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If you are based in Germany and you are looking for a convenient method for depositing funds to a preferred online casino, you’d better consider using giropay. It is said to be one of the most reliable and popular payment methods in Germany, supported by major bank institutions. You will find plenty of information below and familiarize yourself with the features of giropay as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using it as a method for depositing finds.


In point of fact, giropay is among the most widespread platforms for making online payments and depositing particular amounts to Germany-based casinos.

Although it is used predominantly by German players, statistics shows that giropay is gaining popularity in the Netherlands and Austria as well. Many people have found the convenience of processing their bank transactions from the comfort of their homes really useful. The payment method is a product of Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung and it is based on the PIN and TAN procedures. The usage of giropay eliminates the necessity of using credit cards.

It has been available to German players for 8 years and during that time, it proved itself as a secure way for making transfers to online accounts at different websites including casino ones.

Players can fund their casino account with amount that do not exceed €5000 by using their giropay accounts. It is important to mention that the supported currency is euro (€).

In order to determine customer’s identity and ensure the highest level of security, PIN numbers are used during the transaction procedure.

Most online casinos that have German among the available languages urge German players to consider opening an account with giropay.

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Opening a giropay Account

In order to start using giropay, you do not have to create an account. You just need to be a client of one of the banks that supports giropay and to use online banking services. In most cases, giropay is offered as an addition to the credit card payment alternatives. The customer is supposed to select giropay among the list of payment options available as well as the bank they have an account in. Once these steps are completed, customers are redirected to the webpage where they can access the online banking and confirm the transaction. Then, the necessary information that may include PIN and account number should be entered. For transaction confirmation, the customer receives a special slip containing a TAN number that needs to be entered. Depending on the products offered by the different banks, the transaction can be signed digitally via 2FA token but not all banks that support giropay have that option.

The bank you have an account with will deduct the amount from your account but in case of insufficient funds, the transaction will not be completed.

As far as the deposit of funds at online casinos is concerned, a player should select giropay as a primarily depositing method as well as the bank that has issued their credit or debit card. There is usually a special section at every website where the player can set payment preferences.

As soon as the transaction is confirmed you will be eligible for placing your bets as the funds will be instantly available in your casino account.

When it comes to withdrawals, giropay does not provide such an option so in order to withdraw your casino winnings, you have to enter your bank details.

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Before selecting giropay as a primarily payment method, you should familiarize yourself with the fees and specifications that apply.
The costs are estimated depending on the amount of the transaction. In general, the costs vary between 1.2% to 0.9% plus €0.08 per transaction.

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Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Players who play casino games via their mobile devices are also enabled to place deposits through giropay. Various casino applications, compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, allow players to use giropay as a primary method for depositing funds. Casino Action and Casino Classic are also among these. It is important to note that players are not charged a fee for placing deposits. Fees are applicable to the mobile casinos only.

Advantages of Using giropay

What makes giropay a preferred method for funding casino accounts is the fact that no bank information is shared with third parties. Plus, it is favored by players who do not want a charge from a casino app to be displayed on their monthly bank statements. In addition, funds are immediately transferred into your casino account and you can immediately start playing. Last but not least, giropay is an absolutely secure method that goes hand in hand with a payment guarantee.


The main disadvantage of giropay is its unavailability in countries other than Germany and Austria. The other setback is the lack of withdrawal option. Player cannot withdraw their winnings in a giropay account, so they are prompted to enter their bank details.

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It does not really matter in which bank you have an account but yet, some differences in security apply. As mentioned above, some banks offer the so-called 2FA, while some other offer online banking services, based on PIN and TAN. Anyway, in both cases, no confidential information is shared with third parties.

As for giropay, it uses 128-bit SSL encryption indicated by the URL, which usually begins with “https”. Each bank institution that supports giropay has been issued a certificate but some banks offer additional security measures known as “shared secrets”. In case of irregularities with someone’s account or when an attempt for unauthorised access is noticed, the aforementioned “shared secrets” are useful as the customer and the bank know certain details that help the situation to be figured out.

In order to ensure even a higher level of security, giropay officials warn their customers not to share details such as PIN, SSN or account numbers with third parties. The platform would never encourage a customer to download a particular app or software and install it on a computer or smartphone. For defence against viruses, giropay officials state that they never send invoices via email and urge their customers not to open emails containing distrust promises or threats in the subject line.

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What makes giropay a widespread payment method in Germany is the combination of flexibility, low prices, security and compatibility with mobile casino apps. Although some people disapprove of its efficiency, the popularity of giropay clearly states that it offers features highly appreciated by every player who considers safe and fast fund depositing to be of a paramount priority.

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