Baccarat Card Handling Techniques

play Baccarat onlineThere are two popular methods for card handling – namely the American and the Asian varieties. According to people with knowledge on the matter, the American / European technique can be defined as fast and quick. The player is given the chance to take a look at the cards before tossing them to the dealer. Announcing the hard count is a common practice although it is not mandatory.

As far as the Asian card handling technique is concerned, it is pretty different from the European one and it is often referred as to the “Bend and Peek” approach. However, the technique is allowed provided that a new deck of cards is used for each of the shoes. In case the cards have already been used, the Asian card handling technique is not permitted as the cards get physical damages.

The first thing you are supposed to do is to start stretching out when you place the cards face down. Their backs should be upside down and they should be positioned at arm’s length distance right in front of you.

Then, you will be able to separate them and do a slight shuffle. The other option is to just make sure the two cards look neat without flipping them over. Then, you have to slide one of the cards toward you.

The main rule you have to follow is to do your best to find out the point value of the card and build suspense. This can be achieved by waiting until the last second to reveal the value of the card. If you just take a look at the card and toss it to the dealer, you will definitely not build the desired suspense.

Next, you take the card and bend it backwards. However, you have to perform this action as slowly as you can and make sure the top left corner of the card is kept covered as it reveals the value of the card. If you are aware of the value of the card immediately, you would have to reason to bend the card.

Face cards are said to reveal themselves pretty quickly. If you happen to get a face card, you will be able to see a solid line and just go on and bend the card back. The card will be turned over with a dramatic flourish.

Let’s presume you get two red points on your card, which therefore means you got one of the following values: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. You should eliminate the opportunity of having a 2 or 3 because these have just one tiny red point.

baccarat card handling

Then, it is time to start bending the long side and you have to stop if you come across three tiny points. They serve as a hint that your card is a 6, 7 or 8. In case you can bend it a little longer, you know you have a 7. However, if you cannot see a colour, then, you must have a 6. Now, you can turn the card over and start the process all over with the next card.

During the bending, one can use their body language to give the other players a clue about the card. Once the cards are exposed, they are quickly tossed to the dealer.

The aforementioned technique is used mainly by Asian players, but you might find out that the casino you have chosen prohibits its usage. The reason is that most casinos use the cards more than once and they do not want them damaged. Yet, the caller might turn the cards. This applies to low limit tables, in particular.

If you are willing to try out this technique, you have to be aware of the following. You are advised to apply the Asian card handling method only if you have placed a large bet. By “large” you should presume the highest amount you have ever wagered at that casino.

For example, if your wagers range between $100 and $5,000, make sure you use this technique when you have a $5,000 bet on the line and you will not be frowned upon for using the Asian card handling technique. If you are among the players who make bets of $10,000 or more per hand, the casino will most probably welcome you to use this technique whenever you wish.

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