Advanced Betting Strategies

play Baccarat onlineFollowing the Basic Strategy rules gives you the opportunity to experience more wins than losses However, the fact that you have to hit ten, eleven, twelve net losses and then quit, might not be too appealing to some players. That is why they choose to continue playing and hope they will eventually make up for the losses.

If you are among the players who would choose to stay in and compensate their losses, you should definitely pay attention to the Advanced strategies discussed below:

Advanced Strategy 1

Advanced Strategy 1 is also called the High Roller strategy as it requires the player to use a well-thought-out tactics and have a pretty solid bankroll. In brief, the Advanced Strategy 1 is based on the faith that neither wins nor losses last forever.

At first, you have to use the Basic Strategy. You have to wager 12 units that two will not make three as soon as you lose the second series of four bets. If you win, you are supposed to discontinue the game.

If you lose, you have to wager 24 units that two will not make three. You have to repeat the process until you break even and then, you have to quit.

So, if you stop using the Basic Strategy, it might have the following effect on your gameplay:

Let’s presume you played a total of 100 shoes and you have lost the second three-bet. You had a win, then you had four consecutive losses, followed by a win and four losses in a row. Basically, you cannot take any adequate action as it is the last hand, the last three bets resulted in a loss and you are ten units down.

However, you might also find yourself in the following situation. You have experienced four losses, a win and another four losses almost at the end of the shoe. Plus, your last loss is on a Bank. In this case, you are advised to wait for the next round to start and bet 12 units. You lose and then, you bet 24 units that Player will not make three in a row. You are the winner and you are one unit up.

Let’s imagine that you failed to register even one win, but the good news is that you are in the middle of the shoe. The bank makes four in a row and the player completes its series with two. You wager 12 units that the player will not make three and you lose.
You wait through P, B, P, B, P and one more P, which makes two P’s in a row. Then, you wager 24 units that player will not make three. You win and you stop playing.

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Advanced Strategy 2

You must have already presumed that the Basic Strategy is intended to enhance your gameplay, so you can leave the game as a winner. Yet, it is not designed to make you rich in a couple of minutes. The first advanced strategy aims at reducing the top-end loss you might experience. However, what all high rollers have in common is their determination to “ride the pony”.

In brief, “riding the pony” means betting on rare events.

You must have seen players who wager either on the Bank or the Player, double for seven or eight and even pull off a certain amount as the hands move along.
On the other hand, you might have seen players who wager $1,000 on the Bank and win. They keep betting until the Bank losses. In other words, they “ride the pony”.

Some players believe that it would be a good idea to bet against a run of six and they usually bet that it would not make seven. If they lose, they bet three units that it will not make eight. Then, they bet nine units it will not make nine, etc. Every time a loss is registered, they bet one more unit than the previously lost amount.

At a first glance, it might be regarded as a foolproof strategy provided that you don’t bet against a long run almost at the end of the shoe. Yet, let’s see what would be the outcome if you hypothetically play 100 shoes and apply Advanced Betting Strategy 2.

Shoe Bet Outcome
1. Six banks in the middle of the shoe On Player Win
2. Six banks in the middle of the shoe First bet on Player. Second wager – three on Player. First bet loses. Second bet wins
3. Two sets of six banks in a row Win both times
4. No runs of six
5. At the start of 14 hand – Six Banks in a row Win as when the seventh loses
6. A run of Banks at the start of the 18th hand. A run of six at the end of the shoe. Don’t bet after the run of six Player wins after the ninth.
7. Bank hits six in a row after the middle of the shoe. Makes seven, but not eight.
8. Player makes six early in the shoe.
9. No six runs
10. No six runs
11. Bank makes only six in middle of shoe.
12. No bet Player hits seven at shoe’s end.
13. Player makes only six, mid-shoe.
14. No bet Player makes six at end of shoe.
15. Bank makes only seven early on.
16. No six run
17. Bank starts the shoe with the only six run Player makes six at the end of the shoe
18 Toward the first third of the shoe, Bank hits nine in a row.
19 In middle of the shoe, Player hits only six in a row.
20.No six run
21.No six run
22.No six run
23. Bank makes a run of six only in the middle of the shoe.
24.No six run
25.No six run
26.Bank starts a run of nine at the 7th hand. Bank hits a run of six at the end of the shoe.
27. No six run
28. Bank hits two runs of six at the end of the shoe.
29.No six run
30.No run of six
31. In last half of the shoe, Bank hits six in a row twice.
32. Player hits a six run in middle of shoe.
100. -3

The outcome of the other sixty eight shoes is similar although the Bank hit two runs of 11.

So, you have to be prepared to bet approximately 39 units that eleven will not make twelve. It will never go to twelve provided that you don’t bet against runs especially when the shoe becomes too low.

If you are a high roller and you are willing to apply this strategy, you should not forget that the Player and the Bank have equal chances of winning or losing, so you have to be cautious when you bet against a long run.

