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If you are currently reading this, then we assume you are interested in eCheck and how it works. Well, you have come to the right place, because we will provide you with all the information needed.

Players from all around the world seem to be interested in using the eCheck as a reliable payment method but currently, it is predominantly used by customers based in Europe, while the number of US casinos accepting eChecks is smaller.


Basically, eCheck is a digital version of the well-known paper checks. If you are not quite sure what all those pieces of paper are intended for, please read on and we will acquaint you with the specific features of the eChecks. As mentioned above, they contain all the information your bank needs in order to start processing transactions and top up your account in the online casino you have chosen.

The eCheck itself might be regarded as digital transaction during which the customer is not supposed to reveal details about debit or credit cards, which makes it a fairly preferred way of funding an online casino account.

However, there are certain things you need to know before making the decision of using eCheck as a primary payment method for your online casino gambling ventures.
First of all, you eCheck funds are not automatically available and the reason for this is that the payment has to be processed and completed by your bank. Yet, there are certain sites that give their players an instant access to casino games regardless of the time it takes for the transaction to be completed.

It usually takes between 3 and 5 business days and after that you will see the funds available in your account. The aforementioned time frame might be considered as a serious disadvantage, especially if you are in a hurry and want to start gambling right away.

eCheck overview

Start Using eCheck

In order to start using eCheck services, you have to go through a short registration process during which the bank account is linked to the eCheck account. As soon as all steps are completed, the customer is enabled to transfer particular funds to the online casino chosen.
The first step is the establishment of a player account in the preferred online casino. It is important to include correct information, otherwise the account will not be verified.

The next step is selecting “eCheck” as a primarily payment method and choosing the amount you would like to deposit. Please note that some restrictions, related to the minimum and maximum deposit you can make, apply.

Usage of eCheck at Online Casinos

As already mentioned, the usage of eCheck is as easy as filing a regular paper check and making a payment at a convenience store. Everyone has used such method of payment at least once at a retailer, so we are more than familiar with the whole process. Once you have the money in your eCheck, you need to go to the cashier of your online casino and fill in the information. The required information is usually bank name, account number, routing number, etc.

Once you are done, the bank will send a digital check to the online casino you have chosen. That’s all – nothing more, nothing less. If you have done this at least once – you will not have any problems repeating it. As soon as the transaction is completed, you will be able to use the money from your account for gambling purposes.

Use of eCheck

What You Need to Know Before Using eCheck

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind, especially if you are going to make a big deposit. First, it might be better to check the restrictions and laws of your country. In that way, you will know whether it is illegal to place bets at online casinos. Many people tend to skip this part and top up their accounts with funds they are unable to use. Due to this reason, we strongly advice you to go through the above-described prerequisites before proceeding with the funding and the choice of payment method.

Advantages of Using eCheck

Although eCheck is not as widespread payment method as, say it, a bank transfer, it still has certain advantages over those that are frequently used. The simplicity is considered a main benefit from using eChecks but there are several more features regarded as advantageous. By using this payment method, you are less likely to overspend as you wager money you already have. In addition, security is a top priority and online casinos usually use authentication, digital signatures, public key cryptography, etc. in order to make sure the funds of their customers are absolutely safe.

Disadvantages of Using eCheck

Despite the draconian security measures, it is possible to see an unknown charge in your monthly bank statement. If you usually make payments with debit or credit cards, you can simply go to your bank’s office and figure the issue out. However, the situation with the eChecks is slightly different and it is much more difficult to retrieve amounts that have already been deducted by your account.

As already mentioned, some casino sites allow players to engage in gambling activities as soon as they make sure the player has sufficient funds in their bank account. The transaction itself is completed at a later stage. Yet, those sites are few, which means that you have to wait a couple of days before being allowed to gamble and during that time, you can even lose interest in playing at a certain online casino.

eCheck and bank scheme


Processing costs are greatly reduced when you use eCheck as a payment method. By and large, the fees for all kinds of checks are relatively smaller than the charges for some other payment methods. However, in this specific case you are not supposed to pay anything. There are not any fees, which attributes to the popularity of the eChecks.


The simplicity of the depositing procedure as well as the high level of security make the eCheck a payment method that is gaining more and more popularity. It is not surprising that leading providers of online casino products and services propose eChecks as a secure method for making online payments.

Additional Payment Methods


  1. eCheck is very useful to me. I have used it for a year now. They are very fast and safe. At least I haven’t had any issues so far. They have some great features and they can cancel my payment if I ask them to. The service is convenient and it can be used by anyone. I mean, you don’t have to be a business owner to pay with eCheck. And that’s great.

  2. Mallory Range says:

    To me eCheck is the easiest to use and understand payment method of all I have used throughout the years. Probably because I use paper checks all the time. However, the best thing about an echeck is that you can be in New York and pay to a casino in Macao in just a couple of minutes! I just fill in my information, click a button and voila! – “Your transaction is complete.”

  3. Even though eCheck is a great way to make payments, I don’t really like that I have to wait for days for the recipient to get their money. I mean, what if I’m in a hurry? I need a faster payment method and eCheck just doesn’t work for me. I tried. I really did try.

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