Baccarat Money Management

play Baccarat onlineIt seems like money management is a little-known subject even for experienced players. New players find the money managing systems confusing and difficult to master mainly because they are different from most betting systems applied to the other casino games. Newcomers are encouraged to get familiar with the main game requirements, focus on trying different strategies and determining which one works best for them. The growing popularity and accessibility to Baccarat tables, led to the establishment of many money management strategies, all of which intended to boost your winnings and minimize your losses. Most of these systems originate from Asia, where Baccarat is quite a popular game among both mass players and high rollers.

Below, you will find some of the most widespread baccarat money management systems:

Basic Baccarat Strategy

According to the most Basic Baccarat Strategy, you are supposed to always bet on the Player. Admittedly, the Banker’s bet house edge is more favourable, but the Player pays better. Don’t be surprised if you come across a casino that pays equal money for winning Player bets, but keep in mind that a small commission (5% in most cases) will be deducted from your winnings.

The better pay was a part of the reason why the Basic Strategy works and the other reason is that technically, your chance of winning is reduced when you constantly switch between Player and Banker bet. If you bet on the Player every time, the odds of winning are increased. You can apply this strategy to every game where you have to choose between two available options. It would be excessive to say that the Basic Strategy is the most effective money management betting system in Baccarat but it is a good starting point for beginners.

The Pocket Trick Strategy

The Pocket Trick Strategy is yet another easy method for Baccarat money management. You are required to divide your playing money and savings in two separate pockets and use only the playing money for making wagers. You have to stop playing once you run out of playing money/chips or at least take a short break and make an evaluation of your winnings/losses.

In case you win, you should set aside at least half of your winnings in the savings pocket. You are not advised to wager the chips you have won during the same gaming session. The Pocket Trick Strategy is an effective method for avoiding overspending. Segregating your chips in accordance with the aforementioned strategy guarantees you will not leave the casino empty pocketed.

The Budget System

Another Baccarat money management system, popular among new players is the Budget System. In other words, you set your gambling budget and take into account the following factors: how much money you can afford to lose, how long your would like to play, how many bets you intend to place per hour. Your minimum betting limit is based on the minimum betting limit the casino has set multiplied by the number of games you intend to play while on the casino premises.

The maximum limit is determined by your budget for that day.

The effective budget system also requires you to make up your own game plan based on the number of games you would like to play per hour and the number of games you are likely to sit out. That is an important detail that protects you from overspending and compulsive gambling. The latter is one of the negative consequences of playing for a long time without taking a break. It also makes you prone to neglecting your betting limits, so you can lose more than you can afford.

This strategy can be applied for both online and land-based casinos as it allows you to have a full control over your spendings and winnings.

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Martingale Baccarat Strategy

Even if you do not play baccarat or any other table game on a regular basis, you must have heard of the popular Baccarat betting system. It is considered one of the most effective and yet, the most dangerous strategies out there. As a part of the baccarat money management systems, the main purpose of the Martingale is to ensure the Player is the winner.

In order to apply the Martingale, you are supposed to double your bet after every loss. The idea is that sooner or later you will hit a lucky streak and you will be compensated for your losses. However, you are not advised to try the Martingale if the table pays even money for winning player bets.

It is also important to know that even if you start with a small bet and you are unlucky to hit a long losing streak, your bets can reach thousands in no time. That is why you’d better check the wagering limits for the table you have chosen or at one point, you might find yourself unable to double the bet and continue your progression.

Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy

The Golden Eagle system is considered a bit more complicated than the Basic Strategy and Pocket Trick Strategy. The player is required to bet on both the Bank and the Player and the choice is determined by the outcome of the last hand dealt. You are advised to apply the Golden Eagle system only if you are familiar with the patterns and streaks that can eventually occur during the game of Baccarat.

The main objective of the Golden Eagle strategy is to help players take advantage of the winning streaks. It is essential to know that unlike Blackjack, Baccarat winning streaks last longer. This strategy requires a low buy-in, so you can apply it even if you have a modest bankroll.

You can choose between two modes of play. If you choose the offensive strategy, you will get the chance to scoop larger awards. However, if you opt for the defensive mode, you will be able to make up for your previous losses.

According to players who have already used the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy, it was worth their time and investment.

Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy

If you are keen on applying more aggressive betting strategies, you should definitely consider the Silver Tiger strategy, intended to help you accumulate winnings faster than the Golden Eagle strategy. What makes Silver Tiger stand out from the rest is the unique betting sequence players have to follow. Just like the Golden Eagle, it has a low buy-in and the player is required to have 16 chips in the desired denomination. In order to get another four buy-ins, the player needs 64 more chips.

The strategy enables you to win at least 6 chips every time you buy-in. If you do not want to expose your chips to unnecessary risks, you can try a bit more conservative strategy that allows you to start with 48 chips. If you wish so, you can also take advantage of the side bet called the breakaway.

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