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Skrill, formerly known under the name Moneybookers, was officially launched in 2008, but it has actually been operating since 2001. It has become a virtual payment method that is found attractive by a great number of users who are looking for convenience and safety when making online transactions.

Skrill Overview

For years Moneybookers was one of the most popular electronic payment methods. Last year the entire platform was reworked and it now goes by the name Skrill, and it still one of the most preferred electronic payment methods by people who are into online casinos and online sports betting.

Most of the platform’s clients reside in Europe, but many people in other continents also take advantage of Skrill’s secure and convenient services that rarely disappoint.

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Just like other online payment methods, Skrill is preferred because you can make payments without revealing any personal information or financial details. The only thing that will be visible when you make the payment is your e-mail address, so no credit or debit card numbers will be revealed in the process.

Transferring money into your Skrill account is quick and easy thanks to the easy-to-use control panel that gives you the opportunity to quickly link a credit/debit card or banking account with your Skrill registration.

The payment method offers a variety of products and services, which include processing of credit and debit cards, as well as a digital wallet service, international money transfers and split payouts.

The registration process isn’t complicated at all, and it will take you just 10-15 minutes to finish all the steps and to make your first deposit.

The process of creating an account on Skrill’s platform is divided in several steps. First, the users are required to choose if they are are create a personal or a business account. Then the customers must choose their country of residence, the currency their account will be operated in, as well as the language from a drop-down list.

The next step includes filling in some personal details, including the user’s first and last name, their address, city of residence, as well as the postal code and the mobile number. Then click on the “Continue to step 2” button and a log-in window opens.

When you have completed the registration, you can instantly make your first deposit, which will be used to verify your account. Keep in mind that the initial deposit does not include any fees. Still, this does not apply for future transfers, so you will have to pay the specified fees for every transfer after the first one.

One of the main benefits of Skrill is the fact that the latter is currently one of the most secure and convenient online payment methods. Unfortunately, some customers may not be fully satisfied with the time needed to complete withdrawals.

Cashing out usually takes a couple of days, because every transaction of this type must go through the internal review team working for Skrill. This slightly increases the waiting period that customers will have to go through while waiting for your money to arrive, but at least they can rest assured that they will not be scammed or that something will happen with their money along the way.

Naturally, there are not any hidden fees and other taxes, so feel free to take a look at Skrill’s website for a detailed list of transaction fees and taxes that you may come across while using a Skrill account for online casinos.

Shop Online with Skrill

One of the best things about Skrill is the fact that it is safe and easy to use. Probably, the best part is that the customer’s card and bank details are not revealed to the public and are carefully protected.

Money transfers through Skrill are accepted at more than 150,000 online businesses all over the world, which makes it convenient for customers. The payment method platform is flexible as it offers a great variety of opportunities to make purchases and safely pay for them over the Internet using credit or debit cards, as well as a bank account.

In addition, Skrill offers its Prepaid MasterCard option, which is not linked to any bank account and is available all over the world. Only the amount that has been loaded in the card is available to be spent, which makes the option extremely safe. The Prepaid Card is also attractive to the users, because shopping with it is absolutely free.

The payment method also has some exclusive shopping offers and discounts for its customers. Check its website on a regular basis for more information about the newest special offers.

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Transfer Money with Skrill

The online platform of Sktill has become one of the most preferred ways for transferring money from one account to another thanks to the great rates and the low fees provided. Customers can send and receive money in a secure, risk-free way no matter where they are, only with an e-mail address required.

The so-called Skrill iT provdes the payment method’s customers with the opportunity to send money to anyone all over the world just with an e-mail address.

The money transfer with Skrill is currently available in about 200 countries and comes at at least 40 currencies. It is an option easy to use, and features fast set-up procedure and instant money transfers. There are also more than 100 different options to load and withdraw money, and as mentioned above, the money are instantly wired in the recipient’s account. Read more about the how to transfer money with Skrill.

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Transaction Fees

Skrill is proud with its commitment to offer its users the best payment method at the best rates and the lower fees. The platform is primarily focused on providing constant low fees, which are also absolutely transparent.

