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Over the last few years, BPAY has gained popularity and has managed to become one of the most used payment methods on the territory of Australia. The system is preferred by both personal and business users, mainly because of the convenience, security and other advantages.


As mentioned above, BPAY is one of the most popular electronic payment systems in Australia. It provides its customers with the opportunity to make their payments to businesses or organizations that are registered as customers of BPAY, by using the web-based, mobile or phone banking facility of a financial institution.

BPAY is provided as a trading name registered to BPAY Pty Ltd, which is a fully-owned affiliate of Cardlink Services Limited. The latter, on the other hand, is currently equally owned by the four main banks in Australia.

Currently, the payment method is considered as the leading bill payment service of Australia, as accepted across the country’s banking system almost two decades ago. BPAY provides its customers with quick payment services, which also offer safety and convenience to BPAY’s customers. The payments made through the system covers more than 95% of the customer banking market.

The payments accepted through BPAY cover a vast spectrum of industries, which makes the method one of the most trusted and preferred options in the country. More than 30 million bills estimated to AU$24 billion are covered by the payment method.

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How It Works

The payment method can be chosen for both personal and business use. Any organizations or businesses that choose the BPAY system must register on its website as billers. A biller number would be allocated to the business by the operating system. Billers also receive an indication of the reference number that must be used by customers when making a payment.

Customers, who want to make a payment, need to visit the website of their financial institution, no matter if it comes to a regular, mobile or telephone banking facility. The biller code and its reference number are required, as well as the payment amount. An implicatoin of the account to be debited is also required.

Users should bear into account the fact that credit cards are not accepted by some billers. There is no need or requirement for the customer to register an account in order to use the payment service provided by BPAY. In addition, normally, no fee is required to be paid by the customer for the service.

However, the biller would usually be required to pay a fee to its bank, as well as to the credit card company, if it used a card for making the payment. In addition, the accounts that may be used for making payment through BPAY may be limited by the financial institution.

After a certain payment has been made using BPAY, the payment details would be sent by electronic funds transfer by the financial institution to the biller’s bank, if different.

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BPAY Payment

BPAY can be used not only by organization and businesses, but also by regular users, who are willing to pay their bills in several minutes using a secure online bank transfer. The payment method is also available though a mobile device or telephone banking.

The bills can be paid in a few minutes from the customer’s online, mobile or phone bank, which provides users with convenience and freedom when it comes to making a choice from several options provided. The best part is that customers will have their bills sent directly to their web-based or mobile bank after checking if everything is in order before finalizing the payment.

Another feature provided by BPAY that is especially aimed at offering the customers comfort and convenience to make their payments whenever it is right for them, is the schedule option, which allows users to pay their bills down the track.

Making payments with BPAY over the Internet has never been easier. The customer needs to get connected first, which basically means that they need to contact their financial institution. After doing that, they need to look for the BPAY logo and special Biller Code. The next step is logging on to their mobile, online or phone bank, and paying their bill.

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BPAY has consolidated its positions on the market by becoming one of the most attractive, and thus, preferred payment methods in Australia. Apart from offering fast, reliable and convenient payments, BPAY records the payment information on a daily basis and stores it.

Another great feature of the payment system is the fact that it is easy to operate with, not to mention the fact that users are free to make their payments any time and place they want.

In addition, BPAY does not impose any transfer limits, which basically means that large amounts of funds can be added to the users’ accounts in entertainment websites, including their casino accounts.

The security provided by the method when it comes to protecting its customers’ personal sensitive data, is also not to be underestimated. No bank or casino account data, as well as personal details are to be revealed to third parties.

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Probably the largest setback of BPAY is the fact that the payment method is available only for residents of Australia and New Zealand. Currently, the system is focused primarily on local users and foreigners are not allowed to take advantage of the services provided by BPAY.


All payments that are made through the system of BPAY are carried out within the secure environment of the customer’s web-based, mobile or phone bank. Providing the users with safe, risk-free payment method system has always been one of its paramount goals.

The only people provided with access to the personal and account details are the customers themselves, their billers, as well as the customers’ financial institution. No personal data or account details are received by BPAY over the payment process, except for the bank account type the customer has used to make a payment.

BPAY can also be used for making a payment from a credit card account. Such payments are also protected. However, customers should be aware of the fact that no e-mails are sent when a payment is made, because the payment method system does not keep any personal or account information for users. The e-mails customers receive when a payment is made, are supposed to be directly sent from their financial institution.

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BPAY has become increasingly popular over the last few years among the players of Australia and New Zealand. This is primarily due to the fast, secure and convenient services offered to the customers, who are provided with the opportunity to make their payments in a risk-free way. By choosing this payment method system, you choose excellent services that guarantee absolutely no problems related to the transaction’s finalization.

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  1. BPAY is a great option, I think. It is very easy to enter all your personal details and it doesn’t take much time. Registering takes a while. Then when you make payments, you just need to know the biller code and a few more details, and you are done. You can even time your payments.

  2. I think most payment methods are pretty slow. BPAY is no different. I don’t want to wait for two working days or so for my money to be transferred to the payee. I need the money to reach its destination in due time. I don’t know but I’ve definitely used better payment methods.

  3. Willie Davis says:

    I have never had a problem using BPAY. I know many people that have used other methods and they have to pay lots of charges in addition to making a payment. I don’t like that. And I have found that BPAY is a lot safer than other methods. All you need to do is enter all the details correctly, but even if you don’t, you can still change the transaction.

  4. Don’t ever make a mistake while entering your details or you’ll have to wait forever to get it fixed. Mostly because BPAY customer support sucks. I accidentally typed the wrong code and ended up paying to the wrong person. They said it would take a couple of weeks to reverse the transaction. I mean, seriously? A couple of weeks? But I need the money now!

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