Baccarat Keeping a Score Card

play Baccarat onlineKeeping a score card in Baccarat helps you keep track of the time and money spent on the table. The score card enables you to keep record of the wins and losses of each side and eventually notice a tendency that can be helpful when it comes to boosting your winnings and avoid serious damages to your bankroll.

Most players are provided with free scorecards and pens upon joining the Baccarat table. The pen has black ink on one side and red on the other.

As for the score card, it is laid out in columns of squares, headed by alternating columns – B for Bank and P for Player, respectively.

There several methods for keeping a score card. The most common among them are discussed below.

The Standard Method

The standard method for keeping a score card is designed to keep the card upright. Let’s presume that the first winning hand is Player’s. This means you have to mark a black 1 in the P column. In case the Bank wins, you are supposed to put a 1 in the second square down the B column.

If the Player is the winner on the third hand, you are supposed to put a 2 the third square of the P column. If the fourth hand is also won by the Player, you are supposed to put yet another black mark in the fourth square of the P column.

You are supposed to continue in the same manner and keep the sequence going. You are not obliged to use numbers, though. You can opt for X’s and O’s. Actually, this technique is called the American method of keeping score as it is used mainly by Americans.

As for the players from other nationalities, they use predominantly the Alternate method for keeping score as it is one of the easiest to follow methods. The alternate method do not require you to keep the card upright, you’d rather have to turn it horizontally.

Now, you have the alternating P’s and B’s on the left side. However, you have to ignore them and pay attention to the unmarked column, which is used to record a run or a singleton for one side. You have to start a new column when the opposite side wins.

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Let’s presume the Player wins the first hand and you write P in the first column. If the Player wins the second bet, you have to put yet another P under the first one in the first column. If the next bet is won by the bank, you have to put B in the first row of the second column. If the next bet is won by the Player, you have to go to the first row of the third column and put a P. You continue advancing in this manner across the card.

The alternate method of keeping score comes with a number of advantages. First of all, you can easily read on the trends as far as runs and singletons are concerned. You just have to take a look at the rows and you should have a better idea of the possible outcome. All too often, this information is used by players who would like to establish a Baccarat betting system.

Actually, most players use red and black circles instead of P’s and B’s in order to indicate wins and losses for the Bank and the Player. It is essential to know the most widespread notations because you might ask the other Players to copy / paste their score cards. Sometimes, Players use an X or a short dash in order to mark a tie.

Another advantage of the alternate method with the black and red circles is that it helps you keep track of the level of your bets.

Plus, you will be enabled to make a quick evaluation of the Player and Bank wins in the shoe. The red colour means more wins for the Bank. If the black colour prevails, it means Player’s wins are more than Bank’s.

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