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NETS is one of the most widely used online payment methods in Singapore. Launched in 1985, it offers online credit cards, as well as direct debit products. NETS is owned by Singapore’s most post powerful banks – OCBC Bank, DBS bank and United Overseas Bank and and it has also become a member of the Asian Payment Network and a member of UnionPay International.


NETS enables payments from the most popular international credit cards as well as Internet baking payments from the largest Chinese and Singaporean banks.

The ATM cards, issued by the associated banks could be effectively used to to make NETS debit payments in Singapore. NETS also provides the CashCard that is mainly used in the motoring market.
The FlashPay cards are also offered by NETS and thanks to them, customers can make payments in all the NETS acceptance points.

The eNETS payment solutions allows the customers who live in Singapore to make online payments with their credit or debit cards , however, the payments need to be made in the Singapore Dollar currency.

To receive a NETS card, you simply need to open a deposit account with one of the participating banks and you will soon be able to manage your online deposits and purchases in a faster and more reliable way.

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Making Payments With eNETS

Thanks to eNETS you can excellently manage online transactions for a wide range of purposes. This useful service, offered by NETS allows you to make online casino deposits in a convenient way. For the purpose, you need to go to the payment page for eNETS banking options. After choosing the eNETS page that appears for the bank from which the transaction is made, eNETS redirects the customer to his or her bank account. This way the Internet bank transfer is successfully carried out. Once the confirmation of the payment is made, both the recipient and the merchant are given a receipt of the transfer. All eNETS payments are free from extra charges but some banks still add some fees, whenever the customers use their internet banking system.

Making Payments Through Mobile Devices

Thanks to NETS, customers have the option to make their eNETS payments from a wide range of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or iPhones. However, keep in mind that the availability of the mobile banking strongly depends on the associated bank. Transactions are carried out instantly and due to all the banking security standards.

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Thanks to the NETS cards, customers in Singapore make payments at about 85,000 points, including many restaurants and retailers. Instead of using the ATMs to withdraw cash, you can easily navigate your funds by simply entering your PIN at the terminal.

NETS also offers excellent CashCards as well as FlashPay Cards that are ideally used for a great diversity of cashless payments for public transport and also in many supermarkets and retail outlets.

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Making Deposits in Online Casinos

Making online casino deposits is possible through NETS, as long as you use the eNETS payment option. After you have already opened the cashier page of the online casino, choose the eNETS deposit option or search for it under the section named “Instant banking”. Enter the amount of money that you want to deposit and choose the bank that will transfer the funds by eNETS from your own bank account to the casino account. The money will be instantly visible on the account and you will be able to start playing right away. When you use eNETS for making online casino deposits, you cannot withdraw money from the casino account and transfer them to your bank account. In case you have made your online casino deposit through NETS, you need to search for other option t to withdraw the funds. Take into account the fact that this payment method is only available for casino players who have a valid bank account in one of the associated Singaporean banks.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing NETS as a banking option for the online casinos guarantees for safe and secure transactions. Funds that you deposit with eNETS are immediately available on the casino account, which makes this payment method preferred by many online casino players. The best part is that the deposit, made with NETS is absolutely anonymous and that all the sensitive information is never revealed to the recipient. The eNETS payment can be made from mobile devices at any time or place, convenient to you. Another significant advantage of NETS is that users are not charged with any fees when they make the deposits for online casinos.

One of the basic disadvantages of NETS is that it can only be used by casino players who possess a bank account at one of the associated banks in Singapore. The other unpleasant moment is that you cannot withdraw the funds from the casino account when choosing eNETS.

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NETS is committed to providing secure online environment for all the customers who choose it as a payment method. To guarantee the utmost protection of your personal data, NETS comes up with the following solutions:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication that makes the data transmission over Internet more secure
Effective Internet portals that logout the session after certain period of inactivity
Firewalls that provides impeccable protection of the systems.

Customers, also need to take into account some security tips, in case they want to increase the protection of their personal information. That means to keep your password and your username confidential at all times and to choose password that contains at least 6 digits.

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NETS remains one of the most comfortable an reliable payment solutions in Singapore, thanks to which people use their internet banking account to make their online payments in an easy way. The eNETS service that is provided by NETS, processes more than S$ 1,3 billion of money transactions each year. Nowadays many casino players take advantage of the flexibility that this payment methods offers, as their funds are fully protected and transferred immediately to the casino account, once the players make the deposit.

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