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If you are looking for a secure online payment method that gives you the opportunity to freely use your funds and make purchases via online banking, we recommend you to take a look at the benefits you will get by opting for depositing funds to online casinos via iDebit.


While different online payment methods are competing for popularity, iDebit can be defined as one of those that successfully incorporate safety, effectiveness, flexibility and last but not least, convenience when it comes to depositing funds to a preferred online casino.

In general, iDebit can be regarded as an online payment method that allows every customer to make payments to merchants and deposit certain funds to online casinos via online banking. The privilege to use iDebit is given to residents of certain countries, predominantly European ones but the method is also available for Canadian, South African Japanese and Chinese customers.

Getting started is not complicated at all since it requires you to create an account at iDebit’s webpage and fill in the information necessary. In order to create such an account and use it for depositing purposes, you have to log in with the same name and password you use for accessing your online banking page, otherwise the transaction will be rejected. The latter is applicable for customers who do not have an iDebit account by the time they are making the purchase. They are allowed to complete the transaction as a guest and then prompted to create their own accounts.

It is important to note that minors are not allowed to register at iDebit and the system requires every user’s date of birth for verification purposes.

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iDebit Transfer Procedure

Depositing and withdrawing funds to your account by using iDebit is fairly easy.

As soon as you fill in the necessary information and it is verified, you can continue by
choosing your bank
and logging into your bank account. The next step is confirming the desired sum you would like to deposit and it will be instantly transferred to your online casino account.

As for withdrawing, the funds, available at your iDebit account, can be easily transferred to your bank account but the process is usually completed within 5 business days. It takes approximately two business days for checks and money orders to be mailed.

Screenshot of iDebit Transfer Procedure Page

Using iDebit to Make Casino Deposits

What makes iDebit different from the other more or less widespread payment and depositing methods is that it automatically connects the customer with their bank account once a transaction is initiated.

The developers of the payment platform consider the safety of players’ funds to be of a paramount priority and in order to ensure the highest level of protection, they take strict measures towards securing safe payment. No confidential information is ever shared to third parties. Plus, they urge any customer who notices an unusual charge on their monthly bank statement to promptly contact them.

The fact that funds are instantly available makes online casino players consider iDebit as one of the most convenient options for depositing funds and immediately engaging in gambling activities.

Speaking of depositing funds to certain online casinos, once you log into your account and choose deposit options, you will be able to set iDebit among the wide variety of payment methods. Then, the deposit amount has to be confirmed and you are ready to proceed with placing your bets.

Please, remember that some restrictions regarding the minimum and maximum deposits apply, depending on the country you are based at.

Screenshot of iDebit Demo Page

Advantages of Using iDebit

One of the main advantages of iDebit usage is the safety it provides. Sensitive bank information is encrypted and the merchant or the online casino never gets customer’s personal details. In point of fact, iDebit is among the few, if not the only one payment method that ensures the transferred funds are immediately available, so players can instantly engage in sports betting or online gambling activities.

One of the most valuable resources nowadays – the time – is also a feature of iDebit. In other words, the usage of this payment method allows you to make deposits without pre-registering. As already mentioned, the funds are instantly received and the receiver is immediately notified. There is no need to wait a couple of days until the transaction is cleared. In addition, the fees for the service are beyond reasonable.

There is no need to use a credit card which ensures you will spend exactly what you want to.

Screenshot of iDebit Benefits Page

Disadvantages of Using iDebit

The main disadvantage of iDebit is the fact that it is yet to become a widely used form of payment since the number of online casinos that accept is is to small. Yet, some of the leading casinos in Europe and Canada have iDebit among the list of payment methods their players can choose from.


Creating an account with iDebit as well as making a payment by using the available funds from your iDebit balance is free of charge but some other services require small fees in order to be completed.

In order to make a payment from online banking, the fee is 1.50 CAD/USD or 1.00 EUR/GBP/AUD.

Transferring money from your iDebit balance to your bank account will cost you 2 CAD/USD/EUR/GBP/AUD.

Screenshot of iDebit Fees Page


For the time being, iDebit is used predominantly by Canada-based players as the payment method is supported by all major Canadian bank institutions. It was launched two years ago and during that time it managed to draw the attention of many European online casinos, interested in adding iDebit to the list of depositing options available. There are no hidden fees and the swiftness as well as the high level of security are the three factors believed to make iDebit a widespread form of depositing and withdrawing funds.

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