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PostePay is an Italy-based payment method, which was especially developed by local Postal Service to make it easier to citizens to pay for goods and services in stores an online. What the service actually offers, is a prepaid card that can be recharged when needed.

The type of card provided by PostePay is Visa Electron, which makes it easy to use, not to mention the fact that this type of card is one of the most used ones all over the world.


PostePay is a fairly unpopular payment method that includes the usage of electronic prepaid cards. The method is only available in Italy, and its initial goal was to provide Italian buyers with a neat and efficient way to pay for goods and services online.

Currently, PostePay cards have a limit of up to €2500 a year, so consider this if you plan to use PostePay as your primary method for depositing and withdrawing money from an online casino. The maximum amount of money that can be included in a single transaction is €999.

PostePay cards are easy to get – just a few clicks, and your newly created card will be active. The best part is that you can put money into it both online and offline, using a variety of methods. In order to register for a PostePay card, you have to visit the payment method’s official website and follow the registration instructions (in Italian).

Once the job is done, you can choose how to load money into your PostePay card – via ATM, post office, SISAL kiosks or specific tobacco shops.

A surprising fact about PostePay cards is that they can be used not just to deposit money into your account, but to withdraw them as well. This is fairly uncommon for prepaid cards, so Italians will certainly appreciate the opportunity to have access to such a neat payment method.

PostePay is a payment method supported by online casinos, so you will not be limited in case you decide to select PostePay as your primary payment platform.

Using PostePay brings you many other benefits that are not necessarily related with gambling – you will be the first to have access to the newest PostePay deals, you can also enjoy some quality time by using the PostePay Fun service.

Additional services include the Sconti BancoPosta that gives you the ability to check for discounts in a wide range of stores that support PostePay as a payment method.

If you enjoy using your PostePay digital prepaid card, then you might want to consider getting a physical, plastic one. In order to do this, you will have to pay a one-time fee of €5 at one of the 14,000+ post offices that offer this service. The process takes no longer than a few minutes, and you will be able to use your newly created PostePay card to pay not just online, but in real shops as well.

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PostePay Card

PostePay Cards are electronic prepaid cards that are especially created in order to help Italian people who prefer shopping over the Internet to purchase goods and make payments online in a safe, risk-free way. The cards are co-branded with Visa or MasterCard.

The prepaid cards are exclusively issued by Poste Italiano. One of their greatest advantages is the fact that they do not require to be attached to a bank account, which makes their use more secure. In fact, no customers’ banking data is revealed in PostPay’s website.

Screenshot of PostePay Card Information Page

Recharging PostePay Card

Recharging your PagoBancomat PostePay card has never been easier. The payment method service has added various ways for loading the card in order to match the needs and requirements of all customers.

The prepaid cards offered by PostePay can be recharged at Italian Post Offices with payment in cash, by using another PostePay card or by using Maestro Postamat Bancoposta enabled. Recharging can be also carried out at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Postamat using another PostePay card, a payment card attached to the circuit PagoBancomat, or with a Visa, Visa Electron, Mastro or MasterCard.

Customers are also allowed to reload their PostePay card comfortable at their home. The reload, however, is available after a request service to Postman is made by customers, or a visit from an officer of Posteitalianeperte is booked.

Of course, recharging is available also online through BancoPostaOnline or BancoPostaClick. Online money load is also possible by making a money transfer from one card to another PostePay nominative one.

PostePay payment method platform also provides its customers with the opportunity to recharge their card by using the Postepay or Postemobile Applications. Both of them can be downloaded on customers mobile devices that operate under Android or iOS operating system. This is a quich, easy and most of all, secure way to transfer money from one card to another.

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PostePay aims at providing its customers with the opportunity to make money transactions and withdrawals without worrying for their personal and bank account details. Protecting its users’ sensitive information has always been a paramount goal of the payment method platform so that it offers its customers safety and reliability.

The information is protected through HTTPs protocol, which is responsible for taking care of the data uploaded in a way that no one can intercept it. PostePay is both registered and certified by the local authorities.

Customer accounts in PostePay are identified via username and password. The safety of the transaction, however, also depends on the customers themselves. They need to take care of their login-details and do not provide them to third parties. The payment method’s platform also calls for extra attention when it comes to entering personal codes or details on websites reached by clicking on links received by e-mail or other websites.

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Full list of fees, taxes and rates for the different kinds of PostPay cards. As mentioned above, the latter are accepted everywhere where Visa Electron and MasterCard are supported.


PostePay is a great payment method thanks to the quick and stable transfers, reliability and security provided to customers. Unfortunately, only Italian users are provided with the opportunity to use this card, as it is one of the local payment methods offered.

Still, PostePay is a great method not only for load money on your account, but also to withdraw money. In addition, it is safe enough as it takes care of the sensitive personal and banking data of its users. The fact that no bank account is actually required for receiving such a prepaid card, is also a great advantage, as the method provides customers with the opportunity to constantly control and monitor their balance.

A surprising fact about Postepay cards is that they can be used not just to deposit money into your account, but to withdraw them as well. This is fairly uncommon for prepaid cards, so Italians will certainly appreciate the opportunity to have access to such a neat payment method.

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