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Gambling Industry Overview in Canada

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Gambling is the biggest single component of the entertainment industry in Canada, which is responsible for generating significant revenues. More than 135,000 Canadian citizens are currently directly employed in the industry.

Both real-money gaming and betting are popular among Canadians. The matters of gambling regulation, however, can be complicated in a certain way. Offline gambling has been approved as legal by several forms of government. The same applies to online gambling. Still, a great part of the laws that regulate the industry, and especially those pertaining to the companies based in foreign countries, are not very clear.

Popular Casinos

There are quite a few popular online casinos which can provide Canadian players with a lot of entertainment and massive prizes. When you choose the platform where you would like to enjoy your virtual betting, you can be sure that the following casinos offer the best conditions. These websites are secure, they present a wide range of various games and players can enjoy fast and flexible payment options.

photo of golden tiger casino

Golden Tiger Casino

100% up to $100

Golden Tiger Casino is one of the first interactive gaming platforms that were powered by Microgaming. This means that players from Canada will be able to enjoy a wide variety of games with amazing quality and rewarding jackpots.View More

photo of eurogrand casino

EuroGrand Casino

25 Spins + 100% up to $1,000

Eurogrand Casino can provide online players with plenty of entertainment, fair gaming and rewarding gambling adventures. Canadians can also enjoy the vast variety of games that are provided on the website of the casino. The platform is powered by one of the leading gaming software providers – Playtech.View More

photo of grand mondial casino

Grand Mondial Casino

100% up to $250

Yet another great interactive casino for Canadians is the Grand Mondial Casino. It is a virtual platform which impresses with its various gaming solutions, transparent gambling policy and the overall online betting experience. No matter what your preferences are, you are guaranteed to find the game that will suit your taste.View More

photo of william hill casino

William Hill Casino

100% up to $300

William Hill Casino is definitely a wonderful gambling platform for Canadian players. The casino has many years of experience in the virtual gaming industry. Throughout the years it has proven that its members can always enjoy entertaining and rewarding adventures.View More

photo of luxury casino

Luxury Casino

100% up to $150

Luxury Casino’s name says it all. This web gambling platform offers its customes games with high quality, fair and safe gambling conditions and rewarding bonuses which can make each player’s experience enjoyable and truly luxurious.View More

photo of guts casino

Guts Casino

100% up to $100

Guts Casino is definitely a virtual betting platform which has a lot to offer. With a wide range of games provided by leading gaming companies, fast and flexible payment solutions and safe and fair gambling environment, the casino can give any player a thrilling and rewarding experience.View More

photo of casino action

Casino Action

100% up to $150

Casino Action can definitely show its customers a fun time and provide them with plenty of opportunities for quick and impressive wins. With a vast variety of games which run on Microgaming’s software platform, players are guaranteed to find plenty of gambling options.View More

photo of royal panda casino

Royal Panda Casino

100% up to $100

Players at Royal Panda are guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful betting experience. The design of the website is simple, yet it can provide all the information that casino members might need. With a wide range of games, Royal Panda can offer something that can fit the taste of each and every player. View More

photo of zodiac casino

Zodiac Casino

100% up to $100

Players of Zodiac Casino are able to enjoy a fair, safe and entertaining gambling experience every time they log into their casino account. The interactive platform offers a wide range of games which are very enticing with their high-quality graphics, immersive sound effects and simple interface. View More

photo of casino com

100% up to $100 is an online gambling platform that can offer players a wide range of amazing games, rewarding bonuses and perks. The platform runs on Playtech’s software and this gives registered members the opportunity to enjoy games with great quality, intriguing graphics and intuitive interface.View More

photo of blackjack ballroom

Blackjack Ballroom

100% up to $400

Blackjack Ballroom is a wonderful interactive platform for Canadian players. It offers a wide range of different games and a safe environment which assures that customers will enjoy fair online gambling.View More

photo of mansion casino

Mansion Casino

100% up to $500

Mansion Group is one of the leading online gaming companies and in 2004 it launched Mansion Casino. The platform offers a fun and at the same time safe environment for players who prefer to bet from the comfort of their own homes.View More

photo of aztec riches casino

Aztec Riches Casino

50% up to $50

If you are looking for a thrilling virtual betting experience, then you should try the adventures Aztec Riches has prepared for you. This interactive casino is inspired by the ancient culture of the Aztecs and its design and various gaming solutions will provide you with unforgettable entertainment.View More

photo of casumo casino

Casumo Casino

100% up to $300

Casumo Casino is a perfect platform for online players who are tired of the boredom that most interactive platforms offer. Unlike other gambling websites, Casumo Casino can present players with a brand new experience which will make online gambling exciting and rewarding.View More