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Advanced strategy 2 can be summed up to the following:

  • Bet against the run after a run of eight in a row.
  • When you lose, you have to double your previous wager, add one unit and bet against the run again.
  • You should have sufficient funds to get you through at least eight consecutive losses.
  • You are not advised to bet against the runs if they start after the middle of the shoe.

If you start with one unit, you will reach 255 by your 8th bet. If your first wager is $5, you will be at $1,595 by your 8th bet, which is under the $2,000 table limit. However, if your first wager is $100, your 7th one will be $12,700, which exceeds the $10,000 limit some high roller tables have.

Apparently, your long term objective should be making up for the losses by betting against the run. When it comes to short term wagering, you might not experience a single series of bet loss. Or, you might witness how the bank registers more than 20 wins in a row.

Before you apply this strategy, you have to be informed that you might find yourself in an unpleasant situation where you might get your bankroll severely damaged in just one hand.

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Advanced Strategy 3

According to a widespread notion, one should either bet the trend or don’t bet at all. Although it seems unlikely to get a run of twelve in a row if you play 100 shoes, you may bet against the trend and witness sixteen runs in the first shoe.

As mentioned above, high rollers tend to like the idea of “riding the pony”. You might rest assured long runs happen indeed, but no one can say for certain when they would happen. You just have to rely on your luck to hit a long run.

In the Basic strategy, you play Row Two, but let’s focus on Row Three, Four and so on.

As for Row One, you know that you have 30 entries, which therefore means you will get as many as 15 in Row Two and 7 in Row Three, 3 or 4 in Row Four, etc.

Let’s presume you start at Row Three and you hope for a long run. In this case, you will expose to risk seven or eight bets per shoe. However, starting from Row Four seems to be the safer bet.

Let’s say that you got four Players in a row, bet one unit on Player and you win. That means you make up for the one unit you gave and start playing with casino’s money and you can “let the money ride”.

You get seven consecutive Players wins and after that, you decide that you have to collect half of your winnings and let the other half “ride”. You do not change your bet until you get ten Players in a row. When that happens, you collect 50% of the winnings and let the remaining amount “ride”.

You are required to keep removing 50% of your bet after each subsequent Player win until you register a loss.

If you make some estimates, you will see that a run of four would cost you one unit, while a run of five or six would be only a net zero. A run of seven, eight and nine net you two units each. Ten consecutive P’s or B’s bring you a payout of 16 units. You are supposed to remove eight of them and then, you receive a net of ten. You have to remove eight for every extra B or P until the end of the run or until you lose.

Let’s draw another example. You got two runs of eight and two of nine out of 26 shoes. A run of eight brings you 16 provided that you start at 4 and follow the above rule for letting it ride. Similarly, a run of nine brings 32, which means two runs of nine bring 64 units.

However, what would happen if you bet one unit that four will make five, let it ride until it makes nine runs and discontinue your game? In this case, you make 88 bets out of each unit, but you get only two runs of nine. Therefore, you get as many as 64 units, which means you would be 24 units down.

casino baccarat game

In reality, there are hundreds of hypothetical situations and the truth is that there is not a foolproof strategy that guarantees you would hit big run, minimize your losses and boost your profits.

All too often, players find it difficult to refrain themselves from “riding the pony”, especially if they are convinced they are on their way to the big win.

If you feel today is your lucky day, go ahead and put a higher amount on the run and make sure if you would generate a more substantial profit. Don’t forget that you also have to rely on your luck. If you happen to hit a long run early, the best thing you can do is to quit while you are ahead.

Let’s sum up the essential elements that form Advanced betting strategy 3:

  • The first step is “riding the pony”. In other words, you bet one unit that four will not make five and let it ride to nine.
  • When it makes nine, you collect your winnings and make an attempt to get ten in a row. You keep doing the same thing until you lose.
  • You are not advised to use Advanced betting strategy 3 when the shoe gets low.

You should already know that runs of nine or more rarely come up, but you have to make sure you don’t miss them. You are also advised to set aside a certain amount of money for that purpose.

However, it is also recommended to set your betting limits and strictly follow them. Your objective is to quit when you are ahead or when you have reached your loss limit. It make help if you do the following:

  • Apply Advanced strategy 3 and Basic strategy as if you play two separate games. Separate chips from your stack and set them aside for your basic betting.
  • When a 4th row comes up on the card, you can draw a line under it. Indicating that it’s time to use the basic strategy.
  • Bet that four will make five and let it ride to nine. If you win, set aside the same number of chips and start over.
  • Don’t forget to stick to your target and quit playing on time.

Using these tactics comes with a number of advantages the most important of which is the fact they help you keep your betting strategies separate and fully concentrate on the one you are currently using. Plus, you also learn to be more disciplined and quit even if you are tempted to continue playing.

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