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eKonto is a kind of a bank account that is offered by Raiffeisen Bank on the territory of the Czech Republic. It has managed to consolidate its positions as one of the largest and most used payment methods in the region.


eKonto bank account provides the customers of Raiffeisen Bank with the opportunity to make online purchases in real time, by using directly their own bank accounts. The payment method offers a secure way for the users to pay for a variety of goods and services online, but also to make deposits on entertainment websites, and more specifically in casino and gambling websites.

In order to draw benefits from the eKonto’s advantages, customers are required to have a total of three services, which include current account, a debit card and a direct banking option, attached to their account.

The money transactions, deposits and purchases over the payment method are actually carried out instantly and directly from the user’s bank account. The payment order is created automatically, which guarantees that the sensitive personal and banking details will not be revealed to third parties.

In addition, the operation will be processed and finalized within a few minutes. There is also an option for using a pre-filled payment order, which not only saves customers some time, but also guarantees that there will be no mistakes make if filling out the wrong information.

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How Does It Work

Currently, the eKonto payment services are provided in more than 120 branches of Raiffeisen Bank in the Czech Republic. In order to use the payment method platform, the customers need to meet several requirements.

The users are given several security keys that allow them to access the great variety of features provided by eKonto. There are three online payment options that are related to using the payment platform.

The first one is the so-called direct banking, which includes a number of services such as Internet banking, Phone and GSM banking, as well as PDA banking and Conditional reports. Other solution is related to the debit payment cards, including many types VISA debit cards, MasterCards and Maestro Card. The last option is the opportunity for making purchases over the Internet by paying directly to online shops by using the account.

As mentioned above, all money transactions are carried out in real time, which means that the funds are transferred within several minutes and the merchant receives them instantly. The money are deducted directly from the customer’s bank account and applied as to a regular Raiffeisen Bank transfer.

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Deposits in Online Casinos

The payment system provided by eKonto can be used by players to make deposits in their online casino accounts. The transactions are made mainly by redirection to the eKonto Direct Banking account after using the special button on the casino’s payment page.

After opening the account, choosing a deposit amount, checking and then confirming the deposit form that has especially been pre-filled, the money are transferred in real time, which makes them arrive instantly on the user’s casino account.

There is also an option to use a VISA or MasterCard-branded debit card, as well as the MasterCard InternetCard, which is issued by eKonto in order to make deposits in a personal online casino account. Other Direct Banking options are also allowed in order for a transfer to be instantly finalized.

The customers need to have in mind that the service fees usually depend on the the deposit method that has been used, as well as by the casino where a certain deposit is made.

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Withdrawals from Online Casinos

Up to date, withdrawals by using eKonto are not allowed. For more information on the matter, customers need to contact the maintenance of the specific online casino and ask what withdrawal options are available after a deposit using eKonto is made.


The largest payment method in the Czech Republic is preferred by a large number of customers as it has many advantages , which make it more popular than other competitive payment systems. Probably the largest advantage of eKonto is that all transactions are processed instantly, which makes the deposited funds immediately available for use. In addition, the money transfers and deposits are made in a secure trusted bank environment, as they are applied as to a regular bank transfer.

All transactions processed over the platform are anonymous, because the service acts merely as an intermediary between the customer and the merchant/casino. No sensitive information of both parties is revealed under any circumstances.

In addition, the more eKonto account is used, the more benefits are rewarded by Raiffeisen Bank to the customer. The benefits include special privileges, bonus offers and various discounts.


Although the payment is not considered to have many disadvantages, there are some weaknesses found by its customers. First, the eKonto payment method is available only to residents of the Czech Republic. The customers also need to have a bank account in Raiffeisen Bank.

In addition, customers may be required to pay certain fees when it comes to using some options provided by eKonto. And last, but not least, users are also not allowed to withdraw their money gathered in a casino account up to date.


eKonto has also put the security of its customers as one of its top priorities. This is exactly why all transactions carried out through the payment method provider are encrypted and the same safety measures that are related to regular Rajffeisen Bank transfers are applied.

In addition, the fact that eKonto acts like an intermediary is also not to be underestimated when it comes to security. Customers can rest assured that the platform does not collect any of their personal or bank account data, which is also not revealed to third parties. This sharply reduces the risk of malicious attacks or information leaks.


Currently, eKonto is the biggest and most popular payment method platform in the Czech Republic. It not only offers a safe and risk-free way for customers to transfer money, make online purchases or deposit funds into online casino accounts, but also provides a great variety of customized services and benefits to its users. The method is completely secure as it is regarded as a regular bank transfer and all safety measures that are normally applied to such transfers are strictly followed.

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