photo of 32red casino

32Red Casino

160% up to $320

32Red Casino is one of the veterans on the interactive gambling scene. Throughout the years, it has proved to be one of the most trustworthy web-based casinos. The website runs on a Microgaming software platform which means that players can enjoy a wide range of intriguing, easy-to-play and highly entertaining games.View More

photo of casino classic

Casino Classic

100% up to $100

Casino Classic is a wonderful virtual platform for gamblers who are looking for fun and rewarding games. A wide range of gaming titles which are powered by the leading software provider Microgaming can offer each and every player the best virtual gambling experience.View More

photo of roxy palace casino

Roxy Palace

100% up to $150

Roxy Palace has established itself as one of the leading casinos in the interactive gaming industry. Throughout the years it has proved to be a trustworthy platform and its players can enjoy plenty of rewards which guarantees them the best betting experience.View More

photo of bet365 casino


100% up to $100

Ever since it was founded in 2000, bet365 has been one of the leading interactive betting platforms in the world. With a transparent policy, various games and plenty of bonuses for newcomers as well as for loyal clients, bet365 is an impeccable virtual casino which has a lot to offer.View More

photo of casino splendido

Casino Splendido

100% up to $120

Casino Splendido is a great platform for online gambling and it provides a lot of betting entertainment for players from various countries. The virtual casino combines fair gambling and a variety of thrilling gaming solutions. As the platform runs on Microgaming’s software, you can be sure that every game will entice you with amazing graphics, captivating sound effects and an interface which is extremely easy to use.View More

photo of Villento Casino

Villento Casino

100% up to $150

Playing at Villento Casino is a wonderful opportunity to win impressive prizes while having a lot of fun. This is a Microgaming casino which is why all of the games available on the platform can impress players with an amazing quality of the graphics, enticing sound effects and user-friendly interface.View More


Canada is one of the countries, which is considered to have a unique approach when it comes to gambling activities’ regulation. The gambling markets within the territories of Canada are currently monitored and controlled by provincial and territorial governments.

Various kinds of landbased gambling activities have already been legalized by the government, while online gambling is currently in a process of being legalized in different parts of Canada.

Canadian Gambling and Online Gambling Laws

The gambling legislation in Canada is very strict and this can be seen in the past laws of the country. At first, there were very few gambling activities permitted by Canada’s laws. This was until the 1970s when the Canadian legislation went through some great changes.

In 1969 the Criminal Code of Canada was reformed in a way that provided the separate provinces within the territory of the country with the opportunity to gather extra funds for beneficial causes through regulated lotteries. All provinces were allowed to regulate gambling within their borders. The legal age for gambling at both brick-and-mortar and landbased casinos is 18 in Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec. If you reside in the rest of the provinces in Canada you can start gambling at age of 19.

The changes in the Criminal Code led to the opening of numerous landbased casinos on the territory of Canada and some provincial governments have started their own lotteries that are still functional. Moreover, a few sports betting outlets, which are known under different names in the various provinces, have got the approval of the government. They offer a perfectly legal way to make bets on sports but the betting options which they provide are very limited.

When it comes to online gambling activities, there are usually some complications and a lot of gray areas. There are no legal authorities which can prevent Canadian players from placing bets online. It may sound confusing but every Canadian province does have the right to assert and create its own regulations and rules which concern online gambling. Playing at an online casino in Canada is legal – in fact, no one has ever been fined or prosecuted simply for playing on a gambling website.

Some of the provinces within the territory of the country manage their own web-based casinos, as most betting outlets that are legalized by the government offer the players the opportunity to bet over the Internet. In addition, making purchases of lottery tickets online is legal for the Canadian citizens.

Online gambling operators that offer their services without having a government license are proclaimed as illegal. Still, some companies and operators are trying to look for loopholes and avoid the legislation issues by settling their operations overseas. The paradox here originates from the fact that if a company is based in a country where online gambling is legal, then it can be said that Canadian laws do not apply.

When it comes to regulating online gambling operations, the Canadian Government has put some efforts into finding a way to regulate this sector of the industry. That is why it has proposed Bill C-290 as a part of its attempt to legalize and regulate all matters related to web-based gambling.

Although this bill was passed through the House of Commons in 2012, it was stalled in the Senate for a few years. This led to the expiration of C-290 in 2015. Currently Bill C – 221 sits before the House of Commons. It replicates the former C – 290 and if it passes through the House of Commons it will amend the Criminal Code to authorize a territory or province to conduct a betting on a single sports event. This is the so-called ‘head-to-head betting’.

