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play Baccarat onlineIt is not surprising that Baccarat is among the favourite games of both mass players and high rollers. The game has a low house edge and actually, this is one of the games with the lowest house edges in the industry. This, therefore, means your bankroll will last longer and you will be able to prolong your gambling session and accumulate even more winnings provided that you hit a winning streak.

Those who use betting systems are convinced of their effectiveness and say they help them accumulate more solid winnings over a long term. However, they can hardly disapprove of the mathematical facts that state the usage of betting systems might only have a short-term positive impact on the winnings.

If you would like to use a betting system, you can choose between a positive and a negative progression.


The Martingale system is a vivid example of an effective negative progression although it hides a lot of risks and you have to carefully consider your bankroll size before opting for it. The idea behind the Martingale includes determining an initial bet, doubling your wager when losing and returning to the initial bet when winning.

According to various statistics, the sequences where you experience more than 6 losses at once are rare and occasions when you lose more than 10 times in a row are very rare. However, there is a risk of exceeding the table limit or hitting a sequence, which damages your bankroll. Casinos welcome negative progression bettors, but you should apply the Martingale system really carefully.

If you have ever used the Martingale, you probably know it can be the cause of major payouts. As far as the game of Baccarat is concerned, the Martingale can be easily employed. Players place a bet either on the banker or on the player. In case the bet is a winning one, one unit of the generated winnings is set aside for other bets and the player is supposed to go back to the initial wager. However, the player is supposed to double if the bet is a winning one. The doubling continues until a win is registered.

It is important to mention that if you place a wager on a banker bet, you owe a 5% commission on your winning bets. Yet, banker bets remain the most favourable as far as odds are concerned.

However, if you want to apply the Martingale system, you are advised to place your bets on the player hand in order to enjoy the 1:1 payout if the hand is a winning one.

On the downside, in case of a losing streak, your bankroll can disappear in a matter of minutes or you might exceed the maximum bet allowed at the table.

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Paroli is also among the preferred betting systems as it is simplified and yet effective.

Paroli is one of the most popular positive progressions and when it comes to using it in the game of Baccarat, you might be surprised to know that it is mainly used by mass players. The Paroli is not expected to beat the house edge over the time but at least, your bankroll is more protected and you have the chance to come across a windfall of winning streaks without exposing your money to unnecessary risks.

According to Paroli, you bet one unit and if you win, you are supposed to double the next, then, you have to double once again until you win three times. However, you start all over every time you lose. In other words, the Paroli would lead you to a loss of one unit or a gain of seven units.

Self-Taught Baccarat System

Although there is a handful of betting systems that have proven their effectiveness, some players are convinced that there is not a betting system that is more effective than employing your own knowledge of playing Baccarat.

That is why they usually practice with a pack of playing cards before placing a real money wager and develop a betting system on their own.

The 1-3-2-6 System

This is yet another positive progression system focused on placing a long-term winning bets as opposed to attempting to win every hand.

Let’s presume you believe that you will win four consecutive times during your game of Baccarat. In this case, you are supposed to consistently bet one, three, two and six units throughout your winning streak. According to a popular notion, if you stop on time, you will be ahead.

The most important thing to remember when applying the 1-3-2-6 betting system in Baccarat is to place small bets that can lead to substantial profits. If your first bet is $1 and it is a winning one, your payout is $1. The second bet should be $3 and if you win once again, you will make a $4 profit. The third bet is supposed to be $2 and the fourth bet should amount to $6. If you do the math, you will see that you have made a $10 profit by wagering $2.

Labouchere System

Labouchere is, without a doubt, one of the most widespread betting systems, so it is not surprising it is successfully employed in the game of Baccarat. However, applying the Labouchere system is considered more complex. Basically, the Labouchere requires you to place a bet on one unit and in case your bet is a winning one, you eliminate outside numbers. If your next bet is a winning one, you have to start all over and wager one unit.

Labouchere is also known as the Cancellation system. Unlike Fibonacci, Labouchere requires you to remove the oldest and the most recent losses. Statistics show that players who use Fibonacci, generate as much as 34% more profits.

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Chemin-de-Fer is similar to the approach used by Blackjack players who prefer the defensive play. To be more precise, the Chemin-de-Fer dictates that in most cases, you wager on the dealer to lose and player’s hand to succeed.


Fibonacci is a betting system known as a low risk one, which makes it appropriate when it comes to playing Baccarat. The amount of the wager is the sum of the previous two losses. If you use the Fibonacci system, the sequence starts with wagering one unit on Player hand. In case the bet losses, you are required to bet one unit once again. If you lose again, the next bet should be the sum of the previous two losses. This process stops when the player registers a win.

One of the greatest advantages of applying the Fibonacci Betting system in Baccarat is that it enables you to stay focused while playing and not give in to your emotions. Plus, the strategy ensures your participation in shorter gambling sessions.

On the downside, Fibonacci cannot be defined as a system that helps you generate solid winnings. Yet, the winnings you generate will be sufficient to cover your previous bets.

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