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EcoCard is offered by ecoPayz, which is an international provider of payment solutions, which include convenient, secure and fast payment services. The company provides exclusive payment services to both businesses and customers all over the world.

EcoCard is one of the currently evolving payment products offered by the company, which is aimed at facilitating Internet users with high-quality payment methods.


EcoCard is a payment method for all people who enjoy gambling at online casinos. This particular payment method offers the option of helping you by allowing you to make bank transfers to the casino you have chosen and use them for the type of game you want to play and gamble. Such games include poker, various betting and so on.

The good news here is you do not have to reveal anything about yourself because all of your information is private, so you should feel really secure. There are millions of people around the world using EcoCard making it one of the most preferred payment methods.

You will be able to assign an internet-only password, which will be prompted every time you are about to make a transaction. This approach is proven to be one of the most secure ones.

Gambling at online casinos is getting more and more popular these days. This is why the variety of payment methods is also increasing. You need to choose carefully, especially if you want to make the best choice.

When it comes to EcoCard you will have the chance to choose among various payment methods taking the customization of the payment process to a whole new level. Such methods are credit/debit cards like MasterCard, Visa or AmericanExpress. Other well-known services such as Skrill or PayPal are also supported.

Using the EcoCard payment solution of ecoPayz provides the customers with full and ultimate control over their expenditures no matter their place of residence. The EcoCard provides not only a fast and easy way to pay for some goods or services, but it is also free.

No bank account is needed in order for the users to get an EcoCard. Customers are also not checked for their credit history and are offered thorough control on their spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The payment method service comes is multiple currencies and is independent from the users’ bank accounts.

The EcoCard is basically a card that can be used with the ecoAccount of the users in order to pay on and off-line in all cases when a MasterCard is accepted. The card is actually independent of the customer’s bank account, which means that such is not needed in order to pay for some goods or services used.

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Apart from the qualitative payment services, ecoPayz is focused on providing its customers with security when it comes to protecting their personal and bank account data. The website uses the latest technology to offer its users a both fast and secure way to transfer money to and from the members of PSI-Pay.

The website automatically encrypts all transactions from the customers’ browsers using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. The Thawte Certification Authority has certified the website, which helps the latter ensure its customers that their personal data is stored in a secure, risk-free way.

The servers that hold any private data are physically separated from each other in special and highly-secure areas. There are also firewalls that are not directly connected to the Internet in order for the customers’ personal data to be protected in the best way possible. All private data is available only to authorized workstations, which makes the control and security even better.

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Advantages of EcoCard

By using EcoCard you will have the chance to enjoy one of the most secure payment methods all over the world. After all, we all want to be secured, especially when it comes to online payments for online casinos. The transaction will be encrypted, so all of your personal data will not be visible to anyone.

Once everything is done you will be able to see the money in the account of the online casino you have chosen. In addition there are several security protocols that you can also rely on, so one of the biggest advantages here is the fact that you can feel protected by any means.

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Disadvantages of EcoCard

However, even though the security is at extremely high level, you need to know that there are not that many casinos that accept EcoCard. We do not mean that no online casinos use it, but if you have to compare this payment method to some of the others, which are a bit more popular, then you will not be pleasantly surprised.

On the other hand, if you have already chosen a casino that accepts such payment, then you should go for it. You can be more than sure that this kind of payment will increase its popularity in the next couple of years because internet theft is something that should not be underestimated, and this is where EcoCard comes and takes the security to a whole new level.

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Fees and Limits

There is a special section concerning fees on the website of ecoPayz. The service provided to the customers is divided in a total of four categories – Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. All fees and taxes that are charges for the services included in each of the categories can be found there, along with some information about the EcoCard limits for a user’s ecoAccount.

When it comes to the limits of the EcoCard, the above-mentioned categories are still applied. More information about the current fees and rates for the EcoCard can be found on the website of the company.

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EcoCard has been considered as one of the newest and also most convenient ways for a customer to pay for their goods and services online. The service provided by ecoPayz is not only quick, convenient and easy to work with, but it also provides safety for the customers’ sensitive personal and bank account data.

None information is revealed to third parties and no bank accounts are required for using the service, which practically makes it a preferable option for all kinds of online payments.

Contact Details

  • registered office: registered office is at Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, England

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  1. I’m happy with the excellent service which Ecocard offers. I can do withdrawals any time I like and until now I’ve never had any problems. Only one time I had to wait a couple of days for my money but that was because of some technical difficulties in the system of the company. I think that Ecocard is an excellent payment method.

  2. John Navarro says:

    I’m not a big fan of Ecocard. Every time I try to make a deposit some kind of problem appears. On top of everything else, the staff is very rude. The last time I tried to call the operators a few times but they didn’t answer. When I finally contacted them, I was informed that I have to wait for a few days before I can try again.

  3. Raymond Downs says:

    I find Ecocard very reliable. I’ve never had any problems with this payment method and I can recommend it to all of you. I can make deposits any time I like without worrying about anything. The team of Ecocard is also very polite and friendly, so I know that they will answer my calls immediately and they will do everything possible to fix the problem.

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