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Nordea is the biggest financial service provider in Northern Europe. It provides its customers with an excellent online banking method in order to help them to easily pay for their online purchases. The payment method offers secure transactions as it operates in a trusted bank environment to carry out its bank transfers.


Currently, the payment system offered by Nordea is considered as the largest one in the Nordic countries. In addition, it has the greatest number of customers compared to any other financial services group in the region. More than 10 million household consumers and at least half a million business customers are using the services of Nordea up to date.

The headquarters of the payment service provider, which has almost 1,500 branches, are situated in Stockholm. Up to date, it is present in 19 counties around the world, including some of the most affluent European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Norway and Finland. Nordea also has branches in the US, China, Singapore and Brazil.

The payment system provides personal and corporate users with the opportunity to carry out money transfers using the services of a trusted bank in a safe, risk-free way.

The money transfers that are carried out through the Nordea payment system are usually settled within one or two business days, which makes it one of the fastest ones in the region. In addition, such transactions are not eligible for chargebacks, which makes the system even more attractive.

Apart from offering fast, easy and reliable money transfers, Nordea also provides its customers with a vast range of financial products. Over the years, the payment system has managed to consolidate its positions as one of the leading ones on the market and became a worthy rival of other international payment service providers such as PayPal, Skrill, Euteller, etc.

In addition, an extra payment option called Netbank is offered to customers in a number of countries. The users are provided with the opportunity to operate financial transactions over the Internet and by telephone call.

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How Does It Work

The online banking offered by Nordea is quite simple and convenient. What is found attractive by most customers is the fact there is no registration needed. This basically means that customers are allowed to make instant payments and deposits over the Internet directly using their trusted bank.

The money are transferred from the user’s bank account to the receiver, no matter if it is a company, a merchant, another bank account or an online casino. First, users must choose Nordea from the list of online payment methods providers. In order to make a payment or a deposit, the customer is required to fill in an online form and enter their bank account information. Then, the deposit amount is required, as well as a bonus code if applicable.

After completing these steps, the transaction details are displayed on the website, and the payment/deposit process is finalized. No additional fees are charged by Nordea, which system can guarantee fast transfers, as well as anonymity and maximum security.

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Mobile Application

Nordea has especially developed an experimentation lab mobile application called Nordea Next. The latter is focused on providing customers with the opportunity to get in touch with the best digital payment services, as well as the newest ideas of the system. In addition, Nordea Next can be used as an extended version or the method’s mobile bank, which is why it can be used instead of the ordinary banking system provided to carry out money transfers and payments.

You need to be a customer of Nordea in order to join its mobile application. All personal users residing in Norway or Finland are given the chance to download the application from the App Store and register an account.

In addition, it is absolutely safe to use Nordea Next, as the provider makes sure it offers the maximum level of security in order to protect its customers’ personal and bank account data. All data stored by the system is anonymous and is not used on a personal level.

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Deposits in Online Casinos

Nordea has managed to become one of the most popular methods used for making money deposits in online casinos. Currently, the payment method system is supported by some of the highest-ranked casinos in the world, including William Hill, 888 Casino and Mansion Casino. The online banking solutions of the platform in these cases are easy to use and are completed in several simple steps.

First, the customer needs to choose Nordea as the desired payment method. Then, they are redirected to the Netbank log-in page of the platform. Users are required to fill in the log-in details by entering their Netbank Access Codes.

The next step is simply following the payment procedure, as required by the Netbank application. Then, choose the deposit amount, check all payment details. After filling in all necessary information, the transaction must be confirmed by using a confirmation code. Usually, the money deposited in the online casino account is immediately available and ready to be used.

The customers of Nordea are also offered the opportunity to download its Mobile Banking application in order to make their payments and deposits by using their portable devices.

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Withdrawals from Online Casinos

Currently, the online casino players who use the services of Nordea are not allowed to withdraw funds from their casino accounts by using the Netbank web-based banking option of the payment method. Cashing out money or transferring any funds back to the customer’s Nordea bank account is possible only after an official withdrawal request by regular Bank Transfer is sent.


There is a great number of advantages when using the online banking services provided by Nordea. First, its entire platform is safe, reliable and easy to use, with the transactions carried out in correspondence to the same security standards that apply to the normal bank transfers.

The payments are carried out using the environment of the customers’ own trusted bank institutions. There is also an opportunity for the money transfers and deposits to be made from the user’s mobile devices using a Mobile Banking application.

The payments and deposits made through Nordea are also finalized instantly. This makes the transferred amount of money immediately available to be used by the customer in the desired account. In addition, no special fees are charged for the services of the payment method, which basically makes is absolutely free.

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The fact that the payment method is available only for players, who have an Nordea bank account is considered one of the system’s largest disadvantages.

Some users find the requirement to access their personal Internet bank account and operating with the bank card, as well as the card reader and different Access Codes, too hard. Some of the details related to the money transfers and deposits offered by Nordea are seen more as a setback than as advantage.


The security offered by the online payment system is considered regular for such websites and is subjected to the same rules as the ordinary Bank Transfer. Nordea has established itself as one of the online payment methods that offer the most secure services when it comes to protecting its customers’ personal and bank account data.

No sensitive information is provided to third parties, and the required data is processed only in the conditions of a secure, risk-free banking environment.

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Offered in a total of 19 countries, Nordea has consolidated its positions as one of the best, fastest and most customer-friendly payment methods. The payment system has been recently focused on expanding its influence not only on the territory of Europe, but also worldwide, as well as on developing intelligent online banking options for personal and corporate users.

Its quick services, user-friendly interface, instant money transfers and risk-free environment makes it a desired payment option for customers all over the world.

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