Steps towards Legalization

Gambling Legislation in CanadaThe government of Canada has been making steps towards creating a worthy rival to the gaming operators located overseas since 2009. Still, online gambling is legal in the country since services offered via provincial governments are allowed by the law.

This became the reason why Canadian players have been trying to find loopholes in the law, which proclaims gambling at local online casinos illegal. However, the law says nothing about making a bet at any other online casino located outside the territory of Canada. This is why more and more foreign virtual casinos accept Canadian players. To make payments easier, many online operators accept the country’s currency.

And while online gambling is still an issue in Canada, massive amounts of money are being spent by Canadians on wagering on foreign websites on an annual basis. This is exactly one of the arguments in favor of the legalization of online gambling in Canada. This is definitely a matter that the government is considering but there are still no changes to the gambling laws of Canada.

Canadian Criminal Code, Federal Jurisdiction

The Canadian Criminal Code sets a definition for types of gaming activities that are illegal on the territory of the country. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, gambling and conducting any gaming activities on the territory of the country are illegal, unless they are included in the recognized exceptions that are specifically pointed in the Criminal Code itself. The provinces within the country’s borders are provided with the responsibility to operate, regulate and license legal forms of gaming.

Gaming, in general, is prohibited in Part VII of the Code. Still, section 207 points out a number of exceptions, and more specifically, the so-called “lottery schemes”. The latter are put among the exceptions to the general prohibition for three major reasons. First, they are “managed and conducted” by each province in correspondence to province laws in action. Second, there are lottery schemes that are “conducted and managed” by certain organizations that are provided with a valid license by the authority responsible. And last, but not least, such lottery schemes are “managed and conducted” by a licensed board or by a certain concession’s operator.

Other exceptions from the general rule also include bets made between individuals, who are not related to any betting business. Another exception is pari-mutuel betting on horse races, which are currently regulated by the federal Minister of Agriculture. According to section 204 of the Criminal Code, pari-mutuel betting does not constitute illegal gambling actions under sections 201 and 202. This is why this type of betting system continues to be governed by the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency.

The Canadian laws, however, allow provincial governments to organize and control lotteries and games of chance, which are operated on or through a computer. Such websites would have to be managed by the provincial governments themselves in case the latter want to offer online gambling operations.

According to the gambling legislation of the country, online gaming services advertising, which involves any money exchange, is also illegal. Anyone who gives some type of notice of any offer or makes an invitation to bet on results of a contest commits an offense.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Internet Gambling in CanadaThe Kahnawake jurisdiction is located within the boundaries of the Mohawk reserve in Quebec. When online gambling became a thing, it was Kahnawake that was among the first regions who recognized the potential of this industry. In the following years it became one of the first gambling licensing jurisdictions and it is the region where the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is located. It is operating servers for thousands of interactive casinos and also provides a regulation model for the online betting platforms. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission does operate many virtual casinos on their own terms and does not obey the regulations of other agencies. There have been some problems with the natives, who live within the reserve and who have expressed their desire to host and license online casinos.

Currently, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses gambling websites in case these sites are local (i.e. operate from within Kahnawake) and meet certain criteria. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission appoints a number of Approved Agents whose duty is to investigate whether a person who wants to apply for a license is suitable to operate a gambling platform on the territory of Kahnawake.

The new Kahnawake online gambling legislation model has come as a result of the government’s efforts to create a favorable environment for Kahnawake Internet gambling. This is why the legislation model in question was considered suitable for Canada and also beneficial for facilitating the collaboration with some other international regulating jurisdictions. When preparing the new legislation, the government has used the basis of the Interactive Gambling Act of 1998, which was passed in Queensland, Australia.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the organization responsible for monitoring the compliance with the Kahnawake Internet Gambling Legislation. The Commission enacted its Regulations concerning Interactive Gaming for the first time on July 8, 1999. Those Regulations assure that all virtual casinos that operate on the territory of Kahnawake satisfy a few principles. The Commission makes sure to provide a lawful basis for the regulation and control of interactive gambling platforms which are located in Kahnawake. Fair and responsible gaming is also a concern of the organization. Another responsibility of the Commission is to protect persons under the age of 18 as well as other vulnerable individuals.

The local authority is also put in charge of providing online sportsbooks, poker and casino operators with licenses.

The Commission has based its entire activity on three principles. The latter include: fair gaming (the online games provided to players are supposed to be always delivered in an honest and fair manner), payouts guarantee (all gains must be paid to the winners) and geographical reference (gambling services within the jurisdiction are permitted to be used by local individuals and entities only).

