Casinos Accepting Swish

Online casino consumers want their money transfers to be both secure and quick. Even though there are many depositing and withdrawing methods available, still it’s very difficult to find a reliable one.

Sweden has decided to make a great leap forward and make it possible for consumers to focus on playing, rather than worrying about transferring. Using that as a strong motivation, Swish was born.

What is Swish?

To explain it the simplest way possible, Swish is a mobile payment method which was created in 2012 by seven Swedish banks as a substitute for cash. It was the biggest cooperation in 50 years. They wanted to provide people with a secure way to send money using nothing but their smartphones.


That way banks are giving their own contribution to helping society go cashless. Being a tech-savvy country with a high rate of internet use, no wonder this idea initially came into being in Sweden.

Why is Swish so perfect for casino players?

You are pretty much aware that people are constantly on the go, having less and less time to sit, relax and enjoy their favorite leisure activities. That’s why e-versions of everything are getting so popular. Not everybody is happy about that, but, let’s face it, that’s our reality.

Speaking of online venues, you already know how convenient is having all the titles you like at a single touch of your fingertip, wherever you are. Now, imagine all that at some upgraded level of convenience. You can play and transfer the money absolutely safe no matter where you happen to be.

SMALL NOTE: So far, this deposit method is available at Casumo and Leo Vegas.

Now, that’s indeed fantastic news!

How to use Swish?

As easy as it can be, all you need is a Swish app. It takes just three simple steps, and the Swish is all yours.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Swish app (available at App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play).
  2. Connect your bank account to Swish in your bank.
  3. Activate the app.

Once the procedure is done, you can start Swishing! So, the players will only need to enter their phone number to approve the transaction with Mobile BankID. And we need to point out that Swish requires both customer and the merchant to have a Swedish bank account.

The Swish app is compatible with all devices. If you want both to receive and send money, you need a smartphone or a tablet. In case you have neither of these two, you can only receive Swish payments.

The amount of cash you can transfer varies from bank to bank. For all the detailed bits of information, you can visit the Swish official website.

The benefits of using Swish

Ever since the inception, this method is growing and expanding to become more and more convenient. Initially used for paying back debt in everyday life or splitting the bills, it quickly became favorite money transfer method for small businesses.

Swish payment

Besides ordinary transactions Swish allows you to use QR codes, which make the payments even faster. Moreover, you can add people you swish often as favorites, which means you don’t have to enter their mobile number every time you send money. You can also include a card, allowing the recipient to receive it as a gift in the app.

All in all, more than 5 million users (and the number is growing) are already enjoying all the perks of having Swish, and there’s certainly a good reason for that.

We can only hope that this convenient method will become internationally recognized as a secure and quick way to transfer money, and therefore expand to all the currencies available worldwide.

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