositPlayers should check what kind of fees they are supposed to pay, depending on the transaction they would like to make. What makes Skrill a preferred payment method over some that are even more popular is the fact that Skrill keeps the fees as sensible as possible. All transactions are made in strict confidentiality. There are countries where the majority of services provided by Skrill are charge free.

Skrill believes that the transparent terms and conditions is one of the features that make them a widely preferred payment method.

The Skrill Prepaid MasterCard is a subject to a €10 annual fee and €1.80 ATM fee. In addition, cardholders will be required to pay 2.49% FX fee.

Those who do not possess a Skrill – issued card, are also supposed to pay fees for the transactions they make. If you want to transfer funds from your Skrill account to your primary bank account, you will have to pay €2.95. Withdrawal to a secondary bank account is a subject to a €3.50 fee.

It does not matter if you are abroad or not, the fees do not change. However, your Skrill status can have an impact on the fees you are supposed to pay for transactions. If you are a loyal customer, you get rewards for every transaction you make.


online-safetySkril is used by a great number of customers on a global scale. As a reliable payment method, it needs to provide the security customers are looking for. That is why Skrill can take pride in maintaining the highest security standards.

When it comes to security, Skrill does not make any compromises. It had adopted the best safety practices with the aim of preventing unauthorised access to customers’ banking and personal information. What is more, every Skrill customer can rely on courteous and well-informed customer support agents at any time.

The simplicity, along with its reliability and reasonable fees make Skrill a widely preferred method for depositing and withdrawing funds from an online casino. You do not have to wait in order to start playing as both deposits and withdrawals are instant and you are provided access to your funds 24/7.

Advantages of Using Skrill

online-payment-methodSkrill is a widely accepted payment method and you can use it for making purchases over the Internet or depositing funds to an online casino. When you are ready with the verification process, the only thing you need in order to transfer money is the Skrill ID or the email of the receiver. No sensitive bank information is revealed to the receiver.

Another feature found appealing by customers is the reasonable fees that apply. Some other payment processors charge according to the amount you would like to withdrawal. In comparison, Skrill has a fixed fee, which is beneficial when it comes to withdrawing a larger amount.


In point of fact, the disadvantages of Skrill are negligible as compared to all the advantages it provides its customers with. Yet, according to customers, some financial operations have certain limits, which is considered a disadvantage. In addition, it takes a couple of business days for the funds to be transferred to your bank account. The delay is attributed to security reasons but customers still regard it as inconvenience.

UK Casinos Accepting Skrill

UK-based players are lucky to have a great number of online casinos to choose from. Before settling for a certain casino, a thorough research is required in order to determine the amount of the welcome bonus as well as the fees, terms and conditions players have to adhere to. As for the payment methods accepted, they are also worthy of discussing.

Every reliable online casino accepts the most common payment methods for a particular country. The majority of prestigious UK casinos accept Skrill and below, you will find details you need to be aware of before choosing Skrill as a preferred payment processor. These are the five casinos ranked the highest by players who engage in gambling activities on regular basis.

Royal Panda

Royal PandaPowered by NetEnt, Royal Panda is an online casino that provides each and every player with hours of entertainment and convenient payment options. Needless to pay, Skrill is also among the payment options UK players can take advantage of. As you already know, Skrill is one of the most popular payment processors where transactions are processed in strict confidentiality. When you initiate a transaction, the required information is the Skrill ID of the recipient or the email they have registered with.

As for transactions to and from Royal Panda, you have to adhere to certain rules. Deposits are instantly processed and you are not supposed to pay a fee for funding your casino account. The minimum deposit you are allowed to make is $10, while the maximum is $10000. Skrill is appropriate for withdrawal purposes as well. If you want to withdraw your winnings via Skrill, you have to select it as your primarily payment method from the list of available options. Then, a withdrawal screen will be displayed and you will be prompted to input the amount you would like to withdraw as well as the details related to your Skrill account. It is essential to note that withdrawals are not instant. You will see your winnings in your Skrill account on the next day following the withdrawal.

Transferring your funds to a bank account takes another couple of days. The minimum withdrawal you can make is $10 and the maximum is $100,000.


888casino888casino is one of the leaders on the global gaming scene and as such, it has been striving to provide players with some pretty good reasons to choose 888casino over any other online casino out there. Anyway, 888 is now associated with transparency, reliability and most of all, exclusive functionalities. Players are given the opportunity to choose from a large number of payment processors, including Skrill, and deposit and withdraw winnings from their account.

If you want to make a deposit via Skrill, the minimum amount you are required to deposit is $20/€20/£20. It should not take more than 10 minutes to have the amount deposited into your account. You just have to follow the instructions and confirm the transaction.

For your convenience, 888casino has also added the so- called Quick Deposit feature that allows you to make deposits even faster by using the same payment processor you have used for your previous transaction.

As usual, withdrawals require you to follow the instructions displayed and you can have your winnings transferred to your bank account within a few business days.

Casino Cruise

Casino CruiseCasino Cruise is yet another reliable and widely popular online casino among passionate players.

As it has some serious rivalries to compete with, Casino Cruise is constantly enhancing the quality and quantity of the available games and website functionalities. Casino Cruise accepts all major credit/ debit cards as well as a number of easy to use e-wallets such as Skrill. If you select Skrill as your payment method, you will be able to deposit money and start playing a few minutes after that.

If you play in your currency, you will be required to deposit at least ₤10. Your deposit cannot exceed ₤5,000 per transaction.

Europa Casino

Europa CasinoEuropa Casino is available for UK players and offers a great collection of Playtech – powered casino games that guarantee appealing bonuses and solid awards. In order to become eligible for getting your piece of the prize pool, you have to deposit funds and start playing. In case you choose Skrill as your reliable payment processor, Europa Casino will grant you a 10% bonus.

Skrill accepts GBP as well as AUD, CAD, ZAR, SEK, USD, EUR, DKK but beware that if you deposit funds in a different currency, your deposit will be a subject to a fee.


BetrallyIf you are looking for a full range of betting activities from sports betting to slots, Betrally is exactly what you have been looking for. It is an online casino that accepts one of the most popular payment processors, namely Skrill. In case you opt for the latter, you have to be familiar with the following details.

You are not supposed to pay a fee for depositing funds to your casino account and you should be able to start playing immediately after confirming the transaction. Another essential detail to remember is the amount of the minimum deposit. You cannot make a deposit if the desired sum is under €10.

As far as the withdrawal is concerned, Skrill ensures a safe transfer of your winnings. You are not supposed to enter your bank information.

However, it takes 1 to 2 business days for the transaction to be processed. You cannot initiate a withdrawal if your balance is less than €10.

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