A total of four types of licenses are currently issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission under the Regulations related to Interactive Gaming of September 22nd, 2010:

  • Interactive Gaming License (IGL)
    The license may be issued by the commission anytime and refers to the approver’s hosting facilities on the territory of Kahnawake. There is only one holder of the license up-to-date – the Mohawk Internet Technologies.
  • Client Provider Authorization (CPA)
    The license provides the approved entities with the opportunity to offer a range of interactive gaming services through a locally-based facility. There is no limited amount of this license type to be given by the Commission. The holder of CPA is called an Authorized Client Provider (ACP). An ACP should be hosted at the facility that holds the Interactive Gaming License (IGL).
  • Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization (IJA)
    This Authorization is issued to an entity that holds a valid license for interactive gaming granted by another jurisdiction and wants to locate some or its entire equipment and personnel within the territory of Mohawk, Kahnawake.
  • Key Person Licenses (KPL)
    The Key Person License information is confidential, but what is known is that the license is granted to at least one person, who is related to the management and control of some issues in a certain entity with Client Provider Authorization.

There have been some discussions related to the authority of this organization, but the Commission is currently regarded as a sovereign nation in its own right, which is exactly the reason why it is not actually regulated by the Canadian laws. Although the jurisdiction of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission still remains a controversial issue for the Canadian government, it might set an example for the rest of the country.

Popular Games

Canadian players can easily enjoy a big variety of games provided by worldwide renowned software developing companies. Game developers such as Microgaming and IGT provide a wide variety of gaming solutions for Canadian gambling enthusiasts and they are well known for their amazing slot games.

Recently NetEnt has obtained a license as a software provider in the Canadian province of British Columbia. This gives some of the Canadian virtual gamblers the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful graphics and entertaining content of NetEnt’s games. Evolution Gaming’s first Live Casino outside Europe has also gone live recently. The new purpose-built complex is a result of an agreement that the casino will provide Live Dealer games for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

No matter which interactive casino Canadian players choose, they will be able to enjoy a virtual gaming experience that offers amazing graphics, massive jackpots and entertaining variations of casino classics.


This is probably the most popular category in every Canadian online casino. Take a look at a few of the top gaming platforms and you will see that they are all powered by leading software providers such as Microgaming and Playtech. The majority of interactive casinos offer Canadian players classic 3-reel slots as well as 5-reel slot games which can make their gambling adventure more thrilling and enticing. Immortal Romance, Hot as Hades and Jurassic Park are just a few of the hot slots that online gamblers can play in the majority of Canada-friendly casinos.

Progressive slots are also very popular among Canadian virtual players. These are games which have constantly growing jackpots. Each player who tests their luck on the game contributes to the accumulative prize with a small percentage of their bet. Players can see whether luck is on their side by playing some of the most popular Progressive Slots such as Mega Moolah, Cash Splash, Major Millions and many more.

Game Paylines Free Spins Wild Symbol Scatter Progressive
Good To Go 20
What A Hoot 20
Thunderstruck 20
5 Reel Drive 20
Tomb Raider 20
Secret Admirer 20
Agent Jane Blonde 20
Hellboy 20

Table Games

Online casinos definitely provide plenty of gaming solutions to fans of classic table games. This is why Canadian players can find different variations of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker at the majority of the top gaming platforms. Software providers such as Microgaming and Playtech know how to impart the authentic feel of landbased casinos to their games. Players can experience the thrill of making advanced bets and play all variants of roulette as well as a few more exotic versions with two roulette balls or multiple wheels. Blackjack and Baccarat are also among the table games that top online casinos provide.

Game Multihand Split
Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold
Classic Blackjack Gold
Multi-hand Blackjack Classic
Game Double Zero Jackpot
Premier Roulette
Euro Roulette Gold
American Roulette by Microgaming
French Roulette by Microgaming

Live Dealer Games

No matter what your preferred web-based casino is, you can be sure that the best ones provide live dealer games which are available for Canadian players. This is definitely a feature which gives you the chance to enjoy an authentic gambling experience without stepping out of your house. Evolution Gaming is a popular software provider of Live Casino Games and has recently launched its first Live Casino in Canada. This will allow online players in the British Columbia province to enjoy the live-dealer games of Evolution Gaming which really are state-of-the-art. Canadian gamblers can choose from different variations of Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat as well as Live Poker.

Video Poker

Video poker is another popular category in many interactive casinos. It is an interesting combination of slots and table poker. The thing that differentiates video poker from slots is the fact that players have some control over the gameplay. This means that the outcome of the game depends both on the player’s luck and on his or her moves and strategies.

If you are a fan of All American Poker, Aces and Faces, Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild, you will definitely be able to find all variations of video poker in most of the biggest online Canada-friendly casinos.

Game Wild Multihand
Deuces & Joker
Jacks or Better by Microgaming
Joker Power Poker
All Aces

Popular Deposit Methods

If you are not sure how to choose the online casino where you can play, taking a look at the payment options may help you. The major Canada-friendly gambling websites offer their customers various secure, flexible and easy-to-use deposit options. This can help players to top up their balance instantly without jeopardizing any sensitive information. Major interactive platforms accept credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and a few additional banking options.

Credit Cards

credit card payment photoThis is one of the most popular and convenient payment methods for players all around the world, including Canadian online gamblers. This is why the majority of interactive casinos accept deposits made via credit cards. The great thing about using this method to load funds into your gaming account is that the transactions are always fast and players can enjoy their virtual gambling instantly. You will need to provide your card details only once and they will be saved for your next transactions. Most web casinos offer amazing Welcome Bonuses following the first deposit of new players. Using a credit card to make your first payment will guarantee that you can take advantage of the casino’s promotions.


idebit payment photoThis is a fast, safe and flexible way for Canadians to top up their gaming balance. It allows players to make deposits straight from their bank accounts. It was launched specifically for the Canadian consumers who want to enjoy effortless online payments.

Signing up takes only a few minutes and players can load funds into their casino accounts instantly. This means that they can bet real money in the casino of their choice as soon as they make a deposit with iDebit. This method is secure and fast and players can be sure that their sensitive information is always protected and shared only with their bank. Since you are uploading funds using your bank account, you will not need to provide any credit card information. This is definitely a fast and secure payment method and it is preferred by many Canadian players.


instadebit payment photoInstaDebit is actually very similar to iDebit in the sense that this service also allows players to top up their gaming balance from their InstaDebit accounts. The difference is that they must upload funds to their InstaDebit accounts before they can make a deposit to their casino accounts.

The service was specifically created for Canadian consumers and it is widely accepted by virtual casinos. This gives customers from Canada the opportunity to manage their funds in a safe and convenient way. In order to be able to use the service of InstaDebit, you will have to register which will take you only a few minutes. Once you have created your account you can upload money to your balance and use InstaDebit to make a deposit to the casino of your choice.

Other Banking Solutions

ecocard payment photoCanadian players can also find a few other methods to top up their gaming account. Prepaid cards such as EcoCard can also be used to make a deposit at many virtual casinos. It is a safe method which allows players to load money into their EcoCard card and top up their gaming accounts without providing any credit card or bank information.

Click2Pay can also be seen as a payment method in many casinos that accept Canadian players. You can use the service to connect your bank account or credit card with your Click2Pay profile. Players can make fast deposits and keep track of their transactions. Using this service is always safe and if you initiate a transaction, you will need to enter a unique PAN number and your ID. This will guarantee you that your funds and sensitive data will be protected.

Ezipay is also very popular among Canadian players and many Microgaming casinos accept deposits made via this method. Ezipay provides players with an ATM card or virtual debit card which allows them to upload funds to their casino balance. If you use Ezipay to make a payment to the web casino of your choice, your money will appear in your account almost instantly and you will be ready to play right away.


Yes, it is legal to play in online casinos. In fact, some Canadian provinces launch their own web gambling platforms. For instance, the Kahnawake Mohawk territory is the home of the Kahnawake Gambling Commission which issues licenses and regulates the operation of many interactive casinos.

There are a few things you should look for in your virtual gambling experience. The first one is whether the casino is licensed and players from Canada can play in it. The next thing is the bonuses and promotions that the casino offers. Choose a platform which will help you enjoy the most rewarding online gambling. Payment methods are also a key point in your search for the best web platform for Canadian gamblers. Look for the deposit and withdrawal options which are accepted by the casino.

It depends on the casino where you play. Each casino can accept a few different payment methods. Making a deposit via a credit card or e-wallets is the most common option that Canadian players can use.

Most casinos offer players the opportunity to explore the games provided on the platform. The ‘Play for Free’ feature allows casino members to see the graphics, the interface and the gameplay of most games. This gives you the chance to have an overall look at each game. If you want to be able to make bets and cash out your winnings, you can start playing for real money.

The majority of the online casinos can be accessed on your smartphone as well as on your tablet. Some virtual casinos have mobile applications that run both on Android and iOS. Those will allow you to play even when you are on the go.

A lot of online casinos offer players to download a software. However, most of the virtual gambling platforms provide an Instant Play feature which allows you to play all of the casino games from your browser. We advise you not to download any casino software unless you trust the company completely.

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