The cost of sending money over the platform amounts to 1% of the amount sent. However, there is a maximum amount of €10, which can not be surpassed when it comes to transaction fee. Purchases payments at a shop, as well as transferring some funds with a merchant is totally free of charge. So is receiving money.

Uploading money into the user’s personal account is not normally charged. Still, there are some options that could involve a small fee paid.

The platform offers a clear and transparent way for anyone to check its digital wallet fees. There is a drop-down list where users can select their country and then choose from the available currencies. Pressing the “Go” button will provide them with detailed information about the Skrill fees when sending and receiving money, uploading and withdrawing funds, as well as when using the Skrill prepaid MasterCard.


Security Information

Apart from the convenience and low money transfer fees, Skrill meets the highest standards when it comes to security. The payment method platform covers the requirements of the Payments Card Industry Data Security Standards, which makes its payment security technology highly effective.

The data uploaded on the platform is unreadable for those who might make an attempt to steal it or use it in any way thanks to the encryption and data security of the website. Skrill also has a team of security experts who are available 24/7 and take care of the customers’ safety.

All bank account, credit and debit cards details are secure by choosing Skrill, thanks to the fact that the Skrill iT option offers its users to make money transactions using an e-mail and password only. No data about the user’s card or bank details are revealed under any circumstances.


Skrill Prepaid Card

As already mentioned, Skrill offers a special Prepaid MasterCard, which is available for use both off- and online. The MasterCard gives Skrill users freedom, because is currently accepted all over the world, at more than 35 million outlets and almost 2 million ATM devices.

What makes the Prepaid Card of the method so preferred is the fact that it features an easy application process, but it is not bound to a special credit check. The card is also easy to use and offers the customers the chance to manage their finances in the best way possible, because they can spend only the amount of money being load in the card.

It is not linked to any bank account of the user, which makes it absolutely safe when it comes to sensible personal and bank account data. Both online and offline shopping with the Prepaid Card is free. There is a fixed fee of €1.80 when it comes to transactions made through local or foreign ATM devices. There is also a fixed foreign exchange rate that amounts to 2.49%.

VIP Account with Skrill

Skrill offers an attractive options, which are available for its VIP users. The VIP customers are provided with more freedom when it comes to the limits of the money transactions made over the platform. Another extra feature is the free uploads and withdrawals option, which comes especially for the platform’s loyal customers.

There are also rewards for the VIPs, who use the payment method regularly. Becoming part of the Skrill Loyalty Club means that a user gets rewarded for every transaction made through the platform. Such customers are also provided with a 24/7 support whenever they need some assistance.



If you are new to the world of online gambling, then you probably don’t have much experience with these payment methods. If you are still uncertain about the online casino you are going to play in, then we advise you to opt for a popular payment method such as Skrill.

The reason for this is that this platform is accepted by just about any reputable and well-known online casino you can find on the web, so you will be able to quickly and easily make deposits and withdrawals from the comfort of your own home.

The small fees, great security measures and excellent support staff have turned Skrill into one of the most quickly progressing online payment systems of this decade, and we are certain that you’ll enjoy using their services.

For recent customers reviews about Skrill check TrustPilot.

Contact Details

  • tel number (UK): +44 (0) 20 3514 5562
  • CEO: Siegfried Heimgaertner

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  1. I consider Skrill the most dependable deposit method. The service is excellent every time and I’m not worried even if some kind of problem appears. I know that the friendly customer service operators of Skrill will help me whenever I decide to give them a call. I think that Skrill is really great.

  2. I’ve been using Skrill for years and I’m very happy with this payment method. I had to wait a couple of days for my withdrawal the last time, but that was only because of some technical difficulties. Skrill solved the problem very quickly and I got my money in no time.

  3. A couple of months ago I tried to make a withdrawal with Skrill but without any success. Finally, after numerous attempts I got my money. The worst part of all was that when I contacted the call centres of Skrill, the operators were very rude to me. I don’t think I will use Skrill